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YMCA Scholarships for College 2022 – How to Apply

It is the YMCA Scholarship Program is on for those who are eligible.

As some people refer to the group, YMCA  was a recognizable group because it was the foundation of childhood for many.

Find out more about the YMCA scholarship program and the process of applying for the prize in this article.

The YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) is among the longest-running and most significant youth-focused organizations globally.

Established in 1844, it is now present in 120 countries and provides around 58 million people.

YMCA associations are deeply embedded in their communities.

They offer an array of programs and services based upon the context of their local area and priorities issues that impact youth and their communities.

There are federal and local scholarships available through the YMCA. The amount of the scholarship varies based on the grant opportunities.

It is recommended to contact your local YMCA and find out what scholarships they have available for members, as the YMCA does not offer the national scholarship to current employees of the company.

YMCA, located in San Diego County, San Diego County YMCA, is currently offering scholarships to its members and residents. Scroll down to find the information.

YMCA Scholarship

Host Country

It is a YMCA scholarship program, and it is held in any member nation.

However, they are also aware that the YMCA in San Diego County offers scholarships to help people in the community access facilities and programs.

San Diego’s YMCA of San Diego is the second-largest YMCA organization in the United States, serving more than 400 000 San Diego County residents and employing over 5,000 employees.

They provide the opportunity to receive a scholarship depending on the household’s needs.

The scholarship recipients are made available directly through YMCA donors.

To ensure that they are responsible stewards for the funds, We require our applicants to verify income in the household.

Eligible Country

There is no limitation to the countries eligible for International scholarships, while local scholarships are limited to the nation offering them.

The YMCA Scholarship Program of YMCA San Diego County is open to YMCA San Diego, California, USA.

Scholarship Worth

The YMCA scholarship operates based on reimbursement.

So, the time you are awarded the YMCA award, it will demand that you pay the expenses of your college with the amount they award you, and they will then issue an invoice for reimbursement later on.

There isn’t a set price for each of the YMCA scholarships.

The amount of money awarded to each YMCA scholarship differs from year to year, and you may receive more in one year than you’ll receive the next.


The YMCA scholarship is only open to individuals who have been employed at an area YMCA for at least one year.

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Additionally, the YMCA must adhere to the correct guidelines laid out in the National YMCA association.

How to Apply

You can submit your application to The YMCA scholarship program on The YMCA web-based application site or fill out the YMCA application for scholarships.

If you’re filling out the form for a scholarship, fill it out at the local YMCA welcoming center after filling out the application form.

Step by Step Procedure

  • Time required to be completed: 45 minutes.
  • This is a step-by-step procedure to fill out the online YMCA application.
  • You’ll need an account at the YMCA.
  • So, you’ll need to sign up to enter your personal information.
  • If you’ve previously been a member of the YMCA or YMCA, log in and go through the steps.

Be aware that YMCA prohibits opening more than two accounts. You can contact YMCA at 612-230-9622 for confirmation that you already have an account.

Membership & Programs

You must be in the YMCA program as a YMCA member to continue with your application.

If you’re not a YMCA member, you can choose a membership plan and then restart your application.

Personal Story

YMCA is expecting you to write how the award will benefit your family.

In the box that you will receive, compose a winning scholarship personal story.

Verification Type

You’ll need to confirm your income from your household by uploading documents required like CalWorks Note of Approval or Identification Card.

The verification can be or Express of Traditional.

Household Income

Every adult who applies for a scholarship must prove their income, and please provide all financial sources.

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Verify and Submit

Check the accuracy of the application you’ve filled out and all the submitted documents.

Submit your application after verification.

Begin the process of filling out your YMCA online application today!

 Click here to start

YMCA Scholarship Application Rules

As you complete your YMCA application for a scholarship or when you’ve finished filling out your application, you must be aware of the following information:

You can apply for YMCA scholarships as many times as you’re eligible, such as annually before your graduation.

If you’re applying online to the YMCA online portal, you’ll require the branch number to create your profile.

However, if you’d like to fill out a YMCA Welcome Centre, download and complete the form by pressing the link below.

Application Form

In the meantime, for more details about this scholarship YMCA Scholarship for San Diego, follow the link below:

Other YMCA Scholarship Opportunities

Here are a few open scholarships available to part-time and full-time YMCA employees.

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It is possible to apply for them during the application deadline each year by logging into the YMCA online application portal.

William A. Hunton Fellowship Fund

William A. Hunton was the first full-time participant in the YMCA in 1888. also, the scholarship that was established named after him perpetuates his memory.

The Fellowship Fund awards minority YMCA employees with the opportunity to continue their education to turn into YMCA professionals over the long run eventually.

Additionally, the award is available to employees currently employed by companies of Hispanic, African American, Asian, and Native American descent.

They must complete at least one class that will allow them to earn YMCA Leadership Certification, though it isn’t required to complete the entire certification.

It is also important to show that your goals align with your desire to become a YMCA professional and that you intend to pursue these goals even after you graduate.

Solon B. Cousins YMCA Scholarship

The Solon B. Cousins YMCA Scholarship is open to those admitted at Springfield College or George Williams College of Aurora University.

Both schools have been involved in providing support and training for YMCA professionals, and that is why the scholarship grants are focused specifically on these institutions.

It is unnecessary to have the YMCA Leadership Certification for this scholarship, just as you do for many others.

However, it would help if you had a career plan that shows commitment to the YMCA. Furthermore, this scholarship assists people trying to become role models for this YMCA community.

Additionally, the personal, professional service experience is a huge incentive to apply for an informative scholarship.

A resume demonstrating this experience could give you the most favorable chance of being approved.

Send your resume with your application.

You can then share your company with why you’re worthy of the grant.

John R. Mott Scholarship

John R. Mott Scholarship is designed for YMCA Director of the Senior level who wish to improve their skills by continuing their education.

The award is open to students in the graduate program to help them improve their skills as YMCA professionals and grow their careers within the organization.

However, it is important to note that the John R. Mott Scholarship will require applicants to have a Multi-Team Leader Certificate or an Organizational Leader Certificate to be eligible.

It is also necessary to prove that your goals are consistent with your life with the YMCA.

Earl P. Armstrong Scholarship

The Earl P. Armstrong Scholarship is a different scholarship created to assist students who wish to continue their education through graduate school.

The Earl P. Armstrong Scholarship is particularly significant to the YMCA community.

It’s not just that Earl P. Armstrong is a prominent member of the YMCA, but he also was the first recipient of the John R. Mott Scholarship.

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Later, the company created it as the Earl P. Armstrong Scholarship to ensure that it could perform the same job for other local students.

To be eligible for this scholarship, it is required to demonstrate three or more years of work experience with the YMCA and a Multi-Team Leader Certification or an Organisational Leader Certificate.

Additionally, your professional goals must have also been developed throughout your time in the YMCA leadership program, and you will be an outstanding figure within the organization.

Carolyn Creager Multicultural Leadership Development Fund

The YMCA established a Carolyn Creager Multicultural Leadership Fund to improve the leadership potential for various YMCA Workers.

The scholarship is based on minorities that require financial assistance to attend college, including those of Asian, African, African American origin.

Hispanic/Latino, or Native American ancestry

The MYCA scholarship requires specific guidelines for applicants, unlike the other scholarship opportunities mentioned above alongside the YMCA.

Someone with a history of leadership experience and a record within the YMCA business can apply for this award.

In contrast to the grant programs that YMCA provides, people eligible for funding through the Carolyn Creager Multicultural Leadership Fund can use the funds to fund organize and conduct activities and any travel expenses they have to pay.

Fred Hoshiyama Asian Leadership Scholarship

The scholarship is available to applicants for postgraduate and undergraduate education. Still, they must complete at least two or three certifications or training requirements to allow the organization to accept them.

This scholarship is a collaborative effort by the YMCA and Leadership Resources Network. Leadership Resources Network.

However, to be eligible for the position to apply, you have to have been employed by the YMCA for at least one year and get regular, satisfactory responses from your supervisors.

A letter of recommendation can be a big help in being awarded this award.

Also, you must state the purpose of this money when you apply and utilize them to fulfill your goals if the YMCA decides to accept you.

After you have received the money, you need to be working for the YMCA for a minimum of 12 months.

Then, you will be eligible for compensation via the Fred Hoshiyama Asian Leadership Scholarship.

Visit the YMCA site for any changes to the available grants throughout the business.

They could differ between years, therefore be sure to follow closely and apply for all you’re eligible for.


The YMCA offers many scholarships for students who need assistance.

The scholarships are available for various purposes, including education and athletics.

The application process is simple, and the scholarships can help students achieve their goals.

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