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Truck Driving Jobs In Canada For Foreigners In 2022

This article on Truck Driving Jobs In Canada For Foreigners is designed for those interested in taking truck driving jobs in Canada. read through this post and get everything you need to know about this job in Canada.

The trucking business in Canada is growing in Canada because of the massive demand for experienced truck drivers. In fact, the Canadian government is looking for truck drivers to work within their nation, however, you have to meet the criteria to be considered for the job. Truck driver jobs with big trucks are becoming demanding jobs, as they are able to travel throughout Canada without the need to make any additional payment.

The company provides affordable wages that enable you to enjoy the lifestyle that you’d prefer. If you already have experience in the field, it’s simpler to enter the working environment right away. Numerous benefits are available on the job depending on the amount of time you’re the best candidate for the position. In certain Canadian provinces, the government is willing to pay more for you to complete additional duties.

  High Demand Truck Drivers’ jobs

Canadian immigration is seeking long-haul drivers. However, there is a small number of positions for this job. If you’re a competent truck driver who meets all the criteria and requirements then you’ll be able to be employed in Canada. The Canadian government will grant an employment visa to permit workers to come into Canada. According to studies the government has found that by 2024, the demand for truck drivers who are able to travel long distances is predicted to increase to 48,000. This means that there are many opportunities for people working in this area.

In Canada, the workforce of the trucking industry is made up of older individuals with an average age of at least 47 years old. This means that Canada is in desperate need of young truck drivers with prior experience. Long-haul drivers generally have to work for 14 days out in the field. However, they are granted three days of rest between every journey. As an example, if we traverse Canada between Regina from Regina to Edmonton it will take 12 hours long, and you’ll have the day off to recuperate properly. There are more than 2600 jobs that are unfilled in the industry of trucking for drivers.

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Salaries for Truck Driver Jobs in Canada

In Canada the longer the journey you take between one provincial to another the more you make. In Alberta, truck drivers earn $30 per hour, while similar in New Brunswick at $17/per hour. Thus, the average annual wage of truckers is around $35,000, and $60,000 for full-time employees. Let’s look at the wages of a handful of Canadian provinces:

  • Alberta – $54,195
  • Northwest Territories – $52,650
  • British Columbia – $49,725
  • Saskatchewan – $48,750
  • Ontario $46,940
  • Quebec – $46,781
  • Prince Edward Island – $37,986

Requirements for a Canadian Truck Driver job 

  • Language Skills: English or French
  • Degree in education Degrees: Diploma or Certificate
  • Credentials: certificates, courses, licenses, etc.
  • The experience between 3 and 5 Years
  • Skills required to perform pre-trip, en-way as well as post-trip inspections
  • Documentation Logbook of the driver, maintenance report repair and inspection reports, and more.
  • Security and Safety Checking the driver’s record as well as valid proof of driver’s license.
  • Personal Protection Equipment Shoes or hard hats.
  • The Transportation Department requires a valid driver’s license
  • Physical capabilities and work conditions include repetition and overtime.
  • Types of Trucking Equipment The most commonly used are dump trucks and tractor-trailers.
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Truck Drivers’ Capabilities

  • Always wrap your products
  • Resolve any issues raised by consumers.
  • Troubleshoot and repair technical issues that might occur.
  • Perform various tasks to assist apprentices tradespeople, apprentices, and employees in general.
  • Supervising the loading and unloading of items
  • The inspection of the whole purpose of the vehicle includes lights, brakes the clutch, and tires.

What are the Basic Duties of Truck Drivers?

  • Utilize business techniques in a manner in line with the law and regulations in force.
  • Cleaning and checking your vehicle regular basis to ensure safety.
  • The time it takes to travel between DC and the Hub DC or DC is within the time limit.
  • Unload and load tires to meet that they are delivered according to the specifications.

Application for the job of a Truck Driver in Canada

If you believe you’re competent to work in this field, and you’re eligible, you can begin your application for the position so that you can be considered for the position. This is a straightforward process or guideline to ensure the highest satisfaction:

  • Click Apply to allow you to go on to the next section.
  • Be sure to study all information regarding the hiring process carefully, such as the job descriptions and duties, the educational and training requirements, specific qualifications, skills, and experiences, as well as the hiring workplace working environment, workplace, etc.
  • Click the show to learn how to apply, and you may also receive an application form.
  • Your CV as well as your applications at the address given

Truck Driving Jobs In Canada For Foreigners

Truck Driving Jobs In Canada For Foreigners

1. Opportunities for truck drivers to work who reside in Calgary:

This province has an astonishing amount of towering buildings. It is among the most rapidly growing provinces. It’s also the nation’s oil capital. Because it is able to preserve Western culture the city is frequently known as “Cowtown”. It’s also the perfect place for truckers are able to work. The most popular truck driver jobs are

  • Combo/Pressure Truck Operator
  • Class 3 Garbage Truck Driver
  • Truck Driver – Permanent
  • Driver Helper
  • Recycling Service Driver
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2. Opportunities for truck drivers to work in Ontario:

Ontario is a distinct province that is home to truck drivers in the Eastern part of Canada. It has boundaries with the Great Lake region and the United States. The province was the home of numerous Victorian architecture that showcased Canadian or indigenous arts. The driving positions that are available include:

  • Haul Truck Operator
  • The driver of the Shunt truck.
  • Recycling truck driver
  • Tractor-trailer truck driver
  • Garbage Truck Driver (AZ)


3. Opportunities for truck drivers to work in Edmonton:

Edmonton is the capital of Alberta Edmonton is Edmonton. Alberta is the largest province in Canada. It is located near the Northern part of the region that Statistics Canada refers to as”the “Calgary-Edmonton Corridor”. They are in need of new and experienced truck drivers. There are several job openings for truck drivers:

  • A driver from the vehicle
  • Seasonal Shutdown Class 3 Driver
  • A driver is a truck that is moving
  • Long haul truck driver


Drivers’ jobs for truck drivers are among the most sought-after positions throughout Canada for those with the qualifications and skills to do the job. If you’re considering making the decision to move to Canada to earn more money You can submit applications to every Canadian province seeking truck drivers. If you’re successful, you’re likely to receive an employment visa for Canada.


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