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How to Successfully Apply for a Canadian Student Visa in Nigeria

In this article, I will be sharing the necessary information needed to apply for a Canadian student visa. If you have been applying for a Canadian student visa, you are currently in the right place; please read ahead.

To apply for a Canadian student visa in Nigeria, you need to get all the facts right. The Canadian Embassy has denied many applications because applicants failed to abide by the stipulated rules.

Canadian Student Visa
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For an easy Canadian student visa application in Nigeria, the steps below are what is required.

  • Gain Admission

Apply for admission into any Canadian educational institution. It is essential first to secure admission because one of the basic requirements needed for a Canadian student visa application is getting a letter of admission and acceptance from any institution in Canada.

  • Gather Supporting Documents

Fill the student permit form online. Then gather every other supporting document. These documents are essential because they represent you at the embassy.

You advised to make photocopies of each document and, if possible, scan them into an electronic device like a computer system or flash drive.

  • Submit at the VAC

After submitting your application and making the supposed payments, a receipt will be given to you, which carries a tracking number.

You are expected to use the tracking number to track the progress of your visa application process. Also, be ready for an interview

  • Track your application online

When you wish to track your visa application, click here to track your visa application status online. This enables you to see the stage of your visa application and know when your passport will be ready for collection.

  • Collect your passport
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The final step is to visit the visa application center (handled by VFS) for your visa collection when it is ready. You will receive a notification when the visa is ready for collection.

How Long Does it Take to get a Canadian Student Visa in Nigeria in 2022?

The processing time for a Canadian visa in Nigeria varies depending on the type of application submitted and the number of applicants at that time.

The ideal time duration is usually eight weeks. To ensure fast approval, you are expected to apply early before the academic year commences in full.

How Much is Canada Student Visa Fee In Nigeria?

The Canadian student visa fee in Nigeria varies from time to time. At this time, the fee is about $150 (CAD) for the study permit and $85 (CAD) for the biometrics fee. You will also need to pay the sum of $45 for a service fee.

However, note that this visa fee is subject to change, so it is always advised to check the official site before making your payment.

For more information’s on visa fees, click here to use the NaijaGoingAbroad visa fee calculator.

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How Much Bank Balance is needed for a Canada Student Visa?

While applying for a Canadian student visa, one must submit proof of sufficient funds to cover their tuition fee and other living expenses.

Proof of funds of at least $25,000 minimum in their bank account or their sponsor’s accounts statement. A four-month bank statement is usually required.

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The chances of Getting a Canada Student Visa from Nigeria

Nigerian nationals under the age of 20 had a Canadian study permit approval rate of 44.1%, while students aged 20 to 25 had only 14.6% approval as of the time.

For Nigerian applicants over the age of 25, their approval rates were even lower, at 6.0% in 2019.

Requirements to Study in Canada From Nigeria

 A student permit is a requirement for this purpose. The student permit is what is known as a visa. It serves as a permit for international students to be able to stay and study in Canada.

You can obtain your student permit in your country Nigeria provided you have all the required documents listed below;

  • Passport, Photograph, Flight ticket reservation, Hotel reservation, Proof of acceptance, Cover letter, medical report, Proof of financial support, Academic certificates, Certificates of Social ties, Introduction letter from employer, Police certificate.
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Is the Canadian Embassy in Nigeria Open for Visa Application

Most of the IRCC in-person offices continue to be closed until further notice. Only clients on scheduled appointments are allowed to visit the office.

If you desire to change your appointment, the contact information needed to contact the office is in the letter sent to you for an invitation.

Canada Visa Application Process in Nigeria

Step-by-Step Guide:

Let us walk you through the process for a Canadian visa. 

  • Identify visa type: pick the proper visa for your trip.
  • Begin your application: Get started with the visa application.
  • Book an appointment: choose a Visa Application Centre and make an appointment.
  • Pay your fees: Find out the amount needed to be paid.
  • Visit a visa application center: Attend your scheduled appointment.
  • Track your application: Stay informed about the progress of your application.
  • Collect your passport: Receive your passport from the Visa Application Center.

I hope the information’s on how to apply for a Canadian student visa successfully, the requirement’s and procedures needed for this Canadian student visa application was beneficial to you; please tell us what you think right here in the comment section, and also share the post with your friend using the share button below.

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