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The Cheapest Countries To Live In 2022

This article on the cheapest countries to live in is designed for those that want to travel abroad and are looking for the cheapest countries in the world to travel to get to live in 2022. In this post, we will explain in detail the cheapest countries as well as the cost of living there.

In InterNation’s latest Expat Insider Survey, countries that include Bulgaria, Mexico, and Vietnam were ranked top in ‘the cost of living ranking. While these locations are appealing because of their affordable prices, what is it that makes them attractive to foreign citizens who live abroad? Could it be the buzzing club scene, Mexico’s relaxed pace of life, or Vietnam’s gorgeous landscapes that international tourists and retirees love? 

Cheapest  Countries To Live 


With its golden, sweeping beaches and stunning mountains, Bulgaria is as beautiful as it is cost-effective. In actual fact, Sofia, the country’s capital city, is about 62% more affordable than London. costs of living in London as transportation and housing costs costing less than half the cost of London’s.

Cost of Living in Bulgaria

With nearly every ex-pat (97 percent) on the InterNations Index voting that the cost of living is moderate and affordable, it’s no wonder that Bulgaria was ranked first. For a better understanding, the rent costs in London are around 434% more expensive than those in Sofia Bulgaria’s capital city which is a significant distinction.

As with all countries in the world, the cost of lodging in Bulgaria is different from region to location. For instance, the properties along the coastline in the Black Sea and the mountainous regions of Borovets, Pamporovo, and Bansko are thought to be among the areas most sought-after. The real estate market in these regions may be a bit more expensive, however, not by much by anyway. Rent prices in Bansko aren’t as high as the prices in Sofia. So, regardless of the location, you decide where you’d like to live in Bulgaria it is likely that you will locate affordable housing, whether purchasing or renting.

Foreigners who move to Bulgaria will also have better savings, with over 73 percent of ex-pats living in Bulgaria saying that their incomes are enough to pay for all the necessities they require.

Transport Costs in Bulgaria

The cost of transport is reflected by the standard of service. For instance, despite the fact that most towns and cities in Bulgaria provide cheap but efficient public bus services, they are often overcrowded. There are however private transportation options like shuttle buses which, while they may be more expensive but they’re generally more secure and comfortable.

Lifestyle And Living Expenses in Bulgaria

People who want an unpretentious approach to life will be drawn to Bulgaria’s slower pace of life and its charming lifestyle of enjoying family time with friends, as well as the surroundings. However, the nightlife of Bulgaria is a refreshing contrast it comes to the country’s relaxed style of life, with parties typically lasting till dawn. From elegant music bars to live concerts, and stylish lounges, to vibrant clubs and vibrant discotheques the nightlife of Bulgaria is loved by all the aged and young.

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Healthcare In Bulgaria

Bulgarian healthcare is free and funded by the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) which makes it accessible and affordable to everyone. The quality of public healthcare is generally high however there have been numerous issues due to insufficient funding that has resulted in a shortage of funds for treatment and the closure of some healthcare institutions. However, there are many private healthcare facilities that are available across the country, where you can expect to receive treatment much higher.

For access to the country’s medical services, you’ll require the Bulgarian National Health Insurance Card which you’ll need to present each time you visit an ophthalmologist or dentist. In order to get one of these cards, you’ll have to register with the NHIF. After you’ve been registered, you have to pay the same contribution for patients as you are a permanent resident in Bulgaria.


Although Mexico’s cost of living is a bit higher than that of Bulgaria it’s cheaper for people to live in Mexico as compared to other countries, such as those the UK or the US. In addition to a low price of living Mexico hosts people who are friendly and welcoming which is why Mexico is rated highly for social integration and overall quality of life in the HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey.

Cost of Living

There are many reasons ex-pats move to another country in the first place, whether due to the prospect of a new career or simply to begin afresh however for ex-pats living located in Mexico it is the cost of living is likely to be the primary reason. In the InterNations Index, 82% of ex-pats surveyed considered it to be an opportunity to gain benefits prior to making the move as a result of economic reasons as the primary reason for moving into Mexico (more than twice the average global rate of 16 percent).

The cost of living in Mexico is less than that in those in the US, Canada, and the UK. The cost of living may differ dependent on the area in which you live. Popular tourist areas and beaches, such as Riviera Maya Puerto Vallarta, and Los Cabos, can be slightly more expensive, particularly in terms of the real estate market, dining out, and shopping. However, with the amazing areas, there are plenty of opportunities to invest in low-cost real estate and locate the perfect place to live.

Transport Costs in Mexico

Many of Mexico’s cities provide transportation that ranges from microbuses to local buses and metros with rails, perfect for commuters who need to get to work and back. However public transportation generally isn’t the best in the outside areas of Mexico City, so if you’re looking to travel around, you’ll be forced to take taxis or Uber.

One thing ex-pats can be able to notice in Mexico is that Mexicans do not tend to walk a lot while they’re navigating their daily lives. This is the condition of footpaths that could differ greatly, regardless of whether you’re in a large city or in a rural area.

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Lifestyle Costs in Mexico

Like Bulgaria, the people who reside in Mexico have a slower pace of life. If you’re coming away from Western Europe where life is usually lived in a fast-paced rapid way, it may take a while to adjust. Once you’ve taken some time out to relax and take in every moment of your life, you’ll take pleasure in the new more relaxed pace.

Every every year Mexico has a myriad of incredible festivals and events which include the most well-known Day of the Dead. This amazing, sacred festival is a celebration of the dead and celebrates the lives of the deceased by welcoming their spirits back into the earth. It is the Day of the Dead an annual event that is celebrated across the nation.

Cost of Mexican Healthcare

The Mexican healthcare system is complicated and complex, to put it mildly, however, to simplify it the country is comprised of a mix of public, private, and employer-funded healthcare plans. The healthcare system in Mexico is universal and provides free or heavily subsidized healthcare to all Mexican citizens.

While this is a positive thing, Mexico’s health system isn’t always reliable, and this is the reason why many Mexican citizens as well as ex-pats, choose to purchase private health insurance from abroad. In this way, they’re eligible to avail the country’s private health services and facilities and they’ll get better quality health care.


Also known as the Land of the Rising Dragon Also known as ‘The Land of the Rising Dragon Vietnam has stunning scenery, lively cities, and enchanting culture, in addition to a very affordable price of living.

Cost of Living in Vietnam

The Cheapest Countries To Live

More than 90% of foreigners who have rated the cost of living in Vietnam as favorable and over half (52 percent) are extremely satisfied and satisfied, it’s easy to understand the reason Vietnam is considered to be a top choice with regard to expenses. In terms of disposable income, 90% of the ex-pats feel that their earnings are sufficient to pay for all expenses of living in Vietnam in comparison to the average global figure of 78 percent. The ex-pats who move here will discover that they can live comfortably in Vietnam at a low cost.

Large cities, such as Hanoi as well as Ho Chi Minh City, have world-class restaurants and shopping at reasonable prices. Although ex-pats might not have access to all the essentials they’re familiar with at home, western clothes and accessories are usually accessible at an affordable price. It is also true that real estate, particularly is significantly less than in other Asian destinations such as Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia such as Malaysia, for instance.

Cheap prices don’t necessarily mean low quality, either. As with Bulgaria and Mexico, it is possibly able to enjoy the top quality of life and an abundant disposable income when you live in Vietnam.

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Transport Costs in Vietnam

If your thoughts turn to Vietnamese transportation, images of bustling streets and people speeding around on scooters might pop into your head If so you’re right. There are a variety of public transportation options in Vietnam such as taxis, buses, and the infamous Reunification Express Train.

Motorbike taxis, locally referred to by the name of Xe Om are a well-known and inexpensive way of getting around. They are available everywhere and are a great option for those who don’t have weighty items or baggage. Make sure you bargain the price in advance, so you don’t have to pay outrageous costs at the end of your trip.

Lifestyle Expenses in Vietnam

The lifestyle in Vietnam differs greatly between regions, but there are a few aspects of life here that are the same. The value and importance of the family are an essential part of Vietnamese culture and life. It’s actually not uncommon to have extended families that have three or more generations living under one family.

In the cities of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi In these cities, you’ll feel the raucous and lively life of urban life. If you prefer to live in a more rural location and you’ll discover the pace of life to be a refreshing contrast to urban living.

Rural life in Vietnam includes beautiful patchwork-like paddy fields as well as majestic mountain ranges and a relaxed yet active way of life. In reality, 80 percent of the population of Vietnam lives in rural areas. A large portion of them earns a living from agricultural work. While cities in Vietnam may provide better opportunities for employment but the country’s rural areas are not to be ignored.

Healthcare Costs in Vietnam

Although the Vietnamese government is constantly striving to create a universal healthcare program that provides all citizens with medical treatment of a minimum standard, however, it hasn’t been accomplished. As of now, the majority of Vietnamese residents have to pay out-of-pocket for medical care in both private and public hospitals.

Many foreigners as well as Vietnamese citizens alike prefer private hospitals because of the poorly equipped public hospitals as well as the poor quality of medical care provided. Doctors who speak English are rare when it comes to public hospitals. However, you’ll find that the majority of doctors in private hospitals have fluency in English and will provide superior quality healthcare.


Other Cheap Countries to Live In 2022

Other cheap places to live in are Thailand, Columbia, Ecuador, and many other countries. Although cost is a primary factor for everyone there are a variety of other aspects to consider when making a decision. into your choice. Research ahead and get advice from others who have taken the decision. There are numerous ex-pat communities that are available on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms which are great places to begin.

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