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20 Cheapest Universities In The World For International Students In 2022

Do you want to study abroad and want to find the most affordable colleges around the globe? We’ve got you covered! This article will discuss twenty of the cheapest universities in the world that will accept foreign students by 2022. We will provide information about these universities as well as their tuition fees and the best way to apply to a course at these institutions. The national economy is impacted. The Covid-19 outbreak has impacted the income stream even more.

Cheapest Universities In The World For International  Students

1. University of Cumbria

The University of Cumbria is renowned for its cross-disciplinary research which is open to students from across the world. In 2012, for instance, there was a new Institute of Leadership and Stability to enhance students’ learning was created. Tuition fees Bachelor’s degree: PS12,800 BA(Hons) Social Work PS15, 500, etc.

How can I apply to be admitted to the University of Cumbria?

It’s easy to submit an online application to request information about the application. you will get a reply within 48 hours for a discussion of the application. You will then be able to apply for further studies with the universities and colleges’ Admission Service (UCAS). English languages and entry requirements are required.

2. Leads Trinity University.

It is Lead Trinity University is a respected public institution. It is home to the Andrew Kean Learning Center with more than 15,000 printed books in addition to numerous electronic publications. Foundation year courses are offered in areas of Arts & Communication, Business Journalism studies, socio sciences, and many more.Tuition fee: Undergraduate degrees PS12,000, Master’s Degree PS11,500 / PS12,500.

How can I apply for admission at Trinity University?

Once you’ve made your decision on the program you’d like to take and completed the application forms, if the institution accepts your application. They will take it in and forward it to the program director responsible in three business days. The decision is based on whether your application would be made or an invitation to an interview may be given. English requirements for speaking will be met.

3. Harper Adams University College

Harper Adams University is a combination of top-quality education, a charming rural campus, and excellent facilities. Postgraduate undergraduate and taught postgraduate research degrees as well as apprenticeships are offered. The tuition costs range vary from PS 1850 up to the PS11,000 range for undergraduate courses.

How can I apply for admission at  Harper Adams University College?

It is essential to meet the entry requirements set forth on the page for the course and fill out the application. After that, a decision of acceptance or rejection will be determined. If your application is approved, an offer that is unconditional, or contingent will be sent to you.

4. Teeside University

Teesside University is a public school with its main campus in Middlesbrough, North East England. It is expected to become an energetic, vibrant, and inventive school with greater than 18,576 students.

Tuition fee: PS13,000 undergraduate, PS12,400 for postgraduate, etc.

How can I become qualified to be admitted into Teeside University

If you submit a request and meet the entry requirements Then you will be notified via mail with the dates of your approval or refusal. Additional guidelines on how to apply for an entry visa can be found on the website.

5. Staffordshire University

The university is renowned for its science department, among which several programs have a high standing in the UK. The university also established Unitemps an agent for recruiting that assists companies in attracting talented students to the college. Aren’t you intrigued?

How do I make an application for admission to Staffordshire University?

After you have chosen your study program, the required documents include such as personal statements or passports and a transcript, a certificate, proof of English language proficiency and references for references, and so on. If you are accepted with an unconditional or conditional acceptance, you will receive it. Then, you’ll have to apply for a student visa temporary. Following that, acceptance of your study is granted. Verify that the acceptance confirmation of your study is accompanied by accurate information.

6. Heidelberg University

Germany is renowned for its affordability and top universities in the world. It is, however, one of the most prestigious schools in Germany. Do you know the reasons? It is because it is proud of being an internationally-connected research university, devoted to research-based teaching.

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Cost of tuition undergrad cost: 328 USD/year. Graduate tuition is $1,000 USD per year.

How can I apply for admission to Heidelberg University

It is required to submit an application within the time of the application deadline. The applicant must register on the spot in the International Relations Office with all the original documents that are submitted. The requirements for admission to universities differ according to EU and EEA citizens as well as international students.

7. Free University of Berlin

The Free Up University of Berlin comprises three main institutions. It’s the embodiment of the research-based knowledge of 600 International students who participate in a variety of research and teaching initiatives that the university conducts. It is also the most affordable online college in Europe.

Cost for master’s annually, 684 dollar tuition. Masters 1,000 USD per year.

How can I apply for admission to the Free University of Berlin

There are rules for admission to study programs as well as the admissions procedures. If your academic achievements aren’t sufficient to be considered for admission, you may be required to complete a one-year school-like course known as StudienKolleg. The results of the test will allow you to apply to programs at a variety of German universities.

8. Leonard de Vinci University College

It is a college that houses around 8000 students. Located in Brussels, Belgium. The school has the largest number of people taking training trips. It has Bachelor’s Degrees in physical education, audiology Chemistry, and chemistry, as well as master’s degrees in therapy for physiotherapists.

Tuition costs for Master’s tuition Annual 750 USD Master’s tuition cost 807 USD per year.

How do I make an application for admission to Leonard de Vinci University College?

Students must personally visit the registration desk in the school. They need to bring all the required documents. Proficiency in The French Language is required. If not, students have to pass a French test.

9. Polytechnic Institute of Milan

It is the most advanced school in the world which has more than 46,324 undergraduates. That’s a huge number do you think? It’s a scientific-technologic university located in Milan, Italy. It’s where they train engineers, architects, and industrial designers. Politecnico Milano has achieved high-quality outcomes by linking the university with the business world.

Cost for tuition Master’s Degree $1,846 USD/year. Master’s degrees: 1,499 USD per year.

How can I apply to be admitted to the Polytechnic Institute of Milan?

Contrary to other universities, Politecnico Milano gives you the option of selecting two courses for completing a Master’s degree. If the first option you pick isn’t offered the second option will be assessed. If you’re accepted to both, then you must select which one you enjoy the most. The process of applying consists of three steps: 1. Online Registration 2. Online Application Form 3. Fee for application payment.

10. University of Pisa

in Pisa, Italy, the University of Pisa began in 1343. One century later it was when it was a century later that the University of Pisa adopted its own statutes and rules. The university is home to departments like Biology, Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry, Economics & Management, and Law. Computer Science and Mathematics, as well as other departments.

Fees for tuition: Undergraduate and graduate tuition is $2307 USD/year.

How can I apply to be admitted to The University of Pisa

Admission is dependent on the results of the test. Experts can offer advice on the best options for you to study abroad. Create and revise your list of applications, or assist you with obtaining a student visa.

11. Moscow State University of Psychology and Education

It is a privately-owned higher-education institution located in Moscow. Moscow State University offers various kinds of degrees, including Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees, and doctoral master’s. The university also has many academic and non-academic services, including a library as well as athletic facilities.

Fees for tuition for Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees are $2500 per calendar year.

How can I apply to be admitted to the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education?

Choose a course that is appealing to you, then get in touch with the representatives of the school. Complete all the necessary paperwork (academic documents such as passports online application form resume, etc.). It is essential to ask for a list of the required documents as they might vary from country to country. Once you have that, you must make sure to send your request.

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12. Novosibirsk State University

Novosibirsk State University is a university that is a publicly funded university with impressive research output. It has scholarships available and can accommodate more than 1360 students from outside the country. The Russian government Scholarship program provides two-year scholarships for Masters or three years (or four years) scholarships for Ph.D. programs. Awesome, right? This is the reason that is what makes Russia among the most desirable and most affordable countries to learn in. The university also offers facilities for students to learn the languages of Pushkin and Dostoevsky.

The tuition fees for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are 3,000 USD/year.

How can I apply for admission at Novosibirsk State University

Apply online, get all the necessary documents required for enrollment at the institution, receive an invitation letter and then pay for the expenses of enrollment. Once you have received an invitation from the university, it is imperative to apply for a visa in the shortest time possible.

13. Fonty’s University of Applied Sciences

The university is regarded as being among the top universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. Ir offers 29 Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English. Fonty’s provides a variety of facilities designed to gather details on the area of interest, including The Media Library.

Fees for tuition for Undergraduate and Graduate students are 5 1000 USD annually.

How can I apply for admission to Fonty’s University of Applied Sciences?

The student who is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree must have earned a certificate from a high school or secondary school. The programs that are offered in this class include business and design engineering, international financial studies, and global lifestyle and economics. The student who is pursuing a Master’s degree must have at least an undergraduate diploma. The programs include international logistics, urbanism, and design as well as other courses.

14. HU University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht

The Netherlands has one of the most sought-after institutions in Utrecht. You can get the lowest cost master’s degrees right here. The university is home to more than 38,000 students, and more than 100 nations. The school offers courses like Bachelor’s degrees in International Business and Management studies as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Teacher Education. English.

Fee for tuition: Undergraduates and Graduates 7,500 USD/year

How can I apply to be admitted into the HU University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht

To secure your admission for admission, be aware of the deadlines and submit your application online, and upload your application. You must also arrange for the payment of tuition and tests for language. You can apply for a visa or apply for a scholarship.

15. Royal University College of Fine Arts

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A tiny island located on the outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden is blessed with this prestigious school. The school is equipped with workshops, student studios lectures, and exhibition spaces. Students have the opportunity to be in an atmosphere that is both artistic and warm and also address current issues in the world of art.

Cost of tuition: Per year, $ 5,000

How can I apply for admission to the Royal University College of Fine Arts

The process of registering is done through competition. There is a degree of competition that is so intense that only one student out of 10 applicants is accepted. A complete mentorship program for the price of EUR789 will ensure a career path and a program of guidance for students.

16. Warmadewa University, Bali

This is a private college located in Bali, Indonesia. It is thought to be the most affordable school around the globe. It’s among the most affordable universities in the world. It is an international institution that has reasonable fees and a wide array of cultural activities. They provide a range of courses in art technology and science.

Tuition fee: EUR1,790 per semester

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How can I apply to be admitted to Warmadewa University, Bali

The application process is done online. A confirmation for your enrollment will be sent after 1-7 working days. Fees are payable every semester. If you have applied to attend two consecutive semesters you’ll get a EUR100 discount. All documents you require in PDF format at least five months prior to the date that marks the start of the term. Official digital confirmation of acceptance will be delivered. The application fee invoice is due within 10 business days of receiving confirmation.

17. University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce

That is one of the most affordable universities in the world. The school will aid you in developing an international outlook which is vital for future entrepreneurs and business professionals. The school offers a Bachelor of Accounting and of Business Administration, Bachelor of Business Administration, and MBA.

Tuition fee: EUR1,890 per semester

Admission procedure to the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce

Online applications are accepted when they are complete and you’ll get 30 days to send all necessary attachments. It is recommended to submit them electronically, but not by email.

18. University of Putra, Malaysia.

Malaysia will strive to become the most affordable place to learn in. Malaysia is the ideal place to excel in nursing, engineering, economics as well as information technology, and many other subjects. It has one of the lowest-priced medical colleges in the world. While they are located situated in Malaysia the courses are based on internationally accepted standards for the Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge) along with the Cambridge model of teaching.

Fee for tuition: 1 990 EUR per year

How can I apply to be admitted to the University of Putra, Malaysia? 

In contrast to other universities, since the University, is found in Putra, Malaysia, the official acceptance letter for students is sent approximately two to three months before the start of the semester. Thus, visa applications have to be submitted during this period.

19. Shanghai University

It is known that Shanghai is one of the countries where it is affordable to pursue masters. The university is situated in Shanghai, China. It provides a Chinese Studies Program that will guide you through the Chinese Language, business, cultural trade, foreign relations, and more. The program gives you the opportunity to learn Mandarin to improve your abilities for intercultural communications.

Tuition fee: EUR1990 per semester

How can I apply to be admitted to Shanghai University

To be able to receive the assistance you must be 18 or over. You must be able to demonstrate English proficiency (B2 level). A test to determine your proficiency in English is not necessary. After filling in the necessary forms, there is a cost for application of EUR75 payable.

20. Foreign Trade University

Foreign Trade University is renowned as the most highly regarded business school situated in Vietnam. You’ll be able to improve your understanding and expertise in International Business Management, Finance Business Economics, Finance, the logistics sector, and Banking, and Logistics. In addition, you’ll get the chance to discover Vietnamese the latest business hub.

Tuition fee: EUR1,890 per semester.

How can I apply to be admitted to Foreign Trade University?

A transcript that is certified of your transcripts from the whole term of study in English as well as the authentic High School Certificate. It is also essential to keep the original version of the identification page of your passport. A current copy of your passport-size photo. The application process will take place via the internet, but the original documents need to be handed over to the university upon arrival.


The cost of tuition will not hinder your process of learning. There are more than 20 cheap institutions spread across all continents. The most affordable universities around the globe can be discovered by browsing and checking them on the internet for other cheap universities  All you have to do is complete thorough research on the school that has scholarships or the school you would like to attend. Select the program you wish to study and apply for admission in accordance with an application.




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