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The Application Process for 2023 Of The Qatar University Scholarships and How to Apply

Do you plan to pursue education in Qatar? Then this article is perfect for you. The write-up on the application process for 2023 of the Qatar  University Scholarships is a  thorough guide for the application requirements and also the procedure involved.

Qatar University Scholarships are open for international students to help them complete their undergraduate education in Qatar for the period 2022-2023. This scholarship assists students with tuition costs, the provision of accommodation for university students, as well as annually round trip airfare tickets and textbook fees exemption.

The University of Qatar supports a wide range of scholarship winners each academic year to draw highly skilled students. The academic scholarships are granted by academic merit and academic achievement.

Qatar University offers a wide range of scholarships annually to draw talented students, provided they meet the criteria of each scholarship and provide the necessary documents.

Courses Offered:

  • Faculty of Business & Economics:

      • Marketing and Management.
      • Economics and finance.
      • Information and accounting system  
      • Center for entrepreneurship.
  • Faculty of Education:

      • Education science.
      • Psychological science.
  • Faculty of sciences and arts:

      • Arabic language.
      • The field of Environmental and Biological Science.
      • Earth science and Chemistry.
      • English literature and the study of linguistics.
      • Humanities.
      • International matters.
      • Mass communication.
      • Science and Technology in Materials.
        • Statistics, Mathematics, and Physics.
        • Social science.
        • sports sciences program.
  • Faculty of Engineering:

        • Architecture and Urban Planning
        • Chemical Engineering
        • Civil & Architectural Engineering
        • Computer Science & Engineering
        • Electrical Engineering
        • Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.
  • Faculty of Health Sciences:

        • Biomedical sciences.
        • Human nutrition.
        • Health care for the public.
  • Faculty of Law:

        • Private Law.
        • Public law.
        • Legal skills.
  • Faculty of Medicine.

  • Faculty of Pharmacy.

  • Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies.

Scholarship Coverage includes

Qatar University Scholarships provide the students with the following benefits:

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External Scholarships:

  • Students are supported by Qatar University and these scholarships come with exemptions of tuition costs and the housing at university facilities, a one-way flight during the year, as well as exempt from the cost of textbooks.

Internal scholarships

  • The scholarship provides the recipient with an exemption from tuition fees and costs associated with books.

Outstanding Performance Scholarship:

  • These scholarships offer exempt from tuition costs only.

Eligibility Criteria for Qatar University Scholarships

The Application Process for 2023 Of The Qatar University Scholarships

Candidates must satisfy the conditions to be considered for Qatar University The following criteria have to be met in order to be eligible for scholarship opportunities at Qatar University:

  • language required: English.

  • Countries that are eligible: Countries in the world

Internal scholarships

  • Candidates must fulfill the prerequisites for admission to the institution and the program that they have applied to. Along with that, they need to provide the official transcript of their final high school to the newly admitted students.
  • The award must be received within the exact period of time in the year the award was announced (mainly enrollment and successful completion of the courses) or else it will be canceled during that period, as well as the recipient informed by an email from QU.
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External Scholarships:

  • Candidates must fulfill the criteria for admission to the institution as well as the major of the college or the major they’re applying to. In addition, they must provide the official final transcript from their high school to students who have been admitted.
  • The scholarship must be claimed in the same time frame the year in the year that the award was awarded (mainly enrollment and completion of the courses) Otherwise, the award will be canceled at the close of the year. Students will be informed of the cancellation via QU email.

To be eligible to receive H.H. and the Emirate of Qatar’s Scholarships to Academic Excellence you must obtain these:

  • Hold a Qatari Secondary Education Certificate.
  • A minimum of 95% must be met for Secondary school diplomas.
  • A candidate must be a recent high school graduate in the year during which the application for the scholarship is made.
  • The prizes for these scholarships are given in the fall semester.
  • The award must be used by the student within the first semester of the academic year for the year that the scholarship was awarded (mainly taking and passing the class) If not, it will be revoked as well as the recipient notified via an email from the QU.
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Outstanding Performance Scholarship:

  • It is required to be registered at Qatar University.
  • The minimum GPA for a cumulative grade will be 3.50 in the range of 4.00.
  • It is required to have a minimum of 30 hours of QQ credit.
  • Students with the most impressive GPA will be selected.

The Application Process for 2023 Of The Qatar University Scholarships and How to Apply

Follow the steps below in order to submit an application for Qatar Student Scholarships at Qatar University:

  • Students who are new to the program can apply for scholarships through the admissions application procedure.
  • When you sign up for an account for a brand new user after you complete the admission application using the login name and password you created to sign into the system to fill out admission forms and apply for scholarships.6

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