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Sydney Scholars Awards 2023 (Step by Step Application Process)

Start your adventure of studying in Australia. The applications to apply for Sydney Scholars Awards 2023 are currently open. In this article, we’ll discuss the award, its advantages and the step-by-step application process in detail.

Sydney Scholars Awards 2022-2023 is an unfunded scholarship available to international students. This Scholarship is for students enrolled in undergraduate studies at the University of Sydney, Australia. It is awarded to students who are studying at the University of Sydney. Sydney Scholars Award is valued at $6,000 and can be used for one year in undergrad studies.

USydIS aims to recruit the best postgraduate students from abroad to undertake research projects that can enhance the university’s research activities.

Sydney Scholars Awards 2023 Scholarship Summary

Sydney Scholars Awards

  • Level of Study: Undergraduate
  • Institution(s): University of Sydney
  • Research in Australia
  • Opportunities Focus Areas Here to see all of the programs available.
  • Program Time: One year
  • Deadline: September 30, 2022

Scholarship Coverage

The Sydney Scholars Award is valued at $6,000 and can be redeemed for one year in the undergraduate program.

The Scholarship is paid in two equal instalments following the census date for the semester it is awarded.

The start date for the Scholarship may be delayed for at least two years. The Scholarship cannot be deferred. Not allowed without prior approval from the Scholarships Office.

The Scholarship can be transferred to another undergraduate degree offered at the University of Sydney. The University of Sydney. Approval to transfer the Scholarship must be obtained at the Scholarships Office.

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Eligibility Criteria for Sydney Scholars Awards

To be eligible for Sydney Scholars Awards, the candidate must meet the requirements listed below:

  • Required Language: English.
  • Country Eligible: All world countries
  • If you are a student from a country (this also includes New Zealand citizens) or an international student who just completed the International Baccalaureate (or educational award equivalent to the HSC)
  • Apply for admission to UAC
  • You have achieved attained an ATAR of 95 or more (if you’re applying to Sydney Conservatorium of Music or the Sydney Conservatorium of Music or the Sydney Dental School, you must be able to show the ATAR that is 90 or higher)
  • Make an application in the year you finish your secondary education (if you’re offered an award such as the Sydney Scholars Award, you could defer it for as long as two years).

How to Apply for Sydney Scholars Awards?

Follow the instructions for applying for Sydney Scholars Awards:

(1) research: The Sydney Scholars Awards gives opportunities to Year 12 students or equivalent students who will begin the next academic year in 2023. They can be eligible for scholarships worth $6,000 p.a. (for Domestic^ and International students who have completed high school within Australia) and renewable for a single year. The scholarships are available to students who attain the ATAR between 95 and 99.85 (inclusive) or an equivalent when accompanied by personal statements. It is necessary to be a student at your preferred University of Sydney listed as one of your choices throughout the application, i.e. between April 2023 and January 2024. Be aware that if you do not select any of our courses in your list of preferences, we will be unable to access your ATAR, which means we cannot provide you with the opportunity to receive an award. Scholarships are awarded to successful applicants enrolled in the same University of Sydney undergraduate degree.

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Domestic students – one who is an Australian or a New Zealand citizen or the person who holds a permanent visa.

(2) Ask for advice: It is essential to talk with your parents and the school about your application and ask their opinion. Make them aware of your scholarship options and make sure you’ve met the requirements. Asking your teachers and parents for guidance can help prepare your essay. There are a lot of friends who know you well, and you should use them to your advantage.

(3) Engage: At The University of Sydney, we look for students with the ability to lead and participate in their community, school, and extracurricular pursuits. Track your participation and share with us the activities you’ve participated in, as every activity is relevant. In addition to your participation in the Sydney Scholars Awards, you may be eligible for a variety of specific faculty scholarships that look at your leadership abilities and other extracurricular activities. For more details, visit the website.

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(4) Further points to be considered: If you want to be considered on a hardship basis, or if you are seeking an equity-based scholarship, check out our website and do some study. To be considered, you must submit a Sydney Scholars Award application to the University of Sydney and submit an Equity Scholarship application through UAC.

(5) Personal Statement The most important thing to do is submit a Personal Statement to back your application. The Personal Statement is your first impression of the university, the chance for us to meet you, and also a statement of your ambitions and accomplishments. It’s a good idea to keep your statement in an individual document which you can add to the online form. There are six required questions for the Personal Statement. Please be aware that each answer is subject to the capacity of 1000 characters.

(6) Send: Once you are at your best, proceed to submit your application. If you want to change your submission, don’t fret. You can! Resubmit your updated request to us. There are no changes or applications that can be submitted following the deadline. We will take the most recent application for your final application. You will receive an email confirmation once you have completed your application.


For more information regarding Sydney Scholars Awards, please go to the official website:

Official Website

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