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How to Get a Student Loan for International Students in the UK

Only individuals who apply rightly and in time get the chance to benefit from the student loan for international students in the UK.

Studying in the UK comes with many benefits, such as a globally recognized certificate, international exposure, and network building. But it cost a lot of money to go through a university in the UK.

The International student loan in the UK is available to help you pull throughout your study year in school.

So, read through this article to grab the full details on how to get student loans for international students in the UK.

Student Loan for International Students in the UK
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How Student Loans Work in the UK

The United Kingdom (UK) demonstrates a more outstanding commitment to providing optimum conditions for study by upholding a rich program of student loans for international students in the UK and grants based on merit or need.

But unfortunately, not every international student groups in the UK are qualified for government student loan programs.

Presently, international students from EU countries receive the same treatment as the students of origin. This means that they enjoy the same benefits as that of the UK resident students.

On the other hand, international students from non-EU countries do not benefit from such advantages as the student loans for international students in the UK.

Suppose you are an international student from other parts of the world and not the EU or the EEA. In that case, you seek additional financial aid for international students different from the UK.

Can International Students get Loans in the UK?

Generally, UK universities do not directly provide student loans, and also, the Student Loan Company only offers loans to UK students and other European students.

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This includes some categories of people who are not citizens of the UK but are considered residing in the UK.

To the best of my knowledge, an international student who is not a resident of the United Kingdom does not have access to student loans for international students in the UK, and the Student Loan Company cannot lend you money in any way for your studies.

You can get the loans through commercial banks or ask the British Council to help you out with student loans.

How Much Financial Aid do International Students get?

Among the 890 undergraduate institutions that reported on how much financial aid they gave basically to international students during the 2020-2021 school year in an annual United States News survey, the average amount that was roughly stated was $20,867.

How to get a Student Loan for International Students in the UK

All full-time undergraduate students are qualified for student funding as long as they meet specific essential criteria requested:

  • Residence: you are a UK citizen or have an established status, usually living in your country of origin. And have lived in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands, or the Isle of Man for three years before starting your course.
  • Your university or college: You are studying at a well-recognized public university or college. Or a private institution that is studying an approved course to receive public funds).
  • Your course: You are studying a recognized full-time course, for example, a first diploma, a primary diploma, a National Higher Diploma (HND), or an initial teacher training course.
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If this is your first higher education course, you can still get funds if you have already studied an ES course, but it will be limited, and you will have to fill any gaps.

Tuition and maintenance loans must be paid back when you graduate and earn above a minimum wage. The Reimbursement system varies from country to country.

You must apply for student funding every year of your course, and not just the first year. This is to ensure that you get the necessary support you need throughout your studies.

The Student funding applications can take up to six weeks to process. Make sure to submit your application in advance, even when you have a conditional offer, as you can change and cancel your application in cases whereby your plans change.

How to get International Students Funding

Most funding schemes/structures offer partial assistance; funding bodies have strict principles, and competition for awards can be vicious.

Therefore it is worth knowing always to follow any instructions on how to make an application and make sure to apply before the deadline (which can be about a year before the commencement of your program).

  • The Abroad Planet Scholarship Resources: is an online community for international students studying in the United States.
  • College Board: This is a free online financial aid scheme for scholarships, loans, and grants for all college-bound students; this includes permanent residents and other international students desiring to study in the United States.
  • FastWeb:  this is a free online scholarship search service.
  • International Education Financial Aid is a free online scholarship search service created for international/international students.
  • International Scholarships: this is also a free online scholarship database for international students wishing to study worldwide.
  • Mobility International USA; Free online scholarship resource for non–US citizens with disabilities.
  • United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO):  A free online searchable database for scholarships to international students.
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Can You get a Student Loan Without Being a Citizen?

It is often easier to get a private student loan, especially if you are a non-U.S. citizen. Various kinds of private lenders offer student loans to non-citizens.

Credit unions and online lenders are just t student loans for international students in the UK, to mention a few of them.

Look for private lenders willing to offer student loans to people in your situation because getting a student loan for non-citizens is not possible.

Student loans for international students in the UK cover tuition, books, room and board, transportation, health insurance, and even more.

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