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Service NSW Work Permit Application

Service NSW is an NSW Government executive agency which joined the Department of Customer Service in July 2019. They provide world-class services to customers, businesses and partner agencies.

Service NSW Work permit is committed to providing a positive customer experience. To provide outstanding customer experiences, they draw upon the best public and private sector service delivery to ensure they can offer the best.

Service NSW is passionate about creating a culture that rewards and recognizes its employees. They believe in providing opportunities for people to share ideas, drive change, and grow their careers.

Through the provision of the MyServiceNSW Account, they are a ‘Network Leader’ and act as the single point of entry for government services. Through their Service NSW for Business and Service NSW Omnichannel, they lead ‘Service Delivery and Reform.

Service NSW Work Permit channels

Service NSW provides a wide range of services and transactions for the NSW Government through:

  • A user-friendly, easy-to-use and accessible website that is customer-friendly
  • Extended opening hours at service centres
  • Service NSW staff will answer your phone.

Services in NSW

Service NSW currently offers more than 1200 transactions about:

  • Fair Trading
  • SafeWork NSW
  • Births, deaths, and marriages
  • Housing NSW
  • Office of State Revenue
  • Home, Ageing and Disability Care
  • Office of Environment and Heritage
  • Department of Primary Industries
  • Transport for NSW
  • Liquor and Gaming NSW
  • NSW Trustee & Guardian
  • Department of Education
  • NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
  • Police NSW
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Service NSW is constantly expanding its services to make it a one-stop service delivery system. Public information about the current structure of Service NSW and its functions is available in their Annual reports.

How to apply for a Service NSW Work Permit

Employers will need the following information to issue a work permit:

  • The employer’s name, ABN, business address, and trading name.
  • The employee’s expected hours, dates, and duration of work are required.
  • The work location for the employee to satisfy all eligibility criteria.

How to apply for Service NSW Work Permit

The state’s Stage 4 lockdown last year included the same measure.

Employers who issue work permits to employees that do not comply with the work permit requirements will face penalties of up to $21,808 per person and $109,044 per business.

Those without their permits can face on-the-spot penalties of up to $1817.

Register for Service NSW Work Permit

What are the requirements for employers?

  • Name, ABN, Company Address, and Trading Name
  • Name and date of birth for the employee
  • The regular hours and workplace of the employee
  • All eligibility requirements must be met, including the requirement that the business is allowed to operate.
  • All legal obligations must be met
  • To have a COVID-19 Safe Plan in Place
  • To authorize a person to issue a worker permit.
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How to obtain a permit from the service NSW

Employers must complete the government template and have it signed by an authorized individual (ie. The CEO, the HR manager, and an operations manager.

How to obtain a work permit from the service NSW

Each employee required to be on-site must have a special work permit. This includes details about How to issue a Work Permit and Permit for work within a particular area.

Service NSW: How do I get a permit?

Victoria workplaces must prohibit workers from engaging in work at the place unless they are an authorized provider of service or worker (visit this page for a list and authorizations).

NSW Work Permit Application Form

Get the NSW service permit to work

Authorized Worker Permit (DOCX)

Authorized Worker Permit (PDF)

Service NSW Work permit Employers can issue a work permit for employees who are present at work premises.

  • The organization is listed on the Authorized Providers and authorized Workers List
  • The employee is employed in an approved job category.
  • The employee cannot work at home.
    • A work permit is not required in rare cases. This includes:
  • If an employee is at high risk at home (e.g., at risk for family violence),
  • Employer-issued photographic identification is required for law enforcement, emergency services, and health care workers. This identifies the employer. Below is a list of exceptions.
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How to issue a worker’s permit

Service NSW Work Permit

Each employee required to work on-site must have a special work permit that includes all the details.

Employers should:

  1. Please fill out the Authorized Worker Permit by downloading it and printing it.
    • Employers must use this template for any worker permits issued under this scheme.
  1. Sign the worker permit. It can be printed and signed electronically.
    • To sign the worker permit, a business must have an authorized person. The person who signs the work permit could be the CEO, an HR manager or an operations manager.
    • They are responsible for providing the information.
    • Victoria Police and other enforcement agencies may contact them to verify the details.
  1. Ask your employee to sign the worker’s permit. You can either print the permit and sign it, or you can sign it electronically.
    • The worker permit can be sent to your employee by email or text.
    • A work permit is required to travel to work once an employee has obtained their first permit.

How the public can get involved in what they do

Service NSW welcomes feedback and input from the public and community organizations regarding their services. Your feedback is used to improve their publications and policies. Should you wish to provide feedback, please call 13 77 88 or email

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