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Top Scholarships in the Netherlands 2022

Many scholarships are available for international students who want to study in The Netherlands. This post lists the top 10 Scholarships in the Netherlands

Many scholarships are available to international students, but not all are legitimate. Many scams use fake applications and phony offers to make money.

It would help if you did extensive research before choosing a scholarship that suits your needs. Many scholarships offered by government agencies, institutes, and organizations are genuine and require little or no effort to qualify.

The rest of these scholarships require little effort and can quickly be completed by students without previous academic experience. You need to apply for these scholarships and follow the instructions.

Here are the top 10 fully funded Scholarships in the Netherlands

Scholarships in the Netherlands

1. Utrecht Excellence Scholarship

The Utrecht Excellence Scholarship provides funding of 100% to students who wish to study at Utrecht University. The scholarship includes tuition fees, a grant to cover living expenses, books, medical insurance, travel and visa fees, and an allowance.

This scholarship will be granted to you if you meet the admission requirements of your chosen program. You will need to submit personal documents such as transcripts, essays, and transcripts. If you apply for the scholarship, please provide these documents. This scholarship will require you to show that you have lived in your country for at least two years.

2. Tilburg MSC Ph.D. Program

Candidates who want to study at Tilburg University, the Netherlands, are eligible for this program. You will receive total funding for the entire university education if you meet the criteria. This scholarship covers your actual living costs during your stay in the Netherlands. This scholarship covers tuition fees and provides a monthly allowance for food and other daily expenses.

3. Holland Scholarship

The Holland Scholarship for Students Abroad is available to European and non-European students wishing to study at any of the five Dutch universities participating in the program. These universities offer 15 master’s degrees.

You must be accepted to one of these 15 master’s programs by participating universities to qualify for the scholarship.

4. Orange Knowledge Programme:

The Orange Knowledge Programme for Postgraduate Studies in Africa provides scholarships to highly qualified Africans who want to study postgraduate studies abroad. This scholarship covers your tuition fees and any other expenses you incur while looking at one of the 15 participating universities in Europe.

5. Leiden University Excellence Scholarships – Research Funding Scholarships

Leiden University Excellence Scholarships are a great program that allows international students total funding for their research during their studies at Leiden University in The Netherlands.

6. Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for the Netherlands

Education & Training International Scholarships are available to students with excellent academic records. These are part-time master’s degrees offered by European universities and funded by the European Union. You must hold a bachelor’s or equivalent degree and have a minimum GPA of 3.5/4 to qualify for this scholarship. This scholarship covers tuition, living expenses, and book fees.

7. Radboud University Scholarship Program:

Radboud University Research Scholars Foundation provides scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students from Africa, South America, and Oceania who wish to study at Radboud University, the Netherlands.

8. Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities

VENIER Grant Program The VENIER Grant Program is a grant program that the Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities has created for researchers from non-western nations who want to study at a Dutch university. This grant program provides financial assistance for international researchers to cover their tuition fees, travel expenses, housing, and other costs while studying at a Dutch university.

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9. University of Maastricht Scholarships for Potential High Students

The University of Maastricht recognizes outstanding Masters’s students each year. These top performers have demonstrated exceptional performance and want to continue their education at a highly regarded university in Europe. These scholarships pay tuition fees, accommodation, and health insurance. They also cover travel expenses.

10. University of Twente Scholarships

This scholarship program is open to highly qualified applicants who wish to study for a master’s at the University of Twente. Fluent in Dutch and with a high GPA are required.

Utrecht Excellence Scholarship

International students can apply for the Utrecht Excellence Scholarship to study for a Masters’s in Science and Engineering at Utrecht University. This award is renewable for two years. International or Dutch students can accept it.

Utrecht Excellence scholarships are for exceptional students with high potential in engineering and science. This award is only available to students who have been admitted to the Utrecht University School of Science and Engineering.

Information about Utrecht University Funding Opportunities

Many financial aid options are available to the University, including grants, loans, and employment schemes. There are five faculties at the University, with 14 schools and academies covering almost all areas of education.

Each faculty has one or more schools and institutes specializing in teaching and researching. The four main libraries house approximately 5 million digital and printed media volumes. Thirty multimedia rooms can be equipped with Apple Macintosh computers.

Utrecht University made significant technological advances in recent years by integrating online student learning systems and distance learning platforms. The school hosts thousands of international students yearly from more than 150 countries.

Utrecht University offers a unique educational experience. This includes high-quality academics, personalized advising, close student/faculty interactions, small classes, and individualized attention.

Who can apply for this program?

The following are eligible applicants to apply for the Utrecht Excellence Scholarship:

1. Students who have demonstrated outstanding performance in previous studies

2. All applicants who possess all required documents are eligible to receive a master’s degree from the University.

3. All those who meet the requirements for admission to the University are eligible to study there.

4. Candidates without an EU/EEA passport

The following are the best tips to get a scholarship fast in the Netherlands.

Many factors are essential in determining the success of scholarship applications, including GPA, English level and English language test scores, standardized scores, professional achievements, motivation letters, letters of recommendation, academic transcripts, extracurricular activities, and exceptional circumstances.

You must work on your statements and show additional evidence that you can contribute to the program for which your application has been made.

  1. Candidates must be enthusiastic about studying at Utrecht University and be able to explain why they want to learn here.
  2. Research-oriented universities demand that you submit papers or research projects of high quality during your application process.
  3. Your statement is essential in making your application stand out among the rest. You should focus your message on highlighting why you are a great candidate for the program you are applying for.
  4. Your prospective advisor can check with you to see if they would suggest that you write a personal essay.
  5. Before applying for this scholarship, ensure that you have all the required documents.
  6. Research all scholarships that are available for your chosen field of study. You can find out which scholarships are available and review their details and requirements. You will then see which scholarships best suit your skills and interests.
  7. Look for potential partners that can help you with the financial aspects. Ask them if they have similar programs, and if so, if they can help you with the financial aspects of studying abroad.
  8. Many websites offer free samples of personal statements and CVs, which you can download as templates.
  9. Apply online for scholarships as soon as you can.
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Utrecht Excellence Scholarship Value:

EUR25,000 is awarded annually to up to 50 students, including travel expenses and tuition fees. Scholarship Coverage: EUR20,000 awarded to successful students in addition to their tuition fees. This means they can receive up to EUR35,000 each year to help with their studies. Each academic year, students receive EUR10,000 to cover travel, food, books, and health insurance.

How to Apply

The Official Scholarship Website is where applicants can submit their applications.

University of Maastricht Scholarships for Potential High Students

International students can apply for the University of Maastricht High Potential scholarships. This scholarship is only open to students not from the European Union or Iceland and must have at least one low-income parent.

Students must prove that they have the potential to succeed and that they need help to reach their full potential. Students must prove they have had difficulties completing their degree and have faced other financial or personal challenges.

Each scholar will be awarded a EUR15,000 annual award, which can be renewed once they have completed their first year. The University of Maastricht will award a EUR20,000 prize to students who have completed their first year of study. This award is renewable after its second year.

These students will automatically be considered for the chance to complete a Ph.D. at the University of Maastricht. It has been ranked amongst the top 30 universities worldwide.

The VITO, a Dutch charitable foundation, sponsors this program. It is administered by the University’s Center for Talented Youth. Nearly 90% of applicants were accepted to the program in 2017. It is now open to applicants from all countries.

You must write a detailed essay explaining how you think you meet the criteria for this scholarship. Upload a current CV with details of your professional and educational achievements.

Also required is a statement of financial need, which explains how the COVID-19 pandemic affected your family’s finances and how your situation has changed since March 2020.

Short Description of Scholarships

  • Scholarship Sponsor(s). Maastricht University Scholarship Fund/ Holland Scholarship Scholarship. To be taken at Maastricht University in the Netherlands.
  • Type of Scholarship: Fully Funded Scholarships
  • Scholarship Value: Up to EUR29,000 annually
  • 24 full scholarships.
  • Study Level: Postgraduate (Masters)
  • Nationality: International students (non EU/EEA)

Who can apply for this scholarship?

  • Young students can apply for scholarships at the Universiteit Maastricht.
  • You have demonstrated talent in math, science, technology, and engineering.
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, are you experiencing financial difficulties?
  • You are committed to pursuing a career in any of the above areas.
  • High school diploma or equivalent, with outstanding grades
  • Are they currently enrolled in high school or another equivalent educational institution in their origin?
  • Excellent grades in secondary school (minimum score of 5/5 on a scale of 1-7).
  • You have the ambition to go to University in the Netherlands.
  • You can attend the program as a student in English at the University of Maastricht. To apply for this scholarship, visit the following website and complete your application.

You can still apply if you are unsure if you meet this scholarship’s criteria.

How to apply for University of Maastricht High-potential Scholarships

This scholarship application period ends July 31 and begins June 10. Please use the link below to apply for the scholarship.

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Attach a certified copy of the secondary school certificate along with a grade transcript.

Include your name, address, phone number, email address, nationality, and gender.

The University of Maastricht requires applicants to be current students or plan to start studies within the following year. Include your name, address, phone number, email address, nationality, and gender.

Official Scholarship Website

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships in The Netherlands

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships are available to students who want fully-funded scholarships to study in the Netherlands. The Erasmus University scholarship is sponsored and funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science and Erasmus University Rotterdam.

This scholarship is available to students who are not European Economic Area (EEA) citizens and wish to study for a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Holland.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships in The Netherlands

This program supports higher education students from low-income countries who wish to study at universities in the Netherlands. This scholarship will be awarded to applicants from selected countries and will be fully funded by the Dutch government.

There is no work requirement for applicants, so they are not required to have part-time jobs during their studies. The Erasmus Mundus Scholarship will cover tuition fees, travel expenses, and accommodation.

This award is also important because it allows the applicants to finish their education without needing to find financial support or take on any other job.

Selection criteria for Erasmus Mundus Scholarships in The Netherlands:

Candidates must be interested in international development, policymaking, and studies. They must also have leadership skills and strong potential to be involved in the community.

  • They should be interested in environmental management or politics and have excellent grades.
  • These factors are not the only requirements. Candidates must also demonstrate financial need and a commitment to sustainable development.
  • Applicants must not be EEA citizens
  • You must apply to the University of Erasmus Rotterdam for a full-time Master’s or Bachelor’s degree.
  • Before applying for a scholarship, applicants are invited to interview with local contacts.
  • Candidates should have basic English language skills and sufficient written and spoken proficiency in their native language.

How do I apply for Erasmus Mundus Scholarships to the Netherlands?

All qualified candidates can apply online for the award by visiting the official prize site before the Application Deadline: January 7, each year.

Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria can receive EUR 9,000 per annum (10 months) for their University of Erasmus, Rotterdam studies.

Students will be awarded according to their academic performance, social contributions, financial need, language proficiency, and leadership qualities.

The Official Scholarship Website has an online application form.

Here are some tips to win the Erasmus Mundus Scholarships

Keep your eyes open for all scholarships available. Sometimes, there are multiple awards offered by different institutions within a country. Many people want to help others but don’t know the details of all scholarship opportunities.

It is important to remember when searching for scholarships that you only should pursue something you find exciting and feasible. You will need to meet specific requirements to be eligible for these scholarships. Make sure you have all the documents and meet the eligibility criteria.

You should also submit your applications on time to ensure that you don’t miss any opportunities. You should be resourceful in your search for scholarship opportunities. Check with other organizations to see if they offer something similar.

Look through the application process carefully to find opportunities that interest you. Finally, contact your university/institute as soon as possible to learn more about these opportunities.

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