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Roseman University 2022: Aid, Acceptance Rate, Courses, Admission, and Tuition Fees

One of the best-rated universities regarding the various disciplines embedded in the college of health sciences around the world is Roseman University. This article will talk about the admission requirements, courses offered, tuition costs, and scholarship aids available in the prestigious Roseman University.

Roseman University of Health Sciences is enthusiastic about promoting the health and wellness of the United States and the world through developing new and future generations of health specialists, performing research, and delivering patient care.

Students of Roseman university prove to be exceptionally good in the healthcare system due to their learning structure which is centered on enthusiasm, obligation, creativity, value, and empowerment.

Resourceful programs that train over 1,400 students throughout the campus to become great leaders in their various area of expertise is formulated by the institution.

Roseman University proposes partnerships and collaborations that correspond with its mission which is to establish an environment that enables the internal and external partners to obtain optimal results.

 Roseman University

Photo Credit: Office of the Associate Dean for Research

In this institution, students benefit from the classroom knowledge of their profession and get involved in communal learning, practicals, continuous assessment, and experiential learning.

Furthermore, Roseman University clarifies the foundational, cultural, and behavioral norms of all great higher institutions.

This norm comprises professionalism, virtue, diversity, social responsibility, moral behavior, and accountability that all form an integral part of long-lasting relationships between the Roseman University of Health Sciences and its communities.

Roseman University is regionally authorized by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

Courses offered at Roseman University

Roseman University houses five colleges that present the best experiential learning where students learn the practical aspect of knowledge. They include:

  • College of Medicine
  • College of Dental Medicine
  • Master of Business Administration
  • College of Pharmacy
  • College of Nursing
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Roseman University of Health Science College of Medicine

Roseman University College of Medicine’s core mission is to design and deliver a comprehensive and conducive environment for innovative learning, healthcare, and research through the alignment of students, educators, and the community. Roseman grooms future health professionals who conform to the rules of society.

They develop responsible and clinically qualified Physicians through the implementation of the innovative curriculum with modern educational technology.

Roseman University Dental School

Roseman dental school delivers on the best quality education and clinical knowledge. Roseman university equips students with a remarkable classroom setting and advanced technology to aid in effective learning.

Here, the act of teamwork is encouraged to achieve proficiency to betterment through the program. Students and resident dentists provide affordable thorough dental care to the local community under the supervision of the faculty. This implements experiential learning.

Roseman University Pharmacy School

Roseman University College of Pharmacy allows a three-year Doctor of Pharmacy program established on modern educational principles, including active and mastery learning with block teaching.

What GPA do you need to get into Roseman University of Health Sciences?

A minimum of a 3.15 CGPA is required for admission in the university. Students who intend to apply should endeavor to score above average to qualify.

Roseman University Admission BSN Prerequisites & Requirements

Requirements for admission into Roseman include:

  • A minimum of 2.75 GPA as your last CGPA
  • A minimum score of 60% in the TEAS determines the level of your level of preparation.
  • What is The Acceptance Rate For Roseman University?
  • Roseman university possesses an acceptance rate of 41%. This means that It is a highly selective institution that accepts 41 applicants out of 100.
  • All lessons at Roseman fulfill a Six-Point Mastery Learning Model emphasizing block curriculum, scheduling, and learning appraisals every two to three weeks.
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What is the Tuition for Roseman University?

The board of Trustees of the university authorizes all policies associated with tuition, fees, and refunds. All payments are compulsory for each student, and most are non-refundable. There are scholarships at Roseman available for students who experience difficulty procuring funds.

Below is a list of various programs and the fees attributed to each of them;

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (NV and UT):Tuition: $51,000, $663.20/credit). Fees: Lab – $3,300; Tech – $500
  • Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (NV and UT): Tuition– $55,350 ($719.77/credit). Fees: Lab – $3,300; Tech – $500
  • RN to BSN:Tuition– $15,000. Fees– Instructional Materials($500); Tech($500)
  • MSN/FNP:Tuition–$37,500 ($781.25/credit). Fees– Instructional Materials($100); Tech($500)
  • Doctor of Pharmacy (NV and UT): Tuition–($55,182). Fees–(Tech $400); (Immunization–P1 only) – $125; PCOA (P1 only)- $75; NAPLEX Prep (P3 only) – $600).
  • Doctor of Dental Medicine (UT): Tuition_($77,147). Fees–(D1 – $15,034; *D2 – $12,637; *D3 – $11,955; *D4 – $11,670)
  • AEODO/MBA Resident: Tuition($77,330) Fees(Resident – +R1 – $8,368; +R2 – $10,645; +R3 – $11,100)
  • AEODO Internship: Tuition($30,450) Fees(tech – $100)
  • MBA – PharmD NV/ UT and DMD, AEODO; Tuition($710/credit) Fees(Comp XM – $69; Tech – $50)

Other fees may apply.

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General University Fees

  • Health Insurance (Est) – $3,600
  • All programs graduation fee – $200
  • PharmD/DMD/MBA Graduation fee – Additional $50
  • Laptop (Est) – $1,900
  • iPad (Est) – $700


Application Fees

  • BSN/ABSN – $40
  • MSN/FNP – $40
  • PharmD – $60
  • DMD – $75
  • AEODO – $50
  • MBA $100


Financial aid options at Roseman University

Roseman Success Fund Income Share Agreement (ISA)

The Roseman Success Fund IISA helps students pay their mandated tuition and fees. However, this is an agreement that must be refunded.

Students must be competent enough to accept the Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans to be qualified for Roseman Success Fund.


Roseman presents scholarship openings to interested and eligible students. All that is required is to check out available scholarships and their requirements here.


Grants are allotted to students with considerable monetary needs. Students are required to complete the FASA application to select eligibility for grants.

Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study (FWS) gives part-time jobs to undergraduate and graduate students with monetary needs that will allow them to gain money that will cover their educational expenditures.

The program promotes community service work and tasks associated with the recipient’s course of study.


Loans are cash leased and must be paid back. There are numerous kinds of loans for students, including federal and private.

While loans may be important to pay for college tuition and other expenses, it is reasonable to borrow what you can pay back at the end of the agreement.

All in all, Roseman University is a great choice for every student, including international students, who want to fulfill their lifelong dreams of becoming healthcare professionals.


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