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10 Most Affordable MS Programs In Australia For 2023


This blog post on most affordable MS programs in Australia is designed for those who are interested in pursuing their Master program in Australia. This is because Australia offers unique opportunities in terms of higher education. Australia has, over time, gained a renowned reputation for its institutions that offer top opportunities to pursue higher education. It is because of the focus by the Australian Government on the quality of education offered that Australia is among the top countries to students seeking to study abroad across the world. It is ranked just behind the USA and UK for the number of international students studying, Australia can be a fantastic location to get your education. If you’re inclined toward the Masters of Science (MS) and are looking for a place to study, Australian universities are second to the rest when it comes to quality and opportunity.

One of the most desirable countries to complete for your MS in, Australia is an excellent destination to visit. A nation that is thriving in Technology There are plenty of opportunities for students who choose to pursue their MS through Australia. Australia’s post Study Working Options actually can be added to the numerous reasons why students aiming to pursue a Masters of Science ought to take a look at Australia.

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It is no surprise that studying abroad can be expensive and many students fret about the expense. With MS being among the most popular PG courses to take in Australia Students are bound to look for options and choices. It is suggested to start by choosing the least expensive MS programs available in Australia. Below is a list of these institutions. (Do remember that the majority of MS Programs would be a 2-year program and the costs listed are indicative of the tuition fee for the first year and not the program fee!)


Name of University MS Program offered Tuition fee in first year estimated in INR
The Torrens University Master of public health 12,69,384
The Australian Catholic University Master of public health(Global health and advocacy) 13,88,158
The University of Queensland Masters of philosophy health science 15,38,359
The University of technology Queensland Master of information science( information management) 15,43,392
The charles Darwin University Master of nutrition 16,50,758
Curtin University Master of information systems and technology 16,77,600
Victoria University Master of clinical exercise science and rehabilitation 17,39,112
The University of western Australia Master of child health research 18,00,624
The western Sydney University Master of Data science 18,61,018
The RMIT University Master of food science 18,78,912
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*Calculates at the current exchange rate of 1 AUS$ equals INR 54.26 (June 17 2022)

Most Affordable MS Programs In Australia

Although the institutions and programs provide cheaper alternative options for the Study Abroad plan, it is crucial to know that some of them are among the most prestigious in Australia. In reality, RMIT University, Griffith University and Queensland University of Technology are among the less well-known good universities within Australia. With a Global Rank and an enviable reputation among the top universities across the globe, these schools are an excellent starting point to begin your research from.

Therefore, you should start planning to study at a university in Australia. Find out the cost of taking an MS at Australian Universities, and find out the cost of living in Australia for International Students and also understand the scholarship opportunities to Australia in the course of your move ahead.

(Please keep in mind the fact that they are indicative of fees only for specific programs. The exact amount could differ from department to department and even from the university level to that of.)

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