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Law Scholarships for International Students – University of Queensland

The University of Queensland (UQ) offers a range of scholarships for international students. Scholarships are available for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral study at the University. UQ also offers a number of scholarships specifically for international students studying law.

These scholarships are available to students from all over the world, and they cover both tuition and living costs. If you are interested in studying law at UQ, be sure to explore our scholarship options and apply early!

University of Queensland

About the University of Queensland Law School

The TC Beirne Law School of the University of Queensland, founded in 1936, is the most prestigious legal school in Queensland, the Australian State of Queensland. It is also the sixth oldest of thirty-two law faculties in Australia. Its alumni currently comprise two judges from Australia.

In essence, TC Beirne School of Law assists in bringing together top international and national scholars as well as distinguished graduates, and professional experts. This is to offer students the best legal education available which will help them prepare for a variety of professions which are both in Australia as well as internationally.

The longest-running law school in Queensland The TC Beirne Law School has an extensive and rich history and has produced the best lawyers in Australia. The school’s goal is to gain the recognition of international and national authorities for being among the top legal schools of Australia by conducting research as well as education and social responsibility.

What do you think? Are you sure that the University of Queensland Law School the right choice for you? It is your only chance to be certain. However, by selecting to attend the University of Queensland Law School you’ll surely be part of an incredibly supportive community that is at the leading edge of research and teaching all over the world.

University of Queensland Law Scholarships Description

The University of Queensland Law School offers scholarships to international students. In essence, they are interested in pursuing either one of the bachelor’s degree programs (undergraduate Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/(LLB (Hons)) or dual degree programs which include one of the degrees, LLB (Hons). This is why they urge students who are high performing to apply.

These competitive scholarships are granted to international students who are exceptional by virtue of their academic performance and desire in a legal career. Candidates who are selected for the test might be required to take part in an Skype interview. Decisions will be made within a short time after the date of the closing.

Additionally, students need to complete a separate application to apply for international UQ admission to earn a master’s level (with special distinction) or dual degree programs.

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In addition, they offer two scholarships in law for international students. The first scholarship will cover up to 25% of tuition costs and the second one will pay 50% of tuition costs.

It is intended applicable to LAWS classes that are part of the law program. The scholarships do not cover the cost of living, travel costs, and medical insurance in foreign countries or charges for facilities and services for students.

Level of Study for the University of Queensland Law Scholarships 2022

It is a University of Queensland Law Scholarships is primarily meant for International Undergraduate Students. There are also other scholarships available for Masters students.

University of Queensland Law Scholarships Worth 2022

They currently offer two scholarships per year on the advice by the head.

The value of the scholarship is:

  • One scholarship is able to cover half of the tuition for classes that will be approved to one of the LLB (Hons) part of a recognized program every semester during the time of the degree.
  • Another scholarship will cover 25percent of the tuition for courses that are to be accredited to an LLB (Hons) part of a course recognized by the institution, every semester, for the duration of the degree.

The scholarships don’t cover the cost of living, travel expenses and health insurance coverage for overseas and fees for Student Services and Facilities Fee. They plan to pay for tuition fees in two installments (one in the first semester and another in the second semester).

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What is the Eligibility Criteria for the Law Scholarships for International Students 2022?

A candidate is eligible for the Scholarship is the applicant:

  • Students from abroad who have applied to the Law degree but haven’t yet started their studies at UQ.
  • Makes the application by the deadline in the format specified by the Head.
  • Students shouldn’t have the same scholarship at the same time.
  • It doesn’t hold any other research that the Head finds to be comparable.

Selection Process for the University of Queensland Law Scholarships 2022

The Head will set up an Scholarship Committee comprised of:

  • the head, or nominee as the Chair of the committee and
  • the Chairperson, TC Beirne School of Law Teaching & Learning Committee or nominee
  • Another staff member is employed at another member of the staff at TC Beirne School of Law.

The Scholarship will be given to the candidate who has shown the most merits as shown by:

  • academic accomplishments academic achievements; and
  • references as well as
  • the applicant’s desire to study and work in the field of law and
  • any other issue that any other matter that the Scholarship Committee considers relevant.

Conditions for Scholarship

The scholarship award is contingent upon the student completing any approved course in the University of Queensland.

The recipient can be awarded the award subject to:

  • keeping enrolled in the Approved Program maintaining enrolment in an Approved Program
  • attaining the minimum GPA of at minimum 4.5 in their courses, which can be used to the LLB(Hons) part of a program that has been approved, each year during which the Scholarship is offered and
  • Not be eligible for another scholarship deemed similar in the head’s view.

If the student fails to comply with the above rule then the applicant must provide the Head of the institution the reason for the reason why the award should not be canceled.

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How to Apply for the Law Scholarships for International Students 2022?

In order to apply for a place, applicants must fill out their applicationfor the opportunity to attend UQ.

Once you have an existing application with UQ or have received an offer, you can apply for a scholarship by completing an application form together with the following supporting documentation to [email protected].

  • Official transcript of the academic year/s
  • A personal statement that explains the reasons you would like to pursue to work in law
  • Two reference letters
  • The evidence to support English competence (e.g. IELTS)
  • Resume/CV.


  • Late or incomplete applications for scholarships are not considered.
  • The Scholarship Committee will meet as shortly as is practical after the deadline and applicants will be informed of the results in writing.
  • The scholarship offer is contingent upon approval by the candidate’s enrollment in a legal program offered by The University of Queensland.

Application Link

Scholarship Rules

Law Scholarships for International Students Deadline

The scholarship is open to students who start in semester 1 or semester 2. Students who are eligible for this scholarship must apply by the deadline. who start in the first semester is October 30. For students who begin in semester 2 is May 15.


Law scholarships for international students are a great way to further your education and gain an advantage over other applicants.

Make sure to apply for as many scholarships as possible, as they can make a significant difference in your final scholarship award.

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