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How To Move To Spain After Brexit In 2022

Moving to Spain following Brexit poses many issues for potential ex-pats, from visas to purchasing properties and even living in Spain. This article on how to move to Spain after Brexit will let you know whether you are to continue living in Spain after Brexit or not as well as the procedures to make it possible.

In the wake of adjusting to life following Brexit, Britons hoping to relocate to Europe will have a lot of questions to answer. The lure of the idea of moving into Spain out of to the UK is always evident, and after Brexit and the uncertainty surrounding it, many Brits are wondering whether their dream of moving to Spain remains in the works. Potential ex-pats must be aware of whether they still are able to live or work in Spain and if they require visas and what they can do in the direction of retiring to Spain after Brexit.

With its mild weather, beautiful beaches, and a lower cost of living than the UK It’s no surprise there are more than 360,000 Brits living in Spain. Spain is home to over 360,000 Brits who are registered in permanent residence. However, as the Brexit transition period came to an end at the end of January 2021, the new rules will apply to anyone who wants to achieve the desire to live in Spain following Brexit.

Do I Still have to move to Spain following Brexit?

It is possible to relocate to Spain following Brexit However, some modifications have been implemented to the procedure. They are likely to turn some people off and will separate those who are committed to the possibility of moving to Spain in the long run from those who are worried about the risk of committing to it.

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Prior to Brexit In the past, as EU citizens, Brits had the right to travel, live and work in any part of the European Union, including Spain with no visa restrictions or time limits for staying. With the new rules, the options for those who wish to move out of the UK following Brexit and relocate to Spain are the same as those available to non-European citizens.

In particular, it is now possible to have the maximum period of stay of three months allowed for UK passport holders who reside in Spain. Anyone who wants to extend their stay for longer must declare themselves a resident and any non-resident who wants to be employed in Spain might require the right visa or permit to work. As a result, many UK citizens of the senior generation will be worried about the possibility of their plans to retire to Spain following Brexit will be achieved.

Residency in Spain following Brexit

UK citizens are still able to relocate to Spain however since the UK has departed from the EU individuals who wish to permanently move must satisfy specific requirements in order to obtain residence. These requirements differ based on your age, your employment status, and many other aspects.

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However, anyone who is from the UK seeking to acquire the status of a resident in Spain must, at a minimum, have to present evidence of a clean and reputable criminal record and health insurance. Brits will also have to demonstrate that they have enough money to provide for themselves and their dependents for a specific amount of time or show proof of the income they earn through the form of a Spanish agreement for employment. Anyone who plans to move from the UK to Spain in the UK in the hopes of creating a business should possess the appropriate qualifications and an appropriate business plan.

Can I stay in Spain following Brexit?

Anyone UK citizens living in EU countries prior to the 1st January of 2021 will be able to continue in the EU as a result of the European Union Withdrawal Act. Spanish authorities have ratified in conjunction with the UK that British residents who resided in Spain prior to Brexit will enjoy the same rights following Brexit for as long as Spanish citizens living in the UK have the same rights.

To remain in Spain as a UK citizen, you need to be registered legally as a resident of Spain and have completed the process in a correct manner. This includes children who are required to be registered individually with their own identity documents. If they are in compliance, they will receive a residency card, which demonstrates what rights they have as per the Withdrawal Act.

After you’ve moved to Spain

How To Move To Spain After Brexit

Although there are additional hurdles for Brits to clear to move to Spain following Brexit however, it is still possible to be accomplished. No matter if you’d like to retire, work or go on a holiday legally, you are able to make the move if you satisfy the above requirements.

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After you’ve obtained your right to reside in Spain is the same as before Brexit. British ex-pats are able to purchase properties as well as enjoy the same rights and pay the same taxes as they did before Brexit. When you consider the benefits of living in warmer climates and the red tape could be a minor price to pay for the blue skies.

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