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New Rules For Australia Student Visas 2022

 this post is about the new rules for Australia student visas this is because International students have been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many students were unable or unwilling to travel to Australia in order to continue their studies.

To ensure that international students can continue their studies, the Australian government has introduced new regulations and rules to help them return to school. Continue reading to learn more.

The  New Rules for Australia Study Visa Requirements

On 20 July, the Australian Government announced new rules regarding student visas. These new visa rules will support international students and make it easier for them to apply.

Australian Immigration Minister, Alan Tudge announced new rules via his tweet

  1. Australia opens its borders to international students

July 20, 2020: All locations outside Australia have been granted student visas by the Australian government.

This means that international students will have their visas ready to go when Australia opens its borders to them. They can then continue with their travel plans.

  1. Relaxations for post-work-study visas (Temporary Graduate Visa – Subclass 485)

July 20, 2020: Graduates and students who have been affected by travel restrictions from 20 March 2020 will be able to apply for and receive a Temporary Grad (subclass 485) visa to Australia.

  1. Online classes are worth considering

July 20, 2020: All online education classes taken in Australia by COVID-19 students will be considered by the government.

  1. Extension of student visa-free of charge

July 20, 2020: Students from international countries can apply for a student visa without any application fee if they are unable to complete their course at an Australian university during the visa validity due to this pandemic.

  1. You may need additional time to submit documents

July 20, 2020: All applicants are allowed additional time to submit English Language Testing Results which have been delayed since March 2020 by COVID-19.

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The government will allow applicants more time to submit biometrics, character certificates, and health checks that were disrupted by COVID-19.

  1. Students are now eligible to apply for a Post-Study Work Visa

July 20, 2020: Students who have a student visa can apply for a post-study visa if they are not allowed to enter Australia because of travel restrictions.

Notice: The government is committed to providing support and assistance to students from other countries who are granted temporary visas. 200 million dollars was offered to charity, of which $7 million was donated by the Red Cross.

  1. International Students will be taken care of by the Government

Students who have been in Australia for more than 12 months due to COVID-19 are also eligible for financial assistance from the government. Students can access their Australian superannuation funds (FUNDS) earlier than usual thanks to the government.

International students are also protected by the government’s protection laws.

The Australian government has introduced two new Regional Visas

Nov 18, 2020: Two new regional visas were created by the Australian government in November 2019 and have few new rules.

These new rules will allow skilled workers more freedom.

  1. Subclass 491 Skilled Work Region (Provisional Visa).

Skilled workers and their families can now live, study and/or work in selected regions in Australia for five years.

After a period of  3 years, the applicant can apply for permanent residence in Australia.

Applicants for this Visa must be nominated by the Australian Government Agency (491 Occupation list) or sponsored by a family member (MLTSSL) residing in that region.

  1. Sponsored Subclass 494 Skilled Employer

This visa replaces the 187 (RSMS Visa). This visa has been granted 10,000 spots by the government.

To apply for this visa, the applicant must have employer sponsorship for at least 5 years and 3 years of skilled employment.

The applicant must be at least 45 years old and meet the English or AMSR standards.

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What are the New Rules of Australia For Student Visas?

New Rules For Australia Student Visas

The Minister must ensure that there is no unreasonable risk that the visa holder will transfer crucial technology to another country.

Technology that is critical means:

The technology of a type specified by the Minister for the purposes of this definition;

Every property, whether tangible or intangible, that is:

Part of; or

A result of:

Used for research, testing, development, or manufacturing purposes; any technology that the Minister specifies for this purpose.

The Australia Student Visa Visa Visa may be canceled if the Minister is satisfied that there is a risk of the technology transfer being rejected.

Unwanted transfer of critical technology by someone means any direct, or indirect:

Transfer of critical technology;

Information transfer about critical technologies

A person who would:

Damage to or impair Australia’s security or defense, including operations and capabilities or technologies used by national intelligence agencies, public authorities, or foreign intelligence agencies (within the meaning of the Criminal Code).

Do you intend to cause harm or prejudice to any part of the Australian public’s safety and health? Parts; or

Interfere or prejudice the investigation, prosecution, or punishment of a Commonwealth Act criminal offense;

Australia’s international relationships could be damaged or harmed.

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What will happen if you change your course of study on your Australian student visa?

International students were previously able to change their course for up to six months with approval from their educational institution.

The Minister will no longer be able to approve international students’ decisions to change their courses in the public interest. The report stated that Australian students can challenge the Minister’s decision.

Only student visas issued after July 1, 2022, will be subject to the new visa conditions. The recent ruling will not affect applications received before that date.

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International students cannot change their research topic or course of study without approval from the Minister. A graduate certificate, graduate diploma or master’s degree or doctorate, or bridging program may be required to start a course of study for a master’s, doctorate, or doctorate.

Let’s say your request to change your course of action is denied. Visa cancellation is discretionary for certain protection visas and related bridge visas, but mandatory for all visa types.


Is Australia offering student visas now in 2022?

Yes, students are allowed to return to Australia.

What is the average time it takes to get an Australian student visa in 2022?

The average student visa in Australia processing time is one month. However, it can take up to three months. The SSVF process is now much more efficient. It takes between 4 and 6 weeks to complete.

Can International Students Enter Australia In 2022?

Yes. You must have a valid international student visa to be eligible to travel to Australia. To be eligible for an International Student Arrival Plan, you must have a valid Student (subclass 505) visa.

Why Did Australia Cancel Student Visa?

 It is because, If you do not enroll in a registered course,  your student visa may be canceled. You lose your enrolment when you finish the course. This applies even if it is later than the Confirmation Date of Enrolment. Your enrolment arrangement will dictate what you do after your course is completed.

Is 5 Year Gap Accepted In Australia?

Each university in Australia has its own admissions criteria, but most accept a gap of just one to two years from the completion of an applicant’s previous course. If the gap grows by three to four years, you will need to give valid reasons.


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