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How To Apply For Australia ETA Visa From Us Citizens

This blog post on Australia ETA Visa from US Citizens is a must-read for US citizens planning on visiting Australia and the e-visitor visa to Australia is the best option for US citizens who are planning to visit Australia for non-work purposes for a short time.

You can apply for an ETA Visa without regard to the reason you are traveling (holiday, on business), and receive the visa quickly for a very low cost.

The ETA visa is valid for 12 months. During this time, you can travel freely to Australia and stay in Australia for up 90 days. ETA visas can be used for multiple entries and are valid for one year after the issue.

It is simple to apply for an ETA “visa” to Australia. You will usually receive your visa in one day.

What is the Electronic Travel Authority?

The Electronic Travel Authority, or ETA, is the Australian Tourist and Business Visa most commonly used. It allows you to stay in Australia for up to three months every time you enter Australia. This period can be within 12 months of the date your visa was issued. ETA can be used for multiple entry visas.

The Australian ETA is different from traditional visas because there are no paper applications to fill out and no visa stamp or label on the passport. Everything happens online.

The Australian Government releases the ETA to passport holders from a list of countries and regions.

You must apply for an ETA visa (Visitor) from outside Australia.

Your passport number and passport number must be provided when you apply for an ETA visa. The ETA visa will be linked with this number. You will need to reapply for an ETA visa if your passport is stolen, lost, or damaged before you travel to Australia.

What are the conditions for the ETA?

Visitors to Australia must agree to the conditions and validity of their visa. You may lose your visa or face other penalties if you don’t comply with these conditions. These conditions are basically:

  • Work is not permitted in Australia. Limited volunteer work may be acceptable;
  • It is forbidden to engage in studies or training that lasts more than three months.
  • To travel to Australia, you must not have tuberculosis.
  • The holder must leave within the validity period of the Visitor Visa (ETA);
  • You could be denied entry to Australia if you apply for an ETA after a criminal conviction.

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Types of Australian ETA

In 1996, Australia established the Electronic Travel Authority system. In 2001, the country started accepting applications from citizens of other countries for travel visas.

ETAs have largely replaced traditional paper tourist visas since ETA-eligible nations no longer required paper tourist visas. The only difference between ETAs and tourist visas is the fact that electronic visas for entry to Australia can be linked to passports.

The tourist ETA visa subclass 601 is the most popular Electronic Travel Authority authorization. A tourist visa of 601 allows you to stay up to three months in Australia. The visa can be used to visit family members, go on vacation, or as a business visitor. You can leave or stay as many times as possible during the 12-month period. You can apply for a different type of visa if you want to stay longer.

You can also attend business meetings and conferences as a visitor with the visitor’s ETA.

This visa does not allow you to work or study in the country for longer than three months with a tourist ETA. You cannot also sell or offer goods or services to the public with this visa.

The U.S. passport must be valid for at least six months. While the Australian Government doesn’t require it to issue an ETA to US citizens directly, many airlines will require passport validity of 6 months to allow US travelers to travel to Australia. You will need a new ETA or a new passport if your passport does not meet these requirements.

There are also health requirements in Australia for U.S. citizens. To travel to Australia and enter the country, you must not have tuberculosis. In some cases, you may also need to have a medical examination before you are allowed to enter Australia. You may not need to have another medical exam if you have had an examination within the past 12 months. A chest x-ray may be required for US citizens over 11 who plan to study in classroom environments for more than 4 weeks.

Australia has its own character requirements. If you have a long criminal history, for example, Australia may deny you entry. Answer all questions regarding your criminal history honestly when you apply. The Australian Government will take into consideration all circumstances. The minister for home affairs might grant your visa application if you tell the truth about any criminal history.

You must also pay the Australian government any money you owe as a US citizen before you can be admitted. In certain circumstances, you can make arrangements to repay the money. If you’re traveling to Australia with children, the reason for your trip must be in the best interests of your child.

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It is easy:

First, you enter your email address.

You will then need to choose your country as the United States since you are applying for work outside of Australia.

Then, enter your personal information exactly as it appears on your passport. Make sure to have your passport with you when you apply.

Next, fill in any information regarding criminal history, if applicable.

Finally, you will submit your information and then pay with Paypal or Credit Card (any valid Visa/Mastercard).

You will be notified that your application was received after you submit your Australian ETA. You will then receive a notification by mail letting you know if your ETA has been granted or if there are additional steps you must take. You should keep a copy of any information you receive, such as a receipt, reference number, or approval.

It is not required that you print any ETA documents or information. You will receive a printed copy of your ETA by mail. A non-official example is also available online. However, you don’t need to bring the printouts on your trip to Australia.

You will need an incoming passenger card when you arrive in Australia. The card must be filled out by all visa holders, even American ETA holders. This card is used to confirm that you are able to meet all health and character requirements for tourists in Australia.

You can travel to Australia once you have entered Australia. However, your stay must not exceed the duration of your visa. Keep in mind that if you lose your US passport while you’re in Australia, your Australian ETA will also expire. The entire process will need to be repeated, including the obtaining of a new passport.

Australian officials can detain and force you to return home if your ETA expires in Australia while you are there. It is important that you immediately notify Australian immigration officials if your status changes.

Important: If you are an American citizen and you wish to obtain an ETA upon arrival in Australia, you will need to apply online.

Time for approval of ETA in Australia

Australia ETA Visa From Us Citizens

The ETA visa processing for Australia is often completed in a matter of minutes. Because the process is quick, many Americans use an ETA visa as an urgent visa. Most cases will be processed within one day. There are many factors that affect the processing time. These are some of the factors that can affect processing times.

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All supporting documentation should be provided

Response to additional information requests

You can check the information that you have given

National security, character, and health checks

Eligibility for passport

You should not plan to travel to Australia before you have received an ETA approval. It is recommended that you apply for an ETA visa no later than two weeks before you plan to travel.

Australian ETA Validity

Australia’s ETA visa validity is for one year. It allows unlimited entry and can be used for up to three months. You can also leave and re-enter Australia at will, provided that each stay does not exceed three months. An ETA allows you multiple entries into Australia. This is a temporary visa, valid for 12 months. Your visa will be canceled if your passport expiry date is less than the ETA expiry date. If this happens, you will need a new passport with sufficient validity for your stay.

Australian ETA price

Many people travel to Australia and wonder what the ETA visa costs are. A short-term visa is very affordable. The TOTAL cost for an ETA visa for Americans visiting Australia when applied online is 69 USD. The total ETA visa cost of a subclass 601 ETA includes processing fees. There is no tax for the actual visa. This is why an online ETA to Australia is so affordable.

Online Long-Term visas, Work and Holiday visas, and online Long-Term visas are more expensive. You can expect to pay more than $350 USD for each Long-Term visa, and more than $500 USD for a Work or Holiday visa.


Who is eligible for an Australian ETA?

This document is available to citizens from 33 countries. However, iVisa only offers it to seven nationalities in order to minimize rejections or complications. Brunei Darussalam (Canada), Japan, South Korea, and Singapore, as well as the United States of America and Hong Kong.

Can US Citizens Travel To Australia?

Yes. Each year, Australia receives millions of visitors from overseas. To enter Australia, anyone who isn’t a citizen of Australia must have a valid visa.

Why Can’t I Get/ Apply For An ETA For Australia?

If you do not have an eligible passport, you can apply for an Australian ETA. Only certain passport holders can apply for an Australian ETA, as I mentioned earlier. If your passport is not eligible, you won’t be able to apply for the Australian ETA.


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