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Top 10 Boarding School Scholarships In The USA 2022

Are you a boarding student with tuition that puts pressure on your sponsor? Do you want to attend a board institution within America? The USA, but the costs are over your budget? We’ve put together the following list of 10 Boarding School Scholarships opportunities at schools in the USA that you can apply for.

Additionally, a list of schools with low costs in the USA is included.

We are aware that the tuition for students in boarding schools is more expensive than day school students and could be stressful for families that have seen a decrease in their income, so we’ve created these scholarships.

You don’t have to withdraw your wards from boarding schools in this way above.

In the same way, international students can avail these scholarships for boarding schools and go to the USA to complete their high school training.

Boarding School Scholarships

What Are Boarding School Scholarships?

The Boarding School Scholarships are similar to any other kind of scholarship is available to students attending a border school.

Students live at the school throughout the academic year.

They learn as they interact, study, and socialize with fellow students who reside in the school.

The scholarship is intended to alleviate the financial burden for their sponsors since their tuition is more expensive than the tuition of day students.

Categories of Boarding School Scholarships

The various Boarding School Scholarships in the USA have been classified in this article.

We will provide them with a list and use them as the basis of this discussion.

Merit-Based Scholarship

This scholarship is available to students at boarding schools within the USA is awarded to students with outstanding academic performance.

The school typically makes the award, and therefore, students don’t have to apply for them.

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Part-Tuition Boarding School Scholarship

The Boarding School Scholarships are provided by a variety of high school boarding schools across the USA, and they only pay part of the student’s tuition.

The majority of the time, it is provided by the boarding school itself to students with financial problems.

Full Tuition Boarding Scholarships In USA

There are several schools for boarding in the USA which offer students the opportunity to receive scholarships that cover tuition for all students.

They are identified as; Cheshire Academy, Fenn School, Phillips Exeter Academy. Westchester Country Day School, but it’s not a boarding school.

Are There Therapeutic Boarding School Scholarships for Troubled Youths In the USA?

It is a challenge to obtain an award or scholarship for teenagers or teens with a history of trouble who attend boarding high school.

This is because most scholarship companies prefer students who succeed in school.

Besides that, you have other alternatives you could consider apart from loans.

These are:

A therapeutic boarding school that offers grants and scholarships

There are therapeutic boarding schools that offer scholarships and grants to their students.

Good example is Wings of Faith Academy, Devereux School – Massachusetts, and Agape Boarding School.

Another nonprofit school would be Canyon State Academy.

Second, enrolling in a low-cost therapeutic boarding school can reduce costs, almost like an award of the grant.

The list of therapeutic schools is a plethora of.

We’ll only list some of them, including the House of hope, ALLEGANY BOYS CAMP BAPTIST CHILDREN’S HOUSE of the NORTH CAROLINA, and Marvelous Grace academy.

International Students Boarding School Scholarships in the USA

In this section, we will be providing scholarships for high school boarding students who are of the international source.

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What Are The Requirements To Apply For A Boarding School Scholarship?

There are some fundamental prerequisites to be eligible for full or part-time school scholarships.

First of all, boarding schools award merit-based scholarships for students who excel academically.

To be qualified for the merit-based boarding school award, one has to be a top performer in your scores.

In most cases, the award is granted in a way.

The second class of students who receive scholarships to boarding schools is those with financial needs.

If you cannot prove that you have financial markets, this scholarship isn’t for you.

The third option is boarding school scholarships.

It is also offered to students who have excelled in extracurricular pursuits such as sports, arts, or even sciences.

Additionally, external scholarships for students at boarding schools in the USA are available to students who want to apply to be an applicant or a student to a Boarding school.

How Can I Apply For High School Scholarships?

If you find the scholarship that you would like to apply for, whether on the internet or through the programs provided by your school, The next step is to apply for the procedure.

The most common requirement is that you

Apply for the job

Include your transcripts from school. These will display your academic grades.

Provide proof of financial need if it is

You can also provide other credentials and submit them.

Below, we have listed the 10 scholarship for boarding schools and awards for international and national students in no particular order.

While they’re not considered listed, we encourage applicants to submit applications for grants and scholarships that both USA students and international students will use.

The list can be found below.

The Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange

The congress-Bundestag youth exchange (CBYX) Scholarship is available to high school students looking to explore a different culture and study the German language with a complete immersion experience.

It’s a scholarship program and a boarding school scholarship jointly administered and funded jointly by both governments of the U.S. and German governments.

The Young Professional Scholarship is designed for the youngest American High School students in careers that span 18 and 24 years old.

The general rule is that the CBYX program offers 350 scholarships to pupils in high schools, graduates of high school in fields of vocational training, and young professionals to participate in an academic year, a home-stay program.

To be qualified for this program, you must meet the following criteria:

A U.S. citizen

Aged between 15 and 18 1/2 as of August 1 of the departure year for the program.

In the year of their application, current high school students with an average GPA of 3.0 or greater on a 4.0 scale.

A desire to learn the German language. German language


AFS and B.P. have a partnership in hosting the B.P. Global STEM Academies, four-week programs across Brazil, Egypt, India, and the USA focus on engineering, science, technology, math (STEM), and global competency education.

To be eligible to participate in this course, you need to meet the requirements listed below.

The birth date must fall on or between December 1, 2002, and June 1, 2005.

Ability to participate fully in a class or programs that are entirely conducted in English

Interest in STEM studies abroad, studying abroad, and engaging with diverse cultures

Willingness to visit Academy-related destinations such as Brazil, Egypt, or India

The ability and willingness to travel alone

Willingness and ability to obtain an entry visa for travel if they are selected

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Halsey Fund Scholar

Halsey Fund was established in 2011 in memory of Woodruff W. Halsey II.

This scholarship for boarding schools is presented every year to students in high school who show exceptional academic capability and financial need, and a significant interest in international study.

In addition, the student is expected to become aware of cultural differences and improve their ability to communicate in a foreign language.

Students who are awarded this grant and scholarship will receive the full cost of tuition.

Additionally, SYA will provide an allowance for round-trip airfare for the SYA school at their enrollment.

Apply online and be eligible for SYA, also known as the student year abroad.

If you are a student in an SYA member school, speak to your coordinator.

Write an essay in response to: “Tell us something you have accomplished – at school, at home, or in your community – that has prepared you to make the most of your experience attending School Year Abroad.”

It should be no more than 500 words and emailed as an attachment to SYA Admissions at [email protected]

Add your name and the country of SYA you’re applying for in the attachment.

Complete the financial aid form

Green Heart Travel

Greenheart offers grants and scholarships for first-time travelers departing the USA to go to another country to attend high school.

They have the chance to move to a different country to further their education in high school.

Students from other countries who want to go to a boarding school in the USA can avail this wonderful opportunity to receive tuition-free schooling.

Washington Scholarship Fund

The Washington scholarship fund provides scholarships to students attending day and boarding high schools in Washington to attend college.

They also offer students in high schools who have resided in Washington Depot, Marbledale, and New Preston, Connecticut, for a minimum of two years.

In essence, this boarding-school award and scholarship in the USA are intended for students in high school who need money to fund their college education.

Independent Scholarship Fund

As a student at a boarding institution within the Bay Area of the USA, you could receive up to $1500 toward your tuition.

The Independent Scholarship Fund (ISF) provides merit-based and need-based scholarships in the form of merit and need-based awards to East Bay students who are in the K-12th grade.

This scholarship will allow you to go to a private school for boarding if you want.

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Latino Student Fund

The scholarship for boarding schools and funds is available to Latino students in Washington.

The truth is, even children in the USA with Latino origin could benefit from this funding opportunity.

It is a chance to educate under-served students in PreK-12th grade of Hispanic origin.

Bisons Children Scholarship Fund

This is a grant-funded scholarship opportunity for students from Western New York.

Students in the K-12th grade can enroll in private schools using this award.

Kindergarten students are awarded an average amount of $1,445 per student.

This scholarship for K-8 students is among the largest in the country. However, it helps families throughout all nine years of high school.

Finally, the college scholarships for students are available to current students of the 8th grade at BISON only.

The lottery draw chooses the recipients and receives an annual $3,500 to an exclusive high school.

Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund

It is among the most prestigious college boarding scholarships for high schools in Chicago.

The Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund provides scholarships for high school students and educational assistance to Chicago students with economically challenged backgrounds.

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The grant gives students the best chances to excel in college and high school.

The students granted this award must be residents of Chicago, and people who live in nearby communities aren’t qualified.

The most suitable candidates for this program are in the 7th or 8th grade. In most cases, this is an all-boarding school award awarded to students who are rewarded.

Tri-County Scholarship Fund

The Tri-county Scholarship Fund is designed for students in high school who reside in New Jersey.

Students in grades K-12 receive money to receive a high-quality, safe, and secure education.

This scholarship at the high school level provides partial scholarships to students in the 9-12th grade with a value of $4,000.This is a full-tuition award, but only a partial scholarship.

Additionally to the high school and k-8 scholarships, Tri also has a freedom scholarship that awards $5,000 to high school students who show financial need and excellent academic results.

Students must also go to at least one partner school.

To be qualified to receive this scholarship, make a note of the following:

The student has to reside in Morris, Passaic, or Sussex counties in New Jersey, or the school they intend to attend should be situated within one of the areas.

The high school you are applying to must be an accredited partner school of Tri-County.

You can reapply for the scholarship each year

School Choice Scholarships

This scholarship is intended for students from families with low incomes, and this scholarship grants them the chance to go to a boarding school that is private and that they prefer.

It is, in essence, the boarding school’s scholarship and grants for students of low-income families.

Only students who are from Louisville are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

The majority of families who participate in this scheme are awarded a full scholarship to boarding schools for their children.

The Shepherd Foundation

The scholarship is a religious one.

In Washington, it is given to students and families with financial hardship who wish to attend a Catholic school for their primary and high schooling.

Catholic schools are usually privately owned boarding schools, and the schools they have as members are numerous for both high schools and elementary schools.

They are located situated in Washington, Montgomery, and Prince George county.

In actuality, this is an entire tuition award.

List of Low-Cost Boarding Schools in the USA

Here are some of the low-tuition boarding schools you can attend in the USA. We will list them below;

  • Fishburne Military Schools
  • Luster Christian High school
  • Olney Friends Schools
  • The Vanguard School Subiaco Academy
  • The Kiski School
  • Mercersburg Academy
  • Shady Side Academy
  • The Phelps School

Free Tuition Boarding Schools In the USA

There are very few boarding schools in America with free boarding tuition. These are usually very competitive to get into. They are;

  • Alabama School Of Fine Arts
  • Illinois Math $ Science Academy
  • Maine School of Science & Arts
  • Mississippi Schol of the Arts


10 Boarding School Scholarships for high school students from the USA are listed. While some are specifically for students located in particular regions in the USA.

Some are specific to races, while others are designed for USA high school students who attend boarding schools, such as international students.

There are also both partial and full scholarship opportunities for boarding schools listed below. So, it is carefully reviewed the criteria prior to submitting an application.

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