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Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarship 2022 – How to Apply

The scholarships have always enabled students in particular countries where tuition costs are quite high and allow them to pursue their education without paying their own pockets.

One of these scholarships is the Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarships 2022, which is open to applications from students in the first-year class and current students.

The Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarship has established in 2007 thanks to an incredibly generous contribution made by the Sartain Lanier Family Foundation.

Through this donation, Vanderbilt University is expected to provide full-tuition scholarships to students with high academic potential.

This scholarship is among the most prestigious scholarships offered by Vanderbilt University.

So, you don’t need to be concerned about finding out more that will allow you to apply, which is why the article you’re reading.

We have included information about the scholarship and how you could apply in this post.

Be sure to read the entire post in full without scrolling through.

It is also possible to look over the table of contents to see a summary of everything we’ve put together in this post.

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Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarship

About Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarships 2022

It was founded in honor of Vanderbilt University’s founder Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt, who endowed the institution in 1873 with an amount worth $1,000,000 for “contribute to strengthening the ties which should exist between all sections of our common country.”

The Cornelius Vanderbilt Fellows continue this mission, providing intelligent and community-based management to the Vanderbilt campus and helping to build inter-disciplinary and interpersonal connections that connect ideas and people from all over the globe.

Scholarship Worth

The Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarship is one of Vanderbilt’s most sought-after awards since it benefits the recipients.

First, each winner receives full-tuition scholarships, which means they do not need to pay for tuition at Vanderbilt.

Additionally, the recipient gets a summer-long allowance to experience an unforgettable trip following the third or second year.

The award is renewable if each recipient earns a minimum of 3.0 points each year.

Cornelius Vanderbilt Fellows participate in various programs designed specifically for highly talented students.

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The number of Cornelius Vanderbilt scholarships are awarded?

Since its inception, Cornelius Vanderbilt has offered an array of 156 scholarships.

The total amount is the 42 Chancellor’s Award and the 156 Cornelius Vanderbilt Award.

Eligibility for Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarships 2022

To be eligible to be considered for to be eligible for Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarship, interested applicants must possess the following:

  • Outstanding academic accomplishment
  • Promising your intellectual potential
  • Leadership qualities that demonstrate leadership
  • Contributed outside of the class
  • To be selected, the applicants must be students at Vanderbilt University.

How Do I Apply for Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarships?

For consideration for one of the Cornelius Vanderbilt, Scholarships applicants must apply through MyAppVU following the submission of their admissions application.

Cornelius Vanderbilt Fellows at Cornelius Vanderbilt are chosen for their academic accomplishment and leadership potential, intellectual ability, and contributions outside of the classroom.

When evaluating applicants, the selection committees go over the entire application to be admitted for the initial year and applications for Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarship.

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When is Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarships 2022 Application Deadline?

The deadline to submit Cornelius Vanderbilt’s Scholarship application is December each year.

Therefore, you can still submit your application for the award in 2020.

Additionally, it is essential to keep in mind it is important to note that Vanderbilt University is an annual award.

So, when the application for 2022 opens, students have to complete an online application before the 1st of December every year.

Successful applicants will be informed via email and mail about the decision to fund in mid-March.

Students who apply for the scholarship and want additional information about the application scheme can get further information by emailing [email protected]


The Cornelius Vanderbilt Scholarship is a prestigious award given to exceptional students each year.

It provides recipients with a full ride to Vanderbilt University, one of the top colleges in the United States.

To be eligible for the scholarship, students must demonstrate high academic achievement, leadership skills, and involvement in extracurricular activities.

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