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How To Apply For Australia Tourist Visa

Are you looking to travel to Australia to see family or friends? An  Australia tourist visa, or short-term tourist visa, might be the best option for you. We are experts in finding the right visa to suit your needs. We offer the best advice and an opportunity to obtain your Australian visa.

Which type of tourist visa should I apply for?

There are many options available if you want to stay in Australia for a shorter period of time than three months. These are the most sought-after short-term visas.

Electronic Travel Authority Visa (Subclass 601) The ETA visa is valid for a year and allows you to stay in Australia for up to three months every time you visit. You must have a passport from a country or region in order to be eligible. This includes Brunei, Canada (Hong Kong), Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and South Korea. This list can be updated or modified.

Subclass 651 eVisitor Multiple entry visas allow you to stay up to three months in Australia within 12 months. You can apply if you hold a European passport or a visa from another country.

Visitor Visa (Subclass 600). For those not eligible for eVisitor’s ETA, a visitor visa is a great option. This visa allows you to stay in Australia for up to three, six, or twelve months for business or tourism purposes.

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Australian Tourist Visa Application Requirements

You must be free from tuberculosis or criminal convictions to be eligible for the ETA/eVisitor.

For an Australian tourist visa application, you will need the following documents:

  • Valid passport from a country
  • A debit/credit card
  • An email address.

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Australian Tourist Visa Processing Time

Processing time for the Subclass 601/651 Australian tourist Visa: can take up to two days. It may take longer in some cases, where additional security is required.

Australian Tourist Visa Application Cost

Both the ETA as well as eVisitor can be used for free. The ETA will require you to pay an AUD20 online application fee.

Australian Visitor Visa Requirements

There are many types of Australian visitor visas. For more information, visit the official website.

Subclass 600 Visitor Visa Australia Checklist Subclass 600 is required if you are not eligible for the ETA/eVisitor. You may need to have the following documents:

  • Formulation for application
  • Visa application charge;
  • Your passport biodata page photocopy;
  • One recent photograph (45mmx35mm);
  • Copy your national ID
  • Documentation proving ties to your country
  • Evidence of sufficient personal funds
  • Current evidence of employment
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Parent Visitor Visa (Subclass 807) – The Sponsored Temporary Parent Visa (SUBCLASS 870) has been in effect since April 2019. Parents will be able to reside in Australia for up to three years on five-year visas. The maximum permissible stay is ten years. This visa does not require the family test to be completed. To become an “approved Sponsor”, the Australian sponsor must first apply. The parents or step-parents will then need to apply for an “approved sponsor” subclass 870 Temporary Parent visa.


What amount of money do I need to get a tourist visa to Australia?

For visitor visa subclass 600 applications, the fee is $140 if you are applying from outside Australia. The fee for extending your visa is $345. But You will have to pay the sum of  $1045 if you intend to extend your stay in Australia.

Is Australia Tourist Visa Easy To Get?

Australia Tourist Visa

Yes, you can be able to easily secure an Australian tourist visa. However, you must meet certain requirements. What is the validity period of an Australian tourist visa? The Australian tourist visa has a validity period of one year.

What is the cost of a tourist visa to Australia from the USA?

To obtain an Australian Tourist Visa, there will be an application fee. This includes all visa release costs. The cost of an Australian tourist visa can vary depending on which type you are applying for and when. Online payment is accepted for both paper and electronic applications.

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There are no fees for Australian tourist visas. However, USD 69 is required to complete the online service.

Instead of USD 549, a Work or Holiday visa costs US 549.

The fee for visa applications may be subject to change. If the Australian visa tourist visa fees rise between the date of application and receipt, then the new fee will apply.

What is the reason that Australia rejects tourist visas?

A lack of evidence that one has the incentive to return to their country is the most common reason why Australian Tourist Visas are refused. You must prove that you are not visiting Australia for tourist purposes.

Is Australia Giving Visitor Visa Now?

Yes. The Visitor Visa allows you to travel to Australia for business or tourism purposes. All nationalities are eligible to apply for it. In general, the stay is for three months. However, in some cases, up to twelve months may be granted.


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