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List of YYGS Programs for African Students

In this post, we will explore the YYGS program for African students in 2022 and how to apply.

Yale Young Global Scholars inspire the next generation of leaders by establishing a global community and creating multiple distinct academic programs that promote cognitive development, extend understanding and infuse creative action worldwide.

Yale Young Global Scholars is an academic enrichment and leadership program at Yale University, discovered on the beliefs of liberal arts. Obligated to its growth in educational access, it is recognized for its multiple and outstanding community.

Exceptional high school students from over 150 countries across the globe take part in a two-week interdisciplinary session online or at the institution’s campus. With the support of kind donors, YYGS can provide a limited number of Scholarships, which are need-based with financial aid packages that cover nearly full tuition (with a $50 contribution from family, if possible).

YYGS Program for African Students
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Eligibility Requirements for YYGS Program 2022 

To apply to YYGS, applicants are required to fulfill all of the following requirements:

Age: Be a minimum of 16 years of age by July 19, 2022 (first day of Session III).*

English Fluency: Candidates should be able to engage in a thorough academic curriculum conducted in English.

Grade Level: Be a current second-year undergraduate in a university or college or a second-year student in a four-year secondary or high school (or International equivalent). 

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Graduation Date: Should have completed studies in May/June 2023 or 2024 from the Northern Hemisphere, or in Nov./Dec. 2022 or 2023 from the Southern Hemisphere.

YYGS Participation: Be a first-time participant in YYGS. Candidates who have participated in previous sessions are not eligible to participate in YYGS 2022.

Candidates who are eligible and previously applied and were unable to attend or denied admission are encouraged to re-apply for YYGS 2022. YYGS renders the possibility for scholars around the globe to send in their applications and apply for need-based financial support.

Application Deadline for the YYGS Program 2022

Candidates are advised to apply as early as possible as the deadline for application is January 10, 2022. The program begins on June 21, 2022, and ends on July 31, 2022.

How to Apply For the YYGS Program for African Students 2022

  • Candidates are expected to apply online through the institution’s Website.
  • Reassess the YYGS eligibility criteria.
  • Review the needed YYGS application components.
  • Review a sample blank application PDF and start prepping to answer as many application questions as possible.
  • The contact information of a parent/guardian, teacher, and official at your school is required for submission. Relate with them often to review the PDF of a sample blank application with you and get the necessary information.
  • Click on the Website below to start your YYGS application. Ensure you write down your email and password in a safe place to access the application at a later time.
  • Examine the “Review” page of the application in case of missing required components, and re-visit any pages that need further information.
  • Immediately after the completion of your application, click on the “Review” page. Next, click on the “Submit Application” button at the bottom of the page.
  • All applicants must pay the sum of $60USD early action fee or $75USD regular decision fee in the applicant’s status portal. Applicants should take note that application fees are non-refundable. Applicants who submitted a completed fee waiver request are advised to continuously check the applicant’s status portal to know if it is approved or not because if it is denied, then the application will not be reviewed until the application fee is paid.
  • Frequently check for confirmation emails as they always arrive within 24-48 hours of submission, and a receipt that shows a successful submission of the application will be sent to your inbox.
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How to Participate In the YYGS Webinar Series:

YYGS offers and hosts free, live webinars for applicants, families, and school officials. With a duration of 30-60 minutes per webinar, applicants and families can choose whether to participate live or listen to the recordings later.


To register for any webinar or to view any recording, applicants must choose from the webinars below and click on the link. Applicants registered before the webinar date are given access to attend LIVE, and the recording is automatically sent to your webinar. Those that register after the webinar will have the recording sent directly to their email.

Webinar Listings:

YYGS Admissions Advice: Webinar for Parents, Guardians & Families (View recording –

Tuition & Financial Aid for International and U.S. Domestic Students (Register: October 12)(

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Choosing Your YYGS Deadline: Early Action or Regular Decision? (Register: October 26)(

YYGS 2022 Session Offerings (STEM, Social Sciences, Humanities & Cross-Disciplinary Tracks) (Register: November 2)(

YYAS, YYGS, or Both? Yale Programs for African Students (Register: November 4)(

Meet Our Alumni: On-Campus and Online Perspectives (Register: November 9)(

Meet Our Instructors (Yale Undergraduate and Graduate Students) (Register: December 7)(

Ask YYGS Anything: Q&A Webinar (Register: January 4)(

The official Website

For further information on how to apply, click here:

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