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How to Avoid Your Study Permit Being Refused or Denied

There are a few things you can do to try and avoid your study permit being refused or denied.

It can be a bit difficult and demoralizing to devote so much time applying for a visa only to have it rejected due to some reason that isn’t clear.

Many individuals want to work and study in Canada, and it’s a wish fulfilled for many international and immigrant students after their visa is granted.

Unfortunately, your study permit and any other visa application may be denied if you do not comply with the guidelines and guidelines set out by IRCC.

The initial step to becoming an undergraduate in Canada is first to gain admission to a Designated Learning Institute in Canada and receive an acceptance certificate.

Although this may be the most challenging step, getting a study permit may be much more difficult for you, even with your admission letter.

The number of study permits is increasing, with thousands annually submitted, and more than 4 percent of them are rejected by IRCC for different reasons. The reasons for this are discussed in this article.

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How to Avoid Your Study Permit Being Refused

To ensure that your application is not denied, you should get an idea before the reasons why other applicants were denied to avoid the same errors.

The reasons behind each visa refusal are typically communicated in a letter to arrive at your address, or you may ask for a more specific explanation from the person handling your application.

Why would IRCC reject the application for your study permit?

Ensure You Provide Valid Proof of Financial Support Money or Proof of Financial Stability

When applying to get a permit for study, one crucial requirement is proving that you have sufficient funds to support your financial needs during your stay in Canada, at minimum for the first year following your arrival.

The most requested document is a bank statement that must back a minimum of six months or greater.

If you’re unable to prove this or the evidence shows that you don’t have enough funds to cover your expenses, the study permit application is likely to be rejected or refused.

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Ensure You Clear All Doubts About You Leaving the Country When Your Visa Expires

If you are applying for a visa, it’s essential to convince the visa officer that you’ll return to your country of origin when you have completed your studies.

This is not the case when you extend the validity of your permit or request an extension to your work permit before the time your visa expires.

This way, you can stay within Canada legally. But, lawfully staying in Canada in the absence of an expired study permit is a different matter and is the one that the visa officer is the most concerned about.

Check that your documents are not incorrect or insufficient

An incomplete or invalid statement can be a massive issue for your application. Identity documents, like other documents, must be clear, legible complete, and current to prevent your application from being denied.

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Ensure Your Acceptance Letter is Not Invalid

An acceptable acceptance letter is one that you receive from the Designated Learning Institute in Canada.

Some institutions in Canada can grant admission to international students; therefore, make sure you verify the institution before you submit your application or make any payments.


If you follow the advice provided in this article about how to Avoid Your Study Permit Being Refused or Denied, you will greatly increase your chances of having your study permit application approved.

Stay informed, be organized, and submit all required documents with your application. If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to consult an immigration lawyer before submitting your application.

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