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Steps To Getting A Job In Canada From Nigeria

In this post about Steps To Getting A Job In Canada From Nigeria, you will learn all you need to know about Canadian jobs from Nigeria and their eligibility criteria.

A lot of Nigerians are living in Canada for different reasons. A few are staying in Canada to pursue studies. The study in Canada is a common thing for Nigerians Some are living in Canada as tourists, others to enjoy a vacation, and some to work.

There are many times when people apply for Visas, say for three months in Canada to process visas, and then find a job in Canada however this is a risky process and an impossible goal to reach. A large number of them are deported and some even face prosecution for their actions.

If, however, you are seeking work with us in Canada from Nigeria There are a variety of ways to find jobs in Canada with success. In this article, we’ll explain the steps to get an opportunity to work within Canada by originating from Nigeria.

Steps To Getting A Job In Canada From Nigeria

There are numerous opportunities for employment across Canada for Nigerians and foreigners as Canada is an industrialized nation with opportunities for employment that Canadian citizens are not able to access.

Fully covered.

You can find these jobs by following these steps:

1. Find A Job

There are websites that you can go to to find out the jobs you could submit applications for in Canada. If you are selected for these jobs, you will be able to get an invite to work for a short period in Canada. The type of Job invitation you are offered depends on the qualifications you have as well as the Visa you must apply for. Your visa application must be stated within the invitation and role you receive.

It is likely to receive invitations from an organization located in Canada even if you’re already employed by their organization as a freelancer in Nigeria. This morning, we heard the story of a young freelancer who was invited to be granted a visa in order to be employed in Italy as an experienced web developer because of a great relationship with one of his clients in Italy. You can also gain this chance if submit an application in the field of Skills to work remote prior to receiving an invitation to join the workforce in Canada

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One method to do this is by submitting an application using an online Freelancing platform. The platforms for Freelancing allow users to take on a variety of work that is offered by their clients. The Freelancing platforms that you can use to get remote jobs include such as Upwork, Fiver, indeed, and many more.

To be considered for these jobs it is essential to possess the capabilities digitally. This will give you an advantage over your competitors in the market.

Digital capabilities include:

  • Virtual Assistant and Representative

Virtual assistants are the person who performs an assistive function for a client who is located in a remote area. If you’re interested in becoming an assistant virtual it is necessary to develop skills that enable you to keep the records, schedule appointments make calls, organize meetings as well as answer emails and send them and other emails. Virtual assistants working in Nigeria working for a Canadian firm could earn upwards of $2,000 per month. If you are able to complete your work to the best of your ability and are in need to be an assistant on-site or assistant, you could be sponsored by the client for a job in Canada.

  • Digital Marketing

You could apply to be a digital marketer or work as a company overseas if you are able to sell and promote the products of the company at your place of work. Digital marketers can also be compensated for providing their services remotely. If your client thinks they need you to be in person, he may send you an invitation.

  • Data Developer Specialist

You could be offered a data development job in Nigeria and work for a foreign client if you have a good understanding of ELT or BI tools. It is also a lucrative job that you could offer remote service. If your customer is satisfied and believes that you’ll be able to provide your services more effectively by working with them closely then you may be able to get an invitation.

  • Web Development

If you’re a competent Web developer, then you could receive an invitation from an employer to work in Canada after having established a solid relationship with the client.

  • Programming

If you’re a talented programmer, you could receive an invitation from a customer to join his team on the spot The invitation could assist you in obtaining a residency permit.

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2. Request a Labour Market Impact Evaluation.

A Canadian employer can grant an international worker the Visa application by stating that the worker can fill a vacant position within his business because the company couldn’t find a suitable candidate to fill the position locally.

If you are granted a work visa to Canada from Nigeria You must be able to obtain your labor Market impact Assessment ( (LMIA) from Your Canadian employer. This is proof the validity of the employment Visa applications is valid.

It is also possible to get an employment Visa authorization to Canada without having to undergo the Labor Entry Impact Assessment if you are eligible under the International Mobility Program (IMP) which is when you are temporarily transferred to Canada to work. The cases of health professionals are also exempt.

3. Apply For A Pilot Program In Canada.

The Immigration pilot programs that you are able to be eligible to apply for within Canada are the Agri-Food Pilot Program and the pilot for Homecare providers.

The application process for these services like farming and caring in Canada will grant you the permanent Visa easily since these skills are highly sought-after in Canada and there is a shortage of labor force needed to fill these positions.

If you are applying for a work visa you may also apply for a residence permit in Canada If you satisfy all the requirements, including years of service. You will receive permanent residency permits in Canada.

4. Participate In The Express Entry Draw From Nigeria.

This Express Entry Draw is specially created for skilled workers who are from different countries. If you are a participant in the draw, you’ll be legally able to obtain permanent residency if you meet the criteria.

Participants during the draw for the Express Entry draw are scored on a basis of points, referred to as the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The candidates who have been selected from the biweekly draw will be invited to submit an application for permanent residence (ITA). If you’re invited to apply for ITA then you are able to start applying for permanent residency.

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The skills required to be a part of the Express Entry draw are categorized into three parts, which are:

  • Skills Level 1: This will be managerial skills, such as administrator human resources, human resource management, and public relations, among others.
  • Skill Level A: This is a professional level that includes marketing, accounting, and others.
  • Skill Level B: This includes technical skills such as mechanics and event planners as well as builders, field engineers, and so on.

Who Is Eligible To Participate In The Express Entry Draw?

Steps To Getting A Job In Canada From Nigeria

The requirements for eligibility to be eligible for Express Entry Draw are listed below.

  • Requirements 1. meet the eligibility requirements of one of the federal programs that include; Federal Skilled worker, Federal Skilled Trade, and Canadian Experience Class.
  • Requirement 2. ensure you’re a skilled worker.
  • Requirement 3. be skilled English or French speaker, as it will be tested using the Canada Language Benchmark.
  • Requirement 3. you must be able to complete a post-secondary degree which is compared to Canadian standards.
  • Requirement 4. pass to pass the Canadian Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is ranked according to the age of the applicant, education level and proficiency in a job experience, language proficiency, and connections to Canada.

How Much Does The Canadian Entry Draw Cost?

A breakdown of Canadian Entry Draw costs is as follows:

  • Language Test Cost: $300
  • Education Credential Assessment Average Cost:$ 200.
  • Fees for government:$ 1,325 for adults.
  • Medical Exam Costs Average Cost$450 for adults.
  • Police Clearance Certificate Average
  • Cost: $100.

Sites You Can Get Information And Jobs In Canada From Nigeria.

It is possible to visit the websites listed below to submit your application for Canadian jobs in Nigeria:



The work within Canada from Nigeria is possible via a computer or on the internet. If you want to work remotely, you must look into registering on Freelancing platforms. However, if prefer to work on-site, you should take the steps mentioned above.

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