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10 Best Universities In Europe For American Students In 2022

Are you an American student in Europe and in search of the best universities for American students? Look no further as here is the list of the 10 best universities in Europe for American students in 2022.
Did you know that the median cost to attend colleges across the United States is approximately $9,400 (public) and $32,000 (private)? So it is. no wonder the cost of higher education is now one of the most talked about topics within U.S. policy! In the meantime, many countries in Europe offer free, or almost free, education at universities for students, at both the national and international levels. Every year, an increasing number of American students make use of the opportunities that these institutions offer by registering to earn their degrees for only the cost of airfare and living costs.

10 Best Universities In Europe For American Students In 2022

Below, we’ve provided the top 10 most affordable European institutions for American students.

1. Aarhus University

Beautiful Aarhus University with its location in Aarhus, Denmark is one of the top institutions in Europe and one of the top universities in Denmark. Although Americans must pay tuition to Aarhus tuition for the majority of programs is lower than $9,000 a year which is less than the majority of American universities, and enough that it makes Aarhus an institution that is among the top-priced European institutions. Aarhus is also home to more than 70 programs in English with the majority of them at the master’s degree level.

2. Heidelberg University

The majority of Heidelberg University’s students are from outside the country, so American students looking to pursue an education here aren’t going to be disadvantaged at all. Heidelberg is the most prestigious institution of its kind in Germany and is frequently listed in the top 75 institutions of higher education around the globe. Although the language of instruction at Heidelberg is German, American students will discover a myriad of English-language classes, including ones at the undergrad level as well as about 10 master’s degrees that are fully completed. Similar to every university in Germany the tuition is completely free however students are expected to pay about $160 for tuition fees per semester as well as around $1,000 per month for living expenses.

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3. Humboldt University

Humboldt University is located in Berlin the capital of Germany, a vibrant city. It’s one of the places in which American students will feel at ease. Humboldt is regularly ranked in the top ten of 100 top universities, and people like Albert Einstein, Karl Marx, and W.E.B. DuBois all studied here at one point or another. While the primary language for instruction is German but English-speaking students have an extensive selection of English-language classes which include two full programs of study that focus on Gender Studies. Most importantly, American students can attend Humboldt tuition-free (though the school charges all students for charges for semesters that range between $55 and $280).

4. Lund University

Lund University is one of the most well-known and oldest universities in Europe and is consistently ranked in the most prestigious 0.4 percent of universities in the world. It is free of charge for students who are exchange students, Switzerland, and citizens of European and other countries (including Americans) pursuing a Ph.D. degree. There are a variety of courses available with a degree in English at Lund which include six undergraduate courses: development studies Fine arts international business, maths physical ecology, geography, and Physics.

5. Sorbonne University Paris, France

The merger in January 2018 of Paris-Sorbonne with Pierre et Marie Curie University is an exciting option for American students who wish to attend an acclaimed school in another country. As with all universities that are public in France, Sorbonne University is completely free for French as well as international students. American students are required to purchase around 300 dollars worth of insurance per year. Students have to pay between $200 and $700 in annual student costs (the larger amount is reserved for specific programs like medicine). For the majority of students staying in Paris will be worth each cent but it’s important to remember that the cost of living is approximately $1,200 a month for students living in university residences. Students interested in studying abroad should look at the official website of the university to find the complete list of classes and degrees offered in English and other languages, as possibilities have gotten more diverse following the launch of the partnership.

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6. Technical University of Munich Germany

Students who are looking to pursue a degree at a European university have an excellent choice through Munich’s the Technical University of Munich. The majority of the student body is made up of international students, who are drawn due to the fact that Munich is regularly ranked among the top universities worldwide. Similar to many other universities in Germany the tuition fee is not a problem and is even available to American students, even though most lessons are in the German language.

7. University of Bologna Italy

It is the University of Bologna is one of Italy’s top institutions and is a great option for American students seeking to earn an education in Europe. All students, Italian or foreign will be paid the same amount of tuition. These amounts of tuition vary between $1,900 and $4,400 according to the course. Some undergraduate English-language programs are offered, but the majority of programs designed for English students will be offered at the master’s degree level.

8. University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

American students will enjoy the tiny nation of Slovenia and its gorgeous capital city of Ljubljana. They’ll also appreciate the possibility that a year here costs between $2,700 and $3,400, based on the type of program you choose. Additionally, the university offers 19 different English-language undergraduate programs, as well as some master’s degree programs that cover subjects from marine studies, health sciences, theology, and much more.

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9. University of Oslo, Norway

American students who are interested in earning a master’s degree in Europe aren’t looking any farther than the University of Oslo. It is among the top universities in Norway and has no plans to offer undergraduate courses in English however, it offers more than 70 graduate degrees in fields that range across Asia as well from Middle East Studies to Data Science as well as Peace and Conflict Studies, and everything between. The tuition of the school is completely free but all students have to are required to pay for their semesters at around $75. Students can anticipate paying about $1,700 per month to cover living expenses in the vibrant but expensive Norwegian capital.

10. University of Vienna, Austria
10 Best Universities In Europe For American Students In 2022

It is the University of Vienna is Austria’s best public university. While tuition isn’t cheap like elsewhere but it’ll cost around $800 for a semester, and an additional $25 for student fees Much less than in the United States. The majority of classes are taught in German however there are a handful of undergraduate classes offered in English. Students in master’s programs have the largest range of options, with over twelve master’s degrees in English offered.


in this post 10 Best Universities In Europe For American Students in 2022, All of These above-listed institutions offer a range of degrees online too. You can browse through their websites and check out their accredited courses and choose the one that is best suited for you.

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