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How to Study Abroad in Japan in 2022

The decision to go abroad to Japan for a semester could be life-changing. Being for a long period by yourself in a foreign land changes your perspective on life.

It also exposes you to things you’d never experience were you to stay at home.

If you’ve already decided to go on the road and are seeking an option, you should consider Japan. It is important to conduct the necessary research to find out.

How Study Abroad in Japan is more challenging than in other countries, however, the knowledge gained will be an incentive to do the extra effort.


Choose a Program

The process of planning how to go abroad to study in Japan could be a little more difficult than studying in other countries around the world.

While many universities offer programs in countries such as Europe however, fewer schools have programs that are available in Japan. Make sure your university has the opportunity to study abroad in Japan.

If you aren’t then there are numerous different institutions offering programs that could meet your requirements. If you’re looking beyond your current school, be sure that your credits transfer back to be counted towards your degree.

Where to Study

When you’ve got a program chosen, you’ll be required to select a location to learn. Tokyo has a very large number of colleges and universities, including Keio University, which was ranked as the top school in Japan by

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If you’re considering that a smaller city might be more suitable than a bigger one, Kobe is a nice alternative.

It is located in the southeast region on the island’s central region, Kobe is the largest of the five cities in Japan and is home of more than 12 universities, and obviously, Kobe Beef.

Language Issues

Another thing that could make it difficult to learn how to study for a semester in Japan is the language obstacle.

However, don’t quit simply because you don’t speak Japanese! Immersion learning is an excellent way to master Japanese There are many schools which offer lots of courses in English and also teach Japanese too.

Kansai Gaidai UniversityNagasaki University of Foreign StudiesAkita International University and Seinan Gakuin University are just a handful of schools that offer a wide range of courses to English international or native English speakers.

The four schools provide courses which range from Asian studies, as well as the Japanese Language to Liberal Arts to Economics and Theology.


If you are considering studying abroad it is essential that you have all of your documents in order and completed.

This includes all the applications and forms that you must fill out to be accepted into the institution you select along with all your travel documents.

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Different schools have their own application requirements, so you should create a list with dates for completion to help you create a schedule. Most likely, you’ll need to compose an essay and you may also have to rely on your teachers and academic advisors to compose letters of recommendation for you.

Make sure you have plenty of time for this since you’ll be dependent on someone else’s schedule.

If it’s a top important issue for you doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s an issue for them. The longer you can allow them to finish the job the better off you’ll be.

After you’ve completed your applications after you’ve received acceptance by the school you want to attend It’s time to get all of your travel documents in order.

Similar to a trip you’ll need to make reservations for flights and your passport in case you don’t have one.

You will also require a Student visa. Consider acquiring the student ID and discount card. It will provide you with a different type of photo ID.

It also offers discounted prices on software as well as food and hotels. Finally, you should consider getting medical insurance to protect yourself when you study in Japan.

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Being in contact with your family and friends is essential during your time in college, and especially when you’re abroad studying. Social Media is an excellent method to share updates and photos of your trip.

To talk directly with people for the first time, one of the best choices is to open an Skype login.

International calls are expensive, however, Skype is an excellent option to communicate “face-to-face” with friends and relatives without cost.

On-Line Resume

Another excellent method to inform people about the things you’ve been up to and maybe make yourself attractive to potential employers is to post a blog about your experience abroad.

Jessica Pena, a college student who studied in Japan was able to do a great job of capturing her preparations and travels on her YouTube channel.

Her efforts earned her attention on study abroad-related websites as well as blogs that discussed the way her videos “created her own personal brand using the Internet as a platform.”


Studying abroad in Japan is a great way to learn about the country’s culture and history.

It can also help you improve your Japanese language skills.

If you are interested in studying in Japan, be sure to research the different programs and universities that offer courses there.

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