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15 Best Online Volunteer Opportunities for High School Students

This article will talk about 15 best Online Volunteer Opportunities For High School Students.

It is not out of place to imagine that you could get an online volunteer opportunity. However, the main objective of this article is to make sure you get the best out of any given opportunity available for you.

Moreover, there are so many opportunities readily available for you as a high school student with passion.

With the outbreak of virtual activities, physical activities become limited. Although your grades and scores are necessary, your resume and extracurricular activities speak volumes as it adds to your experience.

It would help if you had many options like community service. Community service is a way of serving humanity without expecting anything in return.

 Online Volunteer Opportunities For High School Students

Photo Credit: ASVAB Career Exploration Program

How does Online Volunteering Work?

Volunteering means the act of service. Online volunteering can be done using a phone or computer.

However, not all volunteering is carried out online because there are offline volunteering activities.

Students and those with a limited schedule can become online volunteers within their time frame. These establish openings for high school students.

Reasons to Volunteer for Opportunities 

Here are some ways to impact people’s lives through volunteering:

  • It helps you to identify what you’re capable of doing; you can never know how much you can until you start caring for people, helping the elderly and less privileged, sending appreciation messages, proofreading books, caring for pets, interpreting languages, and many more things you can do to impact on people’s lives.
  • Knowing your worth: you may learn to appreciate your abilities knowing that success is not only achieved with academic excellence, putting smiles on people’s faces and leaving them happy also counts. By so doing, you’ll know your self-worth.
  • It helps you widen your social cycle: meeting with people of diverse backgrounds and languages is facilitated through volunteering, which allows you to meet like-minded people who will in turn, affect your life positively. As a result, you’ll learn how to communicate and relate with other people.
  • You will develop life skills: not all skills are taught in school. You can also learn them through practical ways like problem-solving, communication, public speaking, collaboration, teamwork, and others that will be relevant for your resume while volunteering.
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15 Best Online Volunteer Opportunities for High School Students 

1. Career village:

This is a platform for students seeking career advice on future professions. Career village is the number one place to seek opportunities online.

2. Cards for the course:

This platform is established to enable individuals to craft a handmade card inscribed with the goodness of uplifting messages, aimed at bringing comfort and happiness to whoever needs it. Through this organization, cards are delivered to the appropriate individuals.

3. Defensive:

This is a tutoring platform that gives room for children with less privilege or students from low-income or minority country who does not have access to quality education.

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4. Be my eyes:

This is an online volunteer platform for students who might be interested in joining the health sector.

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They assist visually impaired individuals by looking out for things like checking the date of drugs and checking out for the instructions on them.

5. Translator without borders: 

A student who is fluent in a second language can take up this role, by assisting in translating textbooks, and videos for the international community that focuses on finding relief to crises, education, and health.

6. Book Share: 

Aims at providing access to reading for people who have visual impairment, learning disabilities, and physical disabilities.

7. Schools on Wheels: 

This is an online volunteering platform for high school students where volunteers are usually between 16 and 18 and must reside In South California.

These volunteers specialize in educating children who are in shelters, motels, vehicles, and homeless children in the street.

8. Learn to Be: 

This is a volunteering platform where students volunteer their time to tutor other students within the range of elementary and high school one-on-one by offering to tutor them on subjects they need help with.

9. Teenagers: 

This platform helps the student who is volunteering and dreams of having a job in cyber security or computer technology.

These students must be between the ages of 13 and 18 and willing to teach other students, children, and teachers how to use the internet.

10. Mozilla: 

Mozilla does not only own the popular browser firefox. It also runs a nonprofit organization and needs volunteers too. However, if you’re computer-savvy, you will find this role very interesting because you’ll need to be engaging in online volunteering services.

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11. Donate Code:

If you have a coding skill, you can develop it, add it to your portfolio and teach others who do not know and cannot afford the money for it.

12. Democracy Lab: 

If you have experience in technology and you are also willing to teach others, you can volunteer for a democracy lab where tech is employed to develop a lot of good projects that will benefit industries, hospitals, and the environment.

13. Tech Soup:

This platform provides opportunities, tips and helpful advice for high school students. The company on the other hand uses the advice and tips to improve on their products and services.

14. Citizen Scholar:

This volunteering platform offers an opportunity for students who are history experts and are interested to work with the largest museum and research complex in the world.

This institution focuses on transcribing historical documents, events and records to make them more accessible to students or researchers in particular.

15. Amnesty decoders: 

This is a volunteering platform where volunteers use their phones or computer to search through the internet to get pictures, documents, and vital information that will enable them to expose human rights projects.

In conclusion, as a high school student, there are several opportunities available online by which you can contribute your quota of knowledge, time, skills and other resources in rendering notable acts of service to help other people, around the world.


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