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What are the Benefit of Obtaining a Green Card?

Obtaining a green card is a process that takes many years and requires much patience. However, there are many benefits to obtaining a green card, including the ability to live and work in the United States without fear of being deported, becoming a permanent legal resident, and gaining access to valuable benefits such as healthcare and education.

Green Card

What are the advantages of having a green card?

Possessing a U.S. green card (permanent resident card) is very beneficial. It is the most important benefit that the holder of a green card can reside and work within America. The United States. At some point, you could apply to become a U.S. citizen.

These are some of the main advantages of having a green card:

  • You may eventually make an application in the future for U.S. citizenship. If you’re married to one who is a U.S. citizen, you are eligible for naturalization after three years. If not, you may apply for naturalization after five years.
  • It is true that the U.S. government cannot deport you back to your home country. Despite many changes in immigration laws, those who have green cards won’t be deported. Green cards aren’t temporary. However, you can lose residency if you commit a crime or violate a law. If you are a victim of criminal history, you must seek counsel from an immigration attorney or law firm before submitting the Green Card application..
  • There is no requirement to relinquish citizenship of the country.
  • Legally, the laws in-laws of the United States, your state of residence, as well as the local jurisdiction that you reside in legally protect you. Permanent residents enjoy the same right to rights as U.S. citizens.
  • You can sponsor relatives who wish to apply for an application for a green card. But, family people who are U.S. citizens prioritise relatives of immigrants, green card holders or visa holders. Family members eligible to be sponsored include your spouse or parents, siblings and children. Children and spouses of these relatives are admissible. However, immediate relatives, like spouses and children who are not married, are the most eligible.
  • As a lawful permanent residence (LPR), You can renew your Green Card at least every 10 years.
  • You are able to travel abroad faster as compared to other holders of visas, for example, those who have work visas such as the H-1B visa and other visas that are not immigrants. Permanent residents can travel internationally and then re-enter the United States with a valid green card if their return is within 12 months.
  • You can live and travel anywhere within the United States. State borders do not limit you. There is no need to check your immigrants’ status with official organizations before travelling.
  • You can qualify for federal benefits like government-sponsored financial aid for education and social security. Additionally, you can get the in-state tuition rate or resident tuition at specific colleges and universities. If you are a resident of the United States long enough, you may be eligible for Social Security benefits.
  • You are eligible to apply for a variety of job opportunities. You’ll have more job opportunities than those with work permits. For instance, you could be employed by the government in jobs that require security clearances.
  • It is possible to participate in politics at every level. You can contribute financially or be a volunteer for every U.S. election.
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What do the holders of green cards?

When you are a green card holder and you are granted a green card, you will be entrusted with specific duties which include the following:

  • You’ll need to file tax returns for income and report your earnings in IRS Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and tax authorities of the state.
  • You are required to follow the law, which includes for you to obey the laws of the United States, your state of residence, as well as local jurisdiction.
  • If you’re a male between the ages of 18-25 and over, you must register to be a part of your Selective Service. But it is true that it is not required to register. United States has not had any draft since 1973.
  • It is essential to have an active green card always. If you don’t, you risk as long as 30 days prison.
  • As U.S. citizens, you can’t try to alter the system by any means that are illegal.
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Disadvantages to having a green card?

While you are able to reside and work in the United States and enjoy most of the same rights that U.S. citizens, you are not yet granted the privileges that come with being citizens. Here are a few restrictions you’ll have to contend with as a green-card owner:

  • You are not able to participate in U.S. elections.
  • You are given a lower priority over U.S. citizens when sponsoring relatives to apply to get green cards.
  • The green card you have isn’t transferable. It is not automatically extended to children born outside of the United States.
  • You are not able to contest for a position in the United States.
  • You can’t get a U.S. passport with a green.
  • If you decide to leave your home country of the U.S. permanently after eight years or more, you will be in danger of expulsion and taxes. This is the same as for U.S. citizens who renounce their citizenship.
  • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) cannot guarantee full protection against deportation. For instance, you could be subject to deportation under the immigration law when you are convicted of certain crimes.
  • You must keep your Green Card valid every ten years.
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There are many benefits to obtaining a green card. These benefits include being able to work in the United States, travelling with a visa, and having access to government benefits.

If you are interested in obtaining a green card, be sure to consult an immigration lawyer to find out how you can apply.

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