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15 Best Paying Jobs in Marine Transportation in 2022

A few people are drawn to the ocean from an early age. The idea of stepping out to the open sea for a lifetime of adventure, a voyage to foreign ports, is romantic.

A tough, independent single wolf with a weathered appearance, a fondness for drinks, and a salty tongue is what comes to your mind. Many jobs fall into this category. However, many of them need skills that aren’t typically related to shipping.

The marine realm offers numerous employment opportunities. It is an exciting career that offers marine work, excellent pay, adventure, fun, and satisfaction.

If you’re someone who enjoys exploring new and lucrative career opportunities, then working in the field of marine transportation is the perfect choice for you. In this post, we’ve listed the top 15 jobs in the field of marine transportation.

Jobs in Marine

What are the Advantages Of Best Paying Jobs In Marine Transport?

In addition to the excitement of breeze in your hair and travelling the world, one of the main attractions of a marine transportation career is the fairly lucrative salary. Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for 2020 for marine transportation was $59,250, and this was more than the median national wage of $51,168.

Many positions in marine transportation only require completing high school or a GED for entry-level jobs, which is a great thing. Another benefit of marine transport is that it provides many more jobs than you imagine. You might be thinking about the field of marine transportation, but you aren’t sure what the appeal of a “salty sea dog” would be.

Many professions require various abilities that allow individuals to follow their interests without ever leaving the house. Engineering marine architecture, maritime legislation, maritime journalism, and many more fields comprise the majority of.

In the meantime, if the thought of a nine-to-five button-down cubicle work makes you feel anxious, take your blue jeans, boots, and other outdoor equipment. What you wear and the working hours for many maritime positions are not typical workplace work. It’s likely to be true that many seafarers possess a more individualistic streak than the majority.

What Education do you Need to Get a Job in Marine Transportation?

Although there aren’t any degree prerequisites for entry-level positions in marine transportation, you must have an undergraduate degree to be eligible for better-paying positions.

A trade school education is another possibility to gain an edge in particular career fields. A bachelor’s program with a marine sciences focus is required.

However, it can vary from one institution in the same institution. Transportation for marine vessels is a small area, with only 657 degrees being awarded between 2018 and 2019 the number is the same as in previous years.

16 private and public schools within the United States offer degrees in shipping. These schools will permit students to concentrate on certain areas based on your career goals.

Training for divers and maritime logistics and trade commercial fishing, preparation for the coast guard and navy careers, and marine science are just a few of the specializations.

You’ll need to complete math courses in sciences navigation maritime law, ship safety procedures, as well as engineering of the ship’s power system, in addition to the area of your expertise.

To be admitted to a program for marine transportation, You must possess an official high school diploma or an GED.

Each school you are applying to will have its GPA along with SAT or ACT criteria (though some schools have recently removed the requirement) The institution might have a higher or lower level of selectiveness.

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After you have graduated, you need to be certified as a mariner to be able to work at sea.

What are the requirements to work for Marine Transportation?

If this isn’t evident, it’s crucial to know that life at sea isn’t just high-stakes and big cash in deciding if marine transportation is the right job choice for you. The most important aspects you should know are

  • The majority of maritime jobs are hard, cold, dirty, and hazardous and require you to be physically fit and able to work for long hours even in the worst weather and possess a high tolerance to boredom.
  • It is also essential to have great vision and hearing in addition to the capacity to think through and resolve issues in challenging situations. These skills are necessary due to the risky and unpredictable nature of working at sea and large, hazardous equipment.
  • Suppose you’re interested in advancing your career in the field of marine transportation. In that case, you can expect to study advanced courses in math and science along with doing an internship within your preferred field to determine if you have the skills needed.
  • Find a summer job or work as a deckhand for a ferry or fishing vessel and meet people from the marine industry, trade, or shipbuilding.
  • If you’re interested in an advanced career path, be sure that your science and math skills are at par prior to applying to the maritime school.

Skills Needed For The Best Paying Jobs In Marine Transportation?

The most commonly required skills to succeed in the maritime transportation industry include:

  • Control and operation to control the control of the operation of systems or equipment.
  • Monitoring operation for gauges, dials, and other indicators to confirm that the machine is running correctly.
  • Critical thinking to support logic and reasoning to determine both the strength and weakness of different options, solutions, or solutions to problems.
  • Active listening involves paying to the words of others while making sure you understand the meaning of what is being said by asking questions as necessary and avoiding interrupting during inappropriate times.
  • Interacting and conversing with others in order to share information effectively.
  • Problem Sensitivity allows you to know the moment something is wrong or is on the verge of going wrong. It doesn’t mean that you have to solve the problem, rather, it is about acknowledging the existence of an issue.
  • Oral Comprehension means listening and understanding information and concepts expressed through spoken phrases and words.
  • Control Precision is a method of precisely adjusting control of vehicle or machine frequently.

15 Best-Paying Jobs in Marine Transportation

1.Marine Engineer

Marine engineers are responsible for repairing and maintaining machinery used by ships. This is an exciting career option if you are fascinated by engineering aspects related to shipbuilding.

Marine engineers focus on the creation, construction, installation and operation, maintenance and repair of the main propulsion engines, and auxiliary machinery and systems used in many vessels, boats, and offshore structures.

It’s one of the most lucrative job opportunities in the field of marine transport. This job is among the highest-paying jobs in marine transportation.

2. Naval Architect

Naval architecture is a field which involves the planning and design of ships as well as ships that are sea-going. There are numerous rewarding opportunities within your Naval Architecture Career Option.

The naval architect or engineer responsible for the design and classification, survey construction and maintenance of military and commercial vessels, ships, marine vessels, and offshore structures like merchant ships, gas tankers, oil tankers, cargo ships, bulk containers, and carriers.

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3. Shipping Broker

The job of a shipbroker in the purchase and sale of ships and shipping cargo. This is more about working in trading and learning the game’s rules than it is about theorizing.

This is an arduous but rewarding career. As an Ship Broker, one will act as a mediator between charterers and owners of ships.

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4. Bosun

Bosun’s position is part of the deck department for ship tasks. Bosuns are involved in the execution of different ship operations and also manage the crew department on the ship.

Bosuns’ primary duties are related to the deck of the vessel. The Bosun is a part in the department of the deck and among his duties is to oversee the deck crew of the vessel.

Under the direction of the Chief Officer (and eventually, the Master) The bosun is also in charge of the process of planning, scheduling and assigning duties to the ship’s deck crew. This job is among the most lucrative jobs in the field of marine transportation.

5. Oil Driller

The oil drilling professional is an individual who is responsible for drilling on oil rigs and offshore vessels. The work requires an enormous amount of physical and mental strength and is also paid extremely well.

A Driller is the team leader who is in charge of the proper drilling procedure. The term is typically applied to an oil drilling equipment. Within the Rig the hierarchy of crew members, the Driller follows the Toolpusher. The Company-man issues the operation instructions for the Toolpusher.

6. Ordinary Seaman (OS)

The job entails work on the deck of the ship. An ordinary career as a seaman is a step towards a lucrative sea-based career. A typical seaman (OS) is a part of the deck department on a vessel.

For centuries, the job was used as an apprenticeship to become a proficient sailors. Nowadays the position of an OS is needed to be on a vessel for a certain duration of time to earn “sea time.” This job is among the highest-paying jobs in the world of marine transportation.

7. Ship Fitter

The job of a ship fitter is repair and maintenance of the vessel under the direction of the ship’s officer. Shopfitters create and layout metal to construct and repair of vessels.

They are employed by private companies as well as naval shipyards. Ship fitters are responsible for the maintenance, construction and repair of small boats like towboats or tugboats as well as container ships, icebreakers and ocean liners.

8. Tool Pusher

A toolpusher is the person who is responsible for making sure that all equipment and tools remain in use on an oil drilling rig. In an oil drilling rig on land, the tool pusher might be the rig’s manager, and oversee the entire operation; however, on drillships as well as offshore oil rigs, the tool pushers are department heads who are in command of the department responsible for drilling. They are accountable to the Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) in accordance with the organization, who is accountable to a shore-based director.

The Chief Engineer and Chief Mate are the other department heads. This is among the most lucrative jobs in marine transportation.

9. Tugboat Jobs

Tugboat jobs are ideal for those who are fond of the sea, but also prefer to be near the shoreline. There are many jobs for tugboats. They manage towing and navigation.

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While at the helm, it is usually the responsibility of the Mate to design routes of navigation and to make sure that the passage is safe. They also supervise the crew’s setting up of barges and towing equipment operations and coordinate towing activities. This is among the most lucrative jobs in the field of marine transportation.

10. Shipbuilding Engineer

A shipbuilding engineer is a person who is employed on the engineering aspect of planning and building marine vessels. Like every other field of engineering is required to complete four years of Education before becoming eligible to work in an shipbuilding yard.

11. Shipping Freight Broker

The shipping broker is a link between individuals who are looking to ship cargo who own ships that can transport the cargo. The career path for a shipping freight broker can be extremely competitive and lucrative.

Freight brokers are a person or company employed by a shipper as a link between the owner of the vessel and a motor company to facilitate the transportation of their property from their point of origin to their destination through the vast network of relationships with carriers. This is among the most lucrative jobs in the field of marine transportation.

12. Cruise Ship Designer

Are you curious about how massive cruise ships get built? If you are a fan of creating things, this could be a rewarding job for you.

The actual construction of cruise ships is usually 2 to 3 years (the designs are typically initiated a year before). Shipyards are facilities that specialize in where ships are constructed.

The shipyard design the vessel’s hull The cruise ship’s designers create the interiors and every other feature that is unique.

13. Shipwright

A shipwright is involved in the design and construction of vessels. Shipwright is an extremely specialized area that is focused on the building of marine and ship vessels.

Shipwrights were responsible for building the structure of a ship and all of its fittings. It was a difficult task to build a ship. Ships were built in open air shipyards throughout the year, even during winter months. Drills and riveters, as an instance, were both noisy and hazardous.

14. Pumpman

The work of a pumpman entails the use of pipelines on ships as well as offshore vessels. It is a highly responsible job that demands mental and physical fortitude.

Pumpman jobs involve a broad array of duties and responsibilities, including the responsibility of ensuring that the vessel’s fluid cargo transfer system’s security and proper operation.

This means that he or she has to ensure that the oil flows effortlessly through the pipes and gets removed. This is among the most lucrative jobs in marine transportation.

15. Motorman

The role of a motorman on a vessel is to help with the upkeep and supervision of the engine room. It is among the jobs in marine that require lesser qualifications.

But, like every marine job the one you choose to do is rewarding, and this is among the highest-paying jobs in the field of marine transportation.


The maritime industry is a great field to pursue a career in because there are many job opportunities with high pay.

15 Jobs in Marine highlighted in this article are predicted to have the highest pay in 2022.

So if you are interested in a career in marine transportation, now is the time to start preparing!

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