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Immigration Lawyer In Alberta, Canada

Immigration lawyer in Alberta, Canada helps people from all over the world to move to Canada by providing them with the best legal advice and services for a smooth transition. With over 10 years of experience in the field, this lawyer has helped countless people relocate to one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Alberta is the 6th biggest province in Canada regarding land size and has many of the most beautiful cities, including Calgary, Edmonton, etc. Immigrating to Alberta, seeking a permanent residence permit, and applying for citizenship, will generally not be easy.

However, the province is home to some of the top immigration lawyers who have years of experience and training to ease the process for you.

check out some of the Immigration lawyers and law firms mentioned in this article.

Hiring an immigration attorney has proved beneficial for the immigrant’s PNP or citizenship applications.

Immigration lawyers will help you don’t make dangerous mistakes in your applications. With their decades of experience and training, they will give you the most helpful and correct assistance and guidance.

Immigration Lawyer

Best Immigration Lawyers in Alberta and Their Immigration Law Firms

We look at the immigration lawyers from Alberta who have with them decades of training, expertise and many cases that have been successful on immigration matters.

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Immigration Lawyer: Vance Langford

Attorney: A highly experienced Canadian and an US immigration lawyer with many years of experience in the field of immigration law. He was appointed bar in the year 2000 and since then has received numerous honors for individual excellence.

Address/contact: Suite 1120, Bankers Hall West, 888 – 3rd Street SW, Calgary, AB T2P 5C5

Details of the Company: Langford Law offers Professional services in the following areas: Temporary Foreign Worker Business Migrating from Canada Permanent Residence Canada Appeal for Work Permits and Citizenship, Visa.

Immigration Lawyer: Raj Sharma

Legal Information: Another Immigration lawyer with many years of experience with appeals and hearings in immigration, Permanent Visa Citizenship, Temporary Visa and many more. Canada and your family members can sponsor you.

Address/contact: Ford Tower Building, 633-6th Avenue Southwest, #800, Calgary, AB T2P 2Y5

The Firm’s Information STEWART SHARMA HARSANYI Immigration Family Criminal and Immigration Law is a reputable law firm that provides assistance in the area of Immigration Hearings and Appeals Permanent Visa, Temporary Visa, and Citizenship.

Immigration into Canada and even sponsor your family members.

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Immigration Lawyer: Kevin Zemp

Attorney: A certified immigration expert with more than 28 years of expertise is doing amazing work.

Address/contact: 59 Berkeley Street, Toronto, ON M5A 2W5

Information about the firm: ZMP LAW GROUP provides professional services in the following fields like immigration hearings and appeals, Permanent Visa temporary Visa, Citizenship, Work Visa, Business Visa and Travel Visas for Intra-Company Transfer of Opinion of the Labour Market NAFTA, all Visas for Corporate Business for the United States, Canadian & US Immigration Compliance

Immigration Lawyer: EVELYN ACKAH

The Background of the Lawyer: Evelyn is an avid immigration lawyer. Her focus is on immigration law, as it ties laws that govern immigration and the ensuing relationships. She gives advice on immigration

Address/contact: 1401-1 Street Southeast, Suite 101, Calgary, AB T2G 2J3

Information about the company: ACKAH BUSINESS Immigration Law provides services in the areas of: Inadmissibility concerns and waivers, temporary foreign workers, Business Immigration to Canada Permanent Residence Canada Working Permits Cross-Border Business, HR Audits and Compliance Family Class Spousal sponsorship Travel Visas for Cannabis and Cannabis Pardons student entry and visitor entry in Canada


About Lawyer: The top immigration lawyers with years of experience dealing with immigration issues. Each lawyer is a specialist in one area which is to provide you with professional assistance with immigration issues through our experiences as immigration lawyers, as well as, being naturalized Canadians.

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Address/contact: Call Today: (403) 476-2011, 1100 8th Ave SW (Unit #201), Calgary, AB T2P 3T8, You can find out more on their official website

Information about the company: SHIM LAW is a top law firm that has many top and skilled lawyers, especially in the field of immigration law.

Regarding immigration law They offer the following services: Appeal as well as Immigration Hearings for Permanent Visa, Temporary Citizenship immigrate to Canada and sponsor your family Spousal sponsorship as well as Cannabis pardons as well as waivers for Tourist Visa and Visitors Entry. Study in Canada


Immigration lawyer services are important for people who want to live in Alberta, Canada. They can help immigrants understand the process and paperwork involved in immigrating to the country.

Furthermore, they can provide support and advice throughout the process, which can make the experience much smoother.

If you are interested in immigrating to Alberta, be sure to contact an immigration lawyer for assistance.

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