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How To Become A Project Management Internship In 2022

Project management is a talent that is highly valued and can be transferred to different positions. Nearly every major business endeavor needs a project manager. If you’re aware and enthusiastic, as well as the time to dedicate yourself to an internship while you are pursuing your studies is a smart and wise choice to take to build your foundation for a long-term career.

An intern in project management performs tasks like maintaining documentation for projects and conducting research on projects and aiding in the entry of data. In addition, they assist make reports, creating documents for projects, and creating the schedule of operations. The intern for project management also assists vendors with logistics on site and can respond to questions from customers.

Employers usually prefer interns to pursue their studies to earn an MBA or other degree in the field of project management. They must also have a good academic record. This job earns on average, $14 an hour.

There’s more than appears to be in the field of being an intern in project management. For instance, did you have the knowledge that they earn on average $16.3 for an hour? That’s $33,909 in a year!

Between 2028 and 2018 the field of work is predicted to expand by 6 percent and create 150,600 jobs across the U.S.

What Does a Project Management Internship Do

There are certain competencies that all interns in project management requirements to fulfill their duties. When we looked at resumes we were able to identify the most frequently used abilities required for someone who is in this job. We noticed that many of the resumes mentioned leadership abilities as well as management and communication abilities.

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If you are looking for a project management internship it is possible to have different tasks depending according to the company or industry that the intern is working for. The primary responsibilities are to offer administrative support through the completion of tasks that include conducting the research, analyzing and responding to questions and issues, helping with recording and logging data as well as preparing reports and managing the schedule. There are instances when the employee is required to contribute to the creation of various materials for projects or promotional purposes and materials, which can be a fantastic learning experience.

Spend a few minutes to build or improve the resume you have. Browse through our examples of resumes to determine the most appropriate way to format your cover letter. Then choose from 10resume templates available to build the perfect Project Management Internship resume.


Here are some examples of the duties from real-world project management resumes, which represent the types of tasks they’re likely to complete in their positions.

  • Plan and oversee the semi-annual HIPAA audits.
  • Control QA in addition to exploratory testing so that you can give regular and irregular error reports.
  • Control the process of completing the chart (ICD-9-CM and CPT Coding and abstracting) and chart assembly admission to patients, as well as patient security and privacy of information.
  • Manage the retail sales system (SPRS, the POS) documents, prepare reports on inventory levels of merchandise, and help in the purchase of items.
  • Manage positioning of products, roadmaps for the product, and feedback management.
  • Create, design, and edit performance reports, using VBA for automation and to increase efficiency.
  • Assist in the gathering of GPS and other plant community information which are included in the GIS database.
  • Implement procedures for equipment and facilities maintenance or modifications, which includes the replacement of equipment.
  • Create reports, design PowerPoint slideshows, and supervise the management of document libraries using SharePoint.
  • Complete A/R, A/P, and Payroll tasks.
  • Assist in the promotion of artists via blogs, Twitter, and promotional materials
  • Compose SAS programs that aid in formatting and data cleaning.
  • Join the staff to acquire basic SAS programming abilities.
  • Worked with vendors to analyze and fix issues.
  • Set up and receive a new laptop or desktop PC according to to meet corporate specifications.
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How To Become a Project Management Internship

How To Become A Project Management Internship

If you’re thinking of becoming a Project Management Intern among the first considerations is the amount of education you’ll need. We’ve found that 77.4 percent of interns in project management have an undergraduate degree. For the higher levels of education, We found that 10.3 percent of the project management interns possess master’s degrees. While the majority of project management interns possess degrees from colleges, it’s possible to be one by having only a high school education or GED.

Selecting the best degree is an essential decision when researching how to become a management intern. We conducted a thorough study of the most commonly used areas of study for managing internships and discovered that the majority of them earn master’s or bachelor’s degrees. Other degrees that we typically encounter on internship resumes include associate degrees and high school diplomas.

It is possible that your experience in other positions can aid you in becoming a project management intern. Actually, many project management internships require previous experience in a position like an internship. In addition, many interns who work in project management have also had previous work experiences in positions such as sales associates or volunteers.

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