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Fully Funded Costa Rica Scholarships For International Students 2023 

Full-Funded Scholarships Available in Costa Rica for Local and International Students. The Republic of Costa Rica is not likely to be on your top list of places to attend school. This beautiful country is filled with rainforests and beaches, but it does have a high-quality higher education system. It will change your mind.

Six universities from Costa Rica have been included on the QS List of the top universities in Latin America. The country’s literacy rate is currently at 97 percent. Many universities in Costa Rica offer excellent education, including the Universidad de Costa Rica and the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica UNA.

Costa Rica Scholarships For International Students

Cost of Living in Costa Rica for Students

Costa Rica’s cost of living is much lower than the United States. A person who lives alone may need to contribute $1,500 per month to their living expenses. However, they can reduce this amount if they choose to live a less frugal lifestyle.

Unfortunately, Costa Rican universities do not offer many financial aid opportunities to students in the form of scholarships. There are many scholarships that organizations outside the United States can fund. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

List of Fully Funded Costa Rica Scholarships

Costa Rica has a number of fully funded scholarships available to students who want to study its rich culture and natural resources.

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These scholarships can help you pay for your tuition, room and board, and other associated costs while you are in Costa Rica. Be sure to check out the scholarship websites for more information on specific programs and how to apply.

Asian Peacebuilders Scholarship (APS)

Students who wish to receive a double Master of Arts from Ateneo de Manila University and University of Peace in Costa Rica are eligible for the Asian Peacebuilders Scholarship. Students must submit a field project by the end of their degree program. The primary focus would be on international politics and political science.

The scholarship is fully funded, meaning it covers all expenses, including airfare, visa costs, transit costs, tuition and a monthly allowance. The award will be presented to thirty students who have demonstrated exceptional talent in the following countries: Japan. Thailand. Myanmar. Cambodia. Indonesia. Vietnam. Sri Lanka.

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Diversity Abroad Scholarship

The grant is awarded annually to two students. It is enough to cover the small costs of studying abroad such as passport fees, travel costs, and other expenses. Most cases, other sources of funding are not able to cover such expenses.

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The total prize is $1,500 and can be submitted by students from all academic disciplines and countries. Students who have attended school in another country, or are financially disadvantaged, will be given preference for admission.

University for International Cooperation Scholarship

The University for International Cooperation (UCI), which offers an Online Master’s in Project Management, is accepting scholarships applications. Only OAS members can benefit from this opportunity.

This program is open to students who are interested in Costa Rican education, but do not speak Spanish fluently. This is its most attractive aspect.

Students with exceptional academic records are eligible for a scholarship that reduces tuition fees by up to 30%, 50%, and 90%.The official website of the scholarship will provide a list listing all countries that are members OAS.

Environmental Studies Scholarship

Students interested in studying in Costa Rica and environmental studies at the University of Utah can apply for scholarships via the university’s website. The university will offer a $1000 scholarship to students. It will be awarded based on academic merit. The Global Diversity Scholarship is available to students who are from a minority group and who are enrolled in programs that are only open to a small number of students. These scholarships are awarded based on both merit and need.

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Vaya a America Latina Merit Scholarship

This scholarship is available to students who attend schools in Latin America, Costa Rica or other countries. The scholarship has a $2,000 value and is awarded to students with a particularly impressive academic record.

Robert B. Bailey Grant

This scholarship is only available to students of minority backgrounds or students who are from minorities. This scholarship is more likely to be awarded because there is less competition than the others. Students must provide a letter of recommendation and proof of financial hardship. The scholarship amount is two thousand dollars.


The Costa Rica Scholarship Program is an excellent opportunity for international students to study in Costa Rica. The program is fully funded, and students will have the opportunity to study at a variety of Costa Rican universities. Scholarships are also available for students who are not citizens of Costa Rica.

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