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10 Best Psychology Universities In The World For 2022

Although most universities have excellent psychology programs, not all of them are the same. Although at times trying to choose the right program to study can be very difficult. We’ve compiled a list of the top schools in psychology around the globe to help you get started.
Psychology: Why study it?

A psychology degree not only is one of the most flexible majors, but it also offers endless opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others. Because the classes in the psychology major provide skills that can be applied to multiple career paths, you have many options when it comes to a psychology degree.

How we got the ranking for the top 10 psychology schools

This ranking was determined by adding together the 2022 QS world subject Rankings with the 2022 US News rankings for top Psychology Schools. We averaged the rankings to get a comprehensive view of the top 10 psychology schools.

10 Best Psychology Universities In The World For 2022

1. Harvard University
Cambridge, Massachusetts

The Harvard Department of Psychology

Harvard has been ranked first among our top 10 schools to learn psychology. The top school with a variety of degrees! The mission that is the focus of the Harvard Department of psychology is to study the mind, brain, and behavior with empirical research. The top-quality faculty at Harvard illustrates this aim. Faculty and students are able to study the fundamental psychological processes like attention to perception, memory categorization, and reasoning, decision-making language, social and cognitive advancement, cognition of the social morality, and intergroup relations.

Does it suit you?
The Psychology department at Harvard can help you learn more about the human mind. The psychology department has professors who are equally captivating, fascinating, and captivating as the subjects they teach. You’ll acquire a variety of valuable skills while studying psychology at Harvard like studying how to use data and write in a clear and objective manner and evaluate other studies. These abilities will allow you to prepare for a wide range of professions following graduation, including consulting healthcare, finance, and marketing, public policy computer science, as well as films and music.
2. Stanford University
Stanford, California

The Stanford’s Department of Psychology
The Department of psychology that is located at Stanford University is among the first departments that were established at the school. It has a long history of pioneering theoretical research that directly impacts the entire world. Since the beginning, it has been a top department in psychology among US universities and is regarded in the top ten of best programs in the United States.
Stanford’s psychology programs offer excellent education in the study of human behavior using scientifically rigorous techniques. If you earn a psychology degree at Stanford you’ll possess a broad knowledge base and the skills you require to be able to pursue jobs in education, business and law, medical, and social service.

Does it suit you?

There are many opportunities on campus for students studying psychology to be involved.
If you’re not sure which subject you’d like to pursue within the psychology department Stanford offers options such as gateways to assist you in deciding. Stanford also has a student service department to assist with choosing the appropriate path to study.
With all the resources that are available, it’s not surprising Stanford is among the most sought-after universities for psychology. This is why it is ranked in the top 2 spots on our list of the top 10 universities that offer the best education in psychology.

3. Oxford University
Oxford, UK

The Oxford’s Psychology, Philosophy, and Linguistics (PPL) Discipline
The Oxford psychology program that makes up the Psychology, Philosophy, and Linguistics (PPL) discipline is at the forefront of innovative and cutting-edge research. It is a scientifically-sound method of studying psychology and requires a significant amount of hands-on work. It also recognizes the interconnectedness of the three areas. If you’re considering diving into the field of psychology there’s a heavy concentration on cognitive, biological human, experimental, social and developmental psychology within the courses. There are many options to pursue a
psychology degree at Oxford.For Single discipline – A 4 years MSC in experimental psychology.
3-4 years B.A or MSC psychology, philosophy as well as linguistics.
Researching the neurophysiology of neurons and pathways to neurology in Biomedical Sciences.

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Does it suit you?

You can finish your degree after three years, earning a BA degree. If you choose to remain for the fourth year, which is an option you could earn an MA degree in PPL. in This degree program, you are required to undertake a research-intensive in Experimental Psychology and allied fields. You can earn a master’s degree within the same duration as a bachelor’s degree earned in the United States.

4. Yale University
New Haven, Connecticut

About Yale’s Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
In the context of broad liberal arts training, BA Yale in psychology gives undergraduates the foundational knowledge of psychology. The grad school at Yale trains researchers in both applied and academic environments.
At Yale, University students take classes in psychology to learn about human behavior, such as what we’re made of, how we behave, and how we can enhance our lives and our communities. The psychology classes at Yale create the foundations that will help students pursue possibilities in education, research and medicine, the law as well as political science, public health, and business.
Are you ready?

If you’re trying to locate the best university to pursue a psychology degree and psychology, what better option to begin than to take a trial online course offered by Yale? Yale’s no-cost (12-hour) Intro to Psychology can allow you to get a sense of the experience of going to take a psychology course at Yale and will allow you to discover the many different areas of psychology.

5. University College London (UCL)
London, UK

10 Best Psychology Universities In The World For 2022

At University College London, the Division of Psychology and Language Sciences sets the standard in the field of mind, behavior, and language. The faculty and research activities at the university focus on the neuroscience of cognitive and behavioral as well as therapeutic interventions, language that aid in decision-making, as well as social cognition. The researchers apply their knowledge to certain of the most pressing global issues, such as mental health issues, climate change inequalities, as well as social conflict.
The university is in collaboration with a number of interdisciplinary research centers. It has cutting-edge facilities as well as extensive research facilities to study the field of language and speech cognition, perception as well as brain imaging, as well as an experimental neuroscience lab for behavioral research.

Does it suit you?

The initial two years at UCL’s Psychology and language science provide a broad and essential spectrum of psychology that UCL believes is essential to the discipline. Students are able to study a variety of subjects during their third and final year depending on their interest and their ultimate goals.
UCL has its location in the lively and cosmopolitan city (central) London and ranks as one of the top cities worldwide for university students.
The department of psychology at UCL focuses on making a huge impact on the world, which is why it’s ideal for students who want to have an immediate impact through their studies. Within their initiatives, their Centre for Behavioural Change works together with ActionAid Ireland to improve women and girls’ economic freedom and security within Ethiopia, Kenya, and Nepal.

6. Columbia University
New York City, New York

The Columbia University Psychology Department
The famous faculty and alumni have made Columbia’s Psychology Department one of the most prestigious and oldest institutions in the US. Columbia established psychology as early as 1867, in the Department of Moral and Intellectual Philosophy as well as English Literature. It was initially an exclusive course for seniors where students were taught and debated the philosophical foundations of emotions, intelligence, and will.
The school has changed to offer students an extensive curriculum in psychological sciences, which includes research methods including neuroscience, perception, cognition as well as social, developmental psychology, personality, as well as clinical research.

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Do you want it?

Whatever your future field of study regardless of your eventual field of study, you will be able to build an understanding of psychology, based on evidence-based research. You will also learn research techniques and quantitative literacy abilities instilling respect for the principles which guide the study of psychology.
The department also provides various possibilities for research, lab work, supervised individual research, and participation in the 2 year Honors Programme.
If you’re seeking to develop an understanding of psychology as well as a broad range of disciplines to which it can be applied (medicine law as well as social work, business, and education) You’ll be a success within Columbia’s psychology department.

7. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Los Angeles, California

The UCLA’s Psychology Program

The Psychology department at UCLA concentrates on the study and explanation of human and animal behavior based on different underlying factors, such as the physiological, neural, and cognitive processes, the development of individuals and their differences as well as interpersonal and social influences and their contexts.
The UCLA psychology course highlights the wide range of psychology while allowing students to concentrate on certain areas that interest them in greater detail. Beyond the fundamental classes, students have the option of choosing various specialized areas of study in the field of psychobiology, learning, and memory perception of cognition, measuring personality, clinical development, social community, and health psychology.

Does it suit you?

Students interested in studying psychology at UCLA can choose from three undergraduate major choices including Psychology (B.A. ), Psychobiology (B.S. ), and Cognitive Science (B.S.). While all three majors are similar in their fundamental information base they concentrate on distinct areas of psychology. Take a look at the specifics of each major to find out which one is appealing to you most.
UCLA has excellent research opportunities for its students, fieldwork courses in psychology, and research conferences which means there’s something for everyone at the university.
8. University of Amsterdam (UVA)
Amsterdam, Netherlands

The UvA’s Psychology Program
The Psychology program of The University of Amsterdam (UvA) analyzes the behavior of humans in general, and, in particular, the differences among individuals. Is intelligence a concept? What are people’s responses to stress? And why do some people feel depressed? Why is it that some people appear at ease and relaxed, while someone else might appear stressed and anxious?
Psychology students, you are able to choose from a wide range of bachelor’s degrees. Based on the field you can be a sports psychologist psychological and industrial psychologist, developmental psychology adviser, test developer or information specialist, and other possibilities!

Does it suit you?

If you opt to pursue a psychology degree and psychology, you’ll attend at the Roeterseiland campus. It is located in the lively central area of Amsterdam This campus is ideal for students searching for a central university in Europe.
The psychology studies at UvA begin with a broad scope and later become more focused when you choose a specific area of study. When you study in the field of psychology at the University of Amsterdam, you won’t just attend big classes of 300-400 students but also engage in more targeted sessions with your fellow students which makes the course more intimate. If the idea of studying in Europe seems appealing, think about exploring one of the top psychology colleges in Europe!

9. Kings College London
London, UK

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King’s College Department of Psychology
There’s no doubt the fact that King’s College has one of the most well-known and largest departments of health and clinical psychology across the UK and also houses the oldest UK-based course of study in Clinical Psychology.
With the BSc in Psychology at King’s College, you will discover a myriad of ways of applying psychology and explore the applications of these methods to modern challenges. The education offered at the university is provided by world-class professionals and is enhanced by research conducted in the IoPPN which is one of the most renowned centers in the world for interdisciplinary research in the fields of psychology and psychiatry.
Students who attend King’s College may opt to enroll in a four-year course instead of the usual three-year UK course and also with an optional year of professional placement or an experience abroad.

Are you ready?

If you decide to study the field of psychology at King’s College, you’ll experience the best lecturers in the world, gain access to world-class research facilities, and take part in cutting-edge classes. Psychology offered at King’s College ensures that you receive face-to-face instruction that is which is supported and enhanced by the latest technology. Students also have the opportunity to experience aspects of assessment and learning via digital technology.
It also has excellent relationships in the medical field and is connected to three hospitals as well as Maudsley hospital, which is one of the most well-known mental health centers. At a major university, there’s the chance to be able to find students and faculty who are interested in your particular areas of study, which may be difficult to locate in smaller universities.

10. University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario

The University of Toronto’s Department of Psychology
In the Department of Psychology at the University of Toronto, you’ll be studying the behavior of animals and people. The main focus of the department is on the individual and not the collective. In the first year of study, you’ll learn the basics of psychology, the various disciplines within psychology, and the various ways to conduct research in psychology.
As a psychology major, you’ll have a variety of choices, including classes in cognitive neuroscience cognitive psychology, development psychology, computational neuroscience as well as animal and human learning and perception of personality, the psychology of personality as well as physiological psychology, and social psychology.
The school provides you with the necessary expertise and skills to help you finish your degree “with pride, healthy habits of mind, and a meaningful way of knowing.”

Do you need it?

Its Psychology program is among its most popular undergraduate programs worldwide with a variety of faculty and a top research profile. The 200-level courses offer a wider range of courses however it becomes more precise and focused when you reach 300-level classes.
When you are a student at the University of Toronto, you’ll be able to experience a full-on campus experience. You’ll be able to attend instructive lectures, tutorials, and labs led by top instructors from Canada’s biggest and most highly regarded university. In addition, you’ll also feel an atmosphere of belonging in a university that is with more than 225 acres of green space that is protected! If you’ve not looked into Canada when looking for universities this is a perfect time!


It’s crucial to take the time to examine each of the programs in the Top 10 Best Colleges For Psychology list to determine if the program will fulfill your educational and professional objectives. While some programs offer small classes, some offer a broad range of classes and research opportunities. Apart from the major you choose, you need to look at the school’s location and size, its community, and extracurricular activities to decide whether the school is the best fit for you.

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