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20 Best Places To Live In Spain For 2022

If you are thinking about going to another country, Spain is often a place that ranks high on the list of places to consider. There are many reasons behind this, such as the year-round pleasant climate, the relaxing lifestyle, the delicious food, and the numerous cultural and historical features in the region. There are also large ex-pat communities throughout the major cities and towns that are a desirable aspect for those who want to travel overseas. There are also many thrilling attractions for both visitors and residents to enjoy all over the country. If you’re thinking of living in Spain it is crucial to choose the right place that will meet your needs and provide the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. For guidance to assist you in making this decision here are the 20 most desirable locations to reside in Spain.


 20 Best Places To Live In Spain

1. Javea

There’s plenty to appreciate about Javea, including the fact that it is among the most secure towns in Spain. Other appealing features include the numerous employment opportunities as well as the many English-speaking communities and the top healthcare facilities and the overall standard of living. One of the major drawbacks of being a resident of Javea is the fact that it’s expensive to live in as it relates to the price of houses and the total cost of living.

2. Ibiza

Ibiza is known as a party destination which is the reason it makes it so appealing to visitors. Although there is a vibrant nightlife scene in Ibiza however, the island has plenty more for the people who reside there. Far from the swathes of clubs and bars, Ibiza is a gorgeous island with a peaceful natural environment as well as history and culture. It is a laid-back atmosphere that is ideal for people who prefer an unhurried lifestyle and have plenty of options for socializing. One of the downsides of the lifestyle in Ibiza is the price of living, which is more than in other regions of Spain.

3. Palma, Mallorca

It’s not just the mainland of Spain with locations with a great quality of life. The islands of Spain also offer wonderful locations worth considering. One of the most desirable options that are located away from mainland Spain is Palma The capital city in Mallorca which is the biggest city on islands in the Balearic Islands. The residents enjoy mild winters as well as hot summers that you will enjoy while relaxing on the beautiful beaches. The city has a sense of luxury and style and offers tourists and residents plenty of opportunities to take part.

4. Seville

If you’re planning to move to Spain to enjoy the warm year-round weather, then one of the most ideal cities to enjoy it is Seville. Seville is also a destination that appeals to those who are interested in heritage and culture as most of the center of the attraction in these areas. Seville is among the cities that have a more traditional feel, with numerous Spanish traditions that are still loved by its residents. The small Spanish city is a thriving nightlife scene and a renowned food scene that is a draw for those who love a vibrant social life.

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5. Valencia

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and is located on the banks of the Turia River along the eastern coast of Spain. Recently the city has undergone a major transformation, to become among the top sought-after cities in Spain. There is a distinct North African influence in this city, evident in the architecture and food. The education system is top-notch throughout the city and there are numerous English-speaking schools.

6. Malaga

The city is a blend of ancient Spain with contemporary life, which is evident in its architecture as well as its sights. It is situated along the Costa del Sol, so residents enjoy the proximity to beaches as well as to the Mediterranean Sea. It is a bustling diverse culture, as well as numerous celebrations and events that take place throughout the entire year. This city is perfect for people who are looking for an active lifestyle once they relocate to Spain. English is spoken widely in the city, which means the language barrier is not an issue.

7. San Sebastian

If you think the Spanish heat isn’t enough for you, but you would like to experience the Spanish lifestyle, the best option could be San Sebastian. San Sebastian is situated located in the Basque country of Northern Spain, and it is much cooler than cities in the south. It’s also a great location to live in If you’re looking to immerse yourself into the Spanish culture instead of living in a region that is specifically targeted toward tourists and those who are ex-pats. It’s a sophisticated city with excellent restaurants, lots of shops, and beautiful architecture.

8. Alicante

It is located in Costa Blanca, which is one of the most popular tourist regions in Spain. Although this could cause some to be dissatisfied with the area and prefer a more peaceful lifestyle, however, it is a popular choice for ex-pats due to the large population of English speakers within the city and there are plenty of activities to take in. The coastline itself is attractive, especially for those looking for an ocean-based lifestyle. Despite its vibrant vibe, Alicante has a laid-back atmosphere. When compared to the major Spanish cities Alicante can be a rather affordable area to live.9

9. Barcelona

The bohemian feel and breathtaking architecture are two of the attractive features of the city. It is a city that has a long history situated on the coastline, so residents can enjoy a day at the beach or wander around galleries and museums in their spare time. The outdoor spaces are important, as there are many beautiful parks in Barcelona that offer residents more leisure options. The city is believed to be very walkable which is wonderful for those who don’t drive or have a green lifestyle. aware. It is an excellent location for those who like the outdoors and the most popular sports in this city include hiking, biking, and kitesurfing. The city is located in between both the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees Mountains and has amazing views. If you are planning to work in the city after you move you’ll find many jobs to choose from.

10. Madrid

Best Places To Live In Spain

The best location to reside in Spain is Madrid which is the capital city of the country. There’s a cosmopolitan vibe within the city, and ex-pats are made to feel welcome regardless of their country or the country of their birth. The city is a magnet for many individuals due to an amazing dining scene, a vast art scene, as well as and exciting nightlife. Madrid is renowned for having outstanding medical, educational, and transportation infrastructures. Although it is the capital city of Spain the city is actually quite affordable to reside in.

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11. Pamplona

Living costs in Pamplona are comparable to other cities across Spain,  Healthcare is excellent in the city with plenty of employment opportunities for those wanting to find work following their move. Another thing that makes this an attractive location to live in is the low rates of crime, which means that it is among the most secure cities in Spain. People who live in this city believe that they are living a decent standard of living. This is why people who live in Pamplona generally feel content.

12. Marbella

Marbella has earned a reputation as being the most luxurious region in Spain However, it’s also famous for its party-friendly vibe. It is a place that combines a laidback coastal lifestyle with a lively social scene. This is why it is a great choice for those who would like to unwind the day before coming to a party at night. If you plan to get a job following your move to Marbella, this is an ideal choice since Marbella provides a wide range of opportunities for employment. However, the downside is the cost of living since both costs of housing and of living is very high in this town.

13. Gijon

Gijon is located along the coast in the middle of the Asturias region. It isn’t a tourist destination, and the majority of people outside of Spain are not aware of its existence of it. There are many factors that make it an extremely liveable area. This includes the welcoming residents and the beautiful beach, the historical Old Town, and the incredible culinary scene. The city is a pleasant climate and is protected by natural parks.

14. Gandia

If the city lifestyle isn’t for you and you’d prefer to live in a small town, Gandia is one option worth looking into. Although it is smaller than cities, it has many things to provide. There’s vibrant nightlife and stunning beaches with none of the bustle and craziness of tourist destinations. It’s an incredibly inexpensive place to live and the home prices are also affordable. Another reason to think about the location is its closeness in proximity to Valencia and Alicante Alicante, the latter taking just 45 minutes via vehicle and the latter taking about approximately an hour to reach Alicante. It is important to note that the architecture of the town is magnificent and the Borgia family is the main architect of the buildings.

15. Vigo

On the northwestern coastline located in Spain within Galicia is Galicia, the capital city of Vigo. The city is known for its lush, green landscape and fjords as well as its food. It is more temperate than those cities to the south which makes it for those who wish to live the Spanish lifestyle but are having trouble dealing with the heat. It is a more relaxed lifestyle in Vigo and many claims that it’s an ideal location to explore Asturias as well as Galicia.

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16. Cordoba

The Andalucian city enjoys a mild climate which is the reason Spain is known. People flock to this city to experience flamenco dancing and postcard architecture. It’s the feeling of Spanish tradition that makes it an attractive location to live in, says The Culture Trip.

17. Bilbao

On the North coast of Spain is Bilbao located in Spain. It was voted one of the best desirable cities, not just in Spain but also across Europe. In the last two decades, the city has gone through a major transformation that has transformed this port city that was a major port into a contemporary and welcoming area to live in. Its Old Town has been preserved and there are incredible green spaces in the middle of the city. While prices have increased as the city has undergone its transformation, it is still an affordable area to live in.

18. Oviedo

A lot of people are unaware of Oviedo because it’s far from the tourist trail however, it is a hidden gem in Spain. It has a great lifestyle and an affordable price of life. A lot of students reside in the city, which means there’s a bit of a party atmosphere in the heart of the center of town. But, it is also situated in the lush countryside and you’ll be able to enjoy peace and quiet on the fringes or on the outskirts.

19. Segovia

As per the Culture Trip, Segovia is a beautiful city north of Madrid that isn’t overly crowded with tourists. This is because it is Spanish and is a great choice for those who are looking to immerse themselves in the Spanish tradition. It is renowned for its food and distinctive architectural style. It’s not overly populated and is surrounded by breathtaking Spanish landscapes and mountains which offer the ideal setting for a variety of winter sports and outdoor activities.

20. Tarifa

The house prices, as well as the costs of life in Tarifa, are quite high. But, this is the price you have to pay for living in such an attractive region with many attractive features. Tarifa is a Spanish municipality that is located in Cadiz, Andalusia. It is located in the Costa de la Luz, which is famous for its gorgeous beaches and is the most popular destination for water and wind sports. The medical care provided in the city is exceptional and the crime rate is extremely low. Another thing that is appealing is the ease of walking around the city. It’s a tranquil place to live in and the residents feel they live a comfortable life.




If you wish to travel to Spain this 2022. We have carefully selected the best 20 places to live in 2022. Should in case the place you wish to stay is not here, do well to browse the internet to find out other places that are not included in this article.


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