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The Australian Visa Application Processing Time 2022

An Australian visa application Processing time is becoming so long but the government is working towards reducing the time required to complete visa applications. We are growing the number of employees handling applications and we’ll keep bringing more staff on board to do this vital task.

We will prioritize processing visas for people who are not part of Australia for temporary skilled student and tourist visas. This is so that there are more visitors to Australia in order to help fill crucial skills gaps across the country.

The actions are taken to speed up processing times

We have concentrated our resources on processing visas. This includes the recruitment of new staff.

The staff has been reallocated to concentrate on overseas skilled and student and tourist visas so that more people are able to visit Australia.

We are evaluating our procedures. We are looking for ways to speed up the process of processing applications without harming the integrity of the programs.

When will things get better?

We believe our processing times to increase over the next few months.

The processing times for Visa are announced on our website when new information becomes available.

We have an abundance of older cases in our inventory along with increasing numbers of brand-new applications. We are working through them in the quickest way we can.

The processing times of our clients are currently affected by the older software However, this will improve after we’ve completed the process of removing these issues.

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Median processing time for important applications

The following information shows the average processing time for visas for the most important categories of visas. The most exact method of displaying how long it takes for the majority of Visa applications processed.

The processing time for visas varies between the various visas in these categories, and in some cases, it can take longer for visas to be approved.

Processing Time* according to the client’s location – 50% (median)

August 2022
Visa Program Visa Category In Australia Outside Australia
Permanent Skilled (Permanent)

Partner (First Stage)

5 Months

9 Months

5 Months

14 Months

Temporary Skilled (Temporary)



Working Holiday Maker

3 Months

5 Months

4 Months

45 Days

46 Days

44 Days

3 Days

less than 1 day

Processing time is based on aggregate calculations for each category, which means that several subclasses are included in each category.

How can I see processing times

Australian Visa Application Processing Time

If you’ve completed an application for a visa, you can verify processing times with the visa processing time guidelines.

Information on processing times for visas is regularly updated when new information becomes available.

Processing times are available for the majority of visas.

The information isn’t available to

  • Visas that are not open to new applicants
  • Family visas that are limited and waiting to be processed
  • visas that are not able to make enough decisions during the month to be an accurate indication of processing times.

To ensure that applications are processed as fast as you can, make sure to submit your application with all documents. The checklists in ImmiAccount can assist in ensuring that you have included all the required documents with your application.


How Long Does It Take For an Australian Visa To Be Approved?

Because of COVID-19, certain visa processing times were affected and applicants may be delayed in completing. The average global processing time for applications is available on the Department of Home Affairs website. Peak times for applications for visitor visas are between May and June and October through January, so you should make sure to apply as early as possible during these periods.

You can aid in getting the most rapid decision by submitting a complete application with all the required supporting information. Refer to the visa checklist to find the required information to be submitted when you submit your application. For visas for visitors, there is no obligation for the decision maker to obtain additional details before making a decision.

Some applications are delayed due to complicated factors, for example when additional background checks are required, when health checks are required, and require special attention when there are concerns about the character or other aspects. If your application will be delayed beyond the normal processing time, you’ll be advised of what you can anticipate.

When your application needs to be expedited, you can include a cover letter that explains your situation and any pertinent dates. To be fair to all those who submit their applications in a timely application the expediting of applications is only granted in the most exceptional of circumstances. Insufficient planning of travel arrangements isn’t an exception. It is strongly suggested that to apply for your visa well ahead of your travel date (at least one month ahead is suggested for visas for visitors) and that you do not make any irrevocable travel arrangements until you have received your visa has been issued.

Why Is Australian Visa Taking So Long?

Although the increase in visa applications is among the major reasons for the long queue The Department of Home Affairs has revealed the fact that other causes. They include the submission of applications that are not complete. The speed at which candidates respond when asked for more details. 15 Aug 2022.

What Is The Quickest Australian Visa?

Employer-Sponsored Visa

If you’re fortunate enough to meet a firm or an employer who is willing to offer you a job opportunity, it could be the best and easiest method to step the first step in Australia.

A Tourist Visa

The only visa easy to obtain within Australia is the 3-month tourist visa that can be applied for online. The other visas regardless of whether they’re for work, education business, or permanent residence, require some time to complete and cost quite a bit.

How Can I Speed Up My Australian Visa?

Completely fill in all of your application documents: A true and complete visa application to Australia will not only increase your chances of being approved for a visa but also increases the speed of processing. So, ensure you fully fill out your application forms and submit all required documentation, and avoid telling lies.



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