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How to Study Abroad in England 2022

England is consistently among the top destinations for students studying abroad to further their studies and travel.

The most compelling reason to study outside of England is the fact that England is an English spoken area, which saves students from the burden of the language hurdle.

After you’ve taken your final decision about your future plans for studying abroad The next steps of your journey to study abroad could be stressful, confusing and perhaps even difficult.

The program you choose will determine the next steps. decide to go with, some students may require additional steps to accomplish their goals over others.

Here are some suggestions from a former student on how you can take charge of your study abroad experiences, and even more specific about how to take a study trip abroad England.


Find a Program

It’s fairly simple to locate an international study program in England because it’s an extremely popular destination for students to continue their studies.

Before you have your eyes set on a specific university or location, you should check at your current school to find out if they have accredited courses in England.

If your school already offers approved programs, you’ll likely pay the same amount of tuition and can easily transfer your academic credits.

If not, you can find other universities that have a specific program for example:

  • Tufts University
  • Michigan State University
  • Butler University
  • Duke University
  • Arcadia University

If you participate in an exchange program with another institution, the charges for tuition as well as transfer credit might differ depending on the place you are enrolled at.

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International Studies Abroad (ISA), Global Learning Semesters, and American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) are the program’s providers, and they also have a number of options in England.

These programs were developed by government officials to assist students who are studying abroad by providing quality programs that could save them money.

To be eligible for these programs and meet these minimum standards, have completed one semester of college and must have a minimum grade point average (which differs by program).

Find a City

England is home to many cities with top-quality universities and programs for students who are studying abroad. London, Bath, Oxford are just several. If you can pinpoint precisely which city you would like to go to school in it will be simpler to identify which best school for you.

University College London is a highly sought-after place for students to go abroad and study in London.

Bath is home to the Advanced Studies England (ASE) Study Centre that is located in the very heart of the gorgeous World Heritage City of Bath.

Oxford University offers an amazing study abroad program that includes many classes so that you can select the courses you’d like to learn traveling abroad.

For How Long?

Based on the location and the weather, culture and the activities you’ll be preparing for, you must be sure to determine the duration you’d like your plan to last.

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A lot of students who choose to spend the summer abroad are choosing to go on a summer abroad, which is the short duration you can choose.

The shorter duration is more affordable, however, it might not provide the cultural experience you’re searching for.

An entire semester spent abroad can be a great duration to get immersed in another culture, to learn about the people and the language, and save money.

Sometimes, as I did students might be being cut short after just one term, and are left wishing they had stayed for longer, perhaps longer.

The option of studying abroad for a year is an excellent alternative if you have the money, and time and are a fantastic experience of the world.

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Get Accepted

Different schools may use the same application, however, they will require the same amount of work and energy as the initial college application.

The forms you’ll require or locate are:

  • General Information forms
  • Health clearance forms
  • Potential course selection forms
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Your personal statement/study abroad essay

You must complete the application form months before the date of your application Make sure they are submitted by the correct time.

Prepare for Your Trip

Here are the top five things you should do after you’ve been accepted to study abroad in England:

  1. Make reservations for your flights.
  2. Request a passport If you don’t already have one.
  3. Apply to get a study abroad student visa.
  4. You can get student identification as well as discount cards like an ISE Card, ISIC Card or StuCard.
  5. Take out medical insurance while studying abroad.
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Learn the City

Purchase a few guides to help get your bearings, such as Rick Steve’s England guidebook which is available on the internet.

The cheapest method of getting into major towns is by taking the Mega bus. Mega bus, however, trains are faster. Go to for schedules and fares.

If you decide to use trains, once you have a UK location, then you can purchase the Young Persons Railcard which will offer discounts.

There are many free things to do in England including visiting the Victoria & Albert and Natural History museums.

Join for a 2-hour stroll around the city with London Walks on for a cost of six euros per student.

This lets you explore your city and not have to cope with the hassle of public transportation.


Studying abroad in England is a great opportunity to gain experience and knowledge that will benefit you in your future academic and professional career.

The country is home to some of the best universities in the world, and the culture is rich and diverse. If you are interested in studying abroad in England, be sure to start planning well in advance, as the process can be quite complex. Good luck!

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