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How to become Become A Licenced Security Guard In Canada in 2022  

The number of people living in Canada grows, as does the need for Security Guard In Canada.

Becoming a licensed security guard in Canada is a popular choice for those looking for a secure and reputable career. With steady job growth predicted over the next few years, this is a field that will continue to grow in popularity.

Start by researching the requirements of the program you want to join. Each province has its own licensing requirements, so make sure you know what you need before starting your application process.

To be Security Guard In Canada, you must have an official security permit.

Each security personnel in Canada must strictly adhere to the guidelines and codes of behavior of Canada’s Private Security and

 Investigative Service Act from 2005, which requires being licensed working.

Security guards who break the law are subject to one year of imprisonment and fines of up to $25,000.

Security Guard In Canada


This article will help to simplify and explain the procedure of becoming a security guard in Canada

1. Ensure You Satisfy All Requirements:

  • The minimum age for you to be 18 or older.
  • Maintain a clean criminal record
  • You must have a valid work permit
  • Permanent residency Permit.
  • You are eligible to be employed in Canada

2. Complete Mandatory Basic Training, Including A First Aid And CPR Certification:

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Candidates must pass a certification class for security personnel.

Candidates can attend security-related training through government-approved security companies.

Basic training for all employees must be at least 40 hours in duration and must include certification in first aid.

The minimum required level of CPR training for first aiders is emergency Level First Aid and Level of CPR.

The most recommended level should be Standard First Aid and Level C CPR. certification gives you the skills and knowledge to handle different emergencies, giving you an advantage over other people.

3. Get Your Training Completion Number:

Once you’ve completed the security plan, the number will be given to you by the provider. You will then have to enroll???? for the Security Guard Test.

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4. Complete The Guarantor Form:

A guarantor has to have known you for two years and be available via telephone to verify.

Your guarantor should be able to confirm that the information that you have provided is correct and correct.

If you’re unable to find a person who has known you well for two years, these people can fill out the form.

  • Your employer
  •  A licensed officer, Security Guard or Private
  •  Investigator Agency
  •  Judge
  •  Police officer
  •  Professional accountant
  •  Professional engineer
  •  administrator or professor in an open college or university
  •  Peace and justice
  •  Pharmacist
  •  Lawyer
  •  Mayor
  •  Physician
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 The Minister of Religion is authorized under provincial law to conduct marriage ceremonies.

It is essential to fill in the information in the application section of this section on Guarantor Information prior to giving this information to

 You are the guarantor.

5. Register For Security Guard Test:

Tests consist of 60 multiple-choice questions on subjects that are covered in the basic training classes.

The time required to complete each test takes about 75 minutes.

The cost for Security tests will be $75.15 before tax.

English, along with French, is the most common test language.

Test results are generally accessible within two days after having taken the test.

If you fail the test, you may retake it at the number of times you need with a full refund.

You can make an application for a security guard’s license if you pass the security guard test.

Note: Your completed training number is required to be able to sign up for an exam.

6. Apply For Security Guard License

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If the requirements for initial registration are met, you may apply for the Registration for Security Guards License which includes The

Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services of the province you’d like to be part of.

You are required to provide

  • Photographs of passports
  • The number for training completion
  • Proof of identity that is valid
  • Form of guarantor that has been completed

The application forms can be downloaded, and an information form for guarantors from your province’s Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services website.

7. Apply For A Security Job:

Once you have obtained a security license to be a Security Guard In Canada, you need to find the security company that is suitable for you, and then begin to build your career.


Becoming a licensed security guard in Canada is a process that takes time and effort, but it can be well worth it.

There are many opportunities available for those who have the necessary skills and qualifications.

The security guard industry is growing rapidly, so there is sure to be a position that fits your interests and abilities.

So if you are looking for a challenging and rewarding career, becoming a licensed Security Guard In Canada may be the perfect choice for you.

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