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Immigration New Zealand Resident Visa Application & Deadline 2022

You must have a permanent or resident visa with valid travel conditions. If you are granted entry permission, you can stay in New Zealand indefinitely.

This article (Immigration New Zealand Residents Visa Application) provides information on how to apply for a permanent resident visa or a variation of travel conditions.

Normally, a resident visa will be granted to you if your application for residence in New Zealand has been approved.

A resident visa:

  • You can travel to New Zealand multiple times if you comply with the travel conditions.
  • If you are granted entry permits, this allows you to stay in New Zealand for an indefinite period.

Resident visa holders are granted permanent resident visas if they have met their visa requirements and made a genuine commitment to New Zealand.

A permanent resident visa:

  • You can travel to or enter New Zealand at any time.
  • You can stay in New Zealand for as long as you like.

Information about applying can be found in the Section of this guide titled “Requirements to a Permanent Resident Visa.”

How can I apply for Immigration New Zealand Resident Visa?

Immigration New Zealand Resident Visa


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Apply on the Form Application from a Former Resident Visa Holder (INZ1175), and supply your passport, two passport size photos, and the correct fee.

You must also provide evidence that you meet the requirements for your application to be approved. These requirements can be found here > How To Get Resident Visa In New Zealand – Ongoing.

What happens if I’m a New Zealand citizen

The Immigration Act 2009 prohibits New Zealanders from holding any visa.

If you are a dual citizen and wish to use your non-New Zealand passport for travel, you will need to obtain an endorsement from your New Zealand citizenship.

This endorsement will enable you to re-enter New Zealand and become a citizen. You must fill out the New Zealand Citizen Endorsement Form (INZ 1174) and provide the required evidence.

What are the conditions of section 49(1)?

Your resident visa approval letter or your resident visa label indicates that your visa is subjected to conditions under section 49(1), the Immigration Act 2009. This means you must meet certain conditions before being granted a permanent residence visa.

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After we have received the evidence that you have met these conditions, you can have them removed from your visa.

The details of the conditions you will need to meet to receive a resident visa approval letter will be included. Also, how can you remove these conditions after you have fulfilled them?

Is it possible to decline my application?

If you don’t meet the requirements of this guide, you will not be granted a permanent resident visa, variation of travel conditions, or a second or subsequent visa.

Your application will be denied if you don’t meet the requirements for a residence visa.

Normally, a person is ineligible for a residence-class visa if they have made any statement, provided any evidence or submission that was false or misleading, forged, or withheld any material information from Immigration New Zealand.

You must fill out a character statement stating any convictions or other concerns.

While applicants will not usually need police certificates, Immigration New Zealand may apply on your behalf for New Zealand police certificates. An immigration officer may also ask for additional information.

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What travel conditions do I need?

If you intend to travel to New Zealand, you must have valid travel conditions for your resident visa.

If you’re in New Zealand and want to stay there, you don’t need to have any valid travel conditions.

Even if you don’t plan to travel, it is important to ensure that your travel conditions are valid in the event you need to travel abroad.

You don’t need travel conditions if you hold a permanent resident visa. However, you can travel to and from New Zealand indefinitely, provided your passport contains a valid visa.

What do I do if my residence visa is expired?

To regain resident status, you must apply for a permanent or second resident visa.

If your residence visa expired more than three months ago, you might still be eligible for a permanent visa. (See this guide’s section ‘Requirements to obtain a permanent visa’).

You may still be eligible for a second or further resident visa. (See the Section entitled “Requirements to obtain a second/subsequent resident visa”).

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