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How to Migrate To Australia As A Doctor in 2023

Are you looking to relocate to Australia to become a doctor? Then this article on how to migrate to Australia as a doctor is a must-read for you. We have carefully written down all you need to know and do.  If you are a doctor in Australia you’ll get highly paid and have an ideal work-life balance plus, you’ll have the chance to apply your knowledge across a range of medical practices.

Doctors on the Skilled Occupations List

There are occupations that relate to medical care on the list of skilled occupations currently available to be considered for GSM visa applications that include general physicians and specialists in different areas of their specialization.

The requirements to work within Australia for Doctors

You must hold the registration of AHPRA The AHPRA is the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency that allows you to work in Australia as a physician.

Registration Requirements for Medical Practitioners

Australian-certified medical professionals are required to undergo the following registration procedures with AHPRA:

Student Registration

This procedure takes place prior to the beginning of the student the approved course of study

Graduate Registration

It is the time when students are about to finish their accredited course of study and join the workforce as medical professionals.

General Registration

Only when graduate holders of the registration complete a mandatory internship and satisfy the registration requirements in full

A complete membership with AHPRA is seen as a positive assessment of skills resulting in general practice.

For medical professionals who are trained in the United States There are a variety of options for assessing registration:

Competent Authority Pathway

This option is available to international non-specialists who have been trained as specialists, leading to general registration.

The Medical Board of Australia has accepted a number of international bodies as competent for access to this program. Participants who have completed education or assessments from an authorized authority are able to apply for a provisional registration visa through this route.

  • The competent authorities who have been approved are:
  • General Medical Council (UK)
  • Medical Council of Canada (LMCC)
  • Commission for education Foreign Medical Graduates of the US (USMLE)
  • Medical Council of New Zealand (NZREX)
  • Medical Council of Ireland
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International-trained doctors need to have a primary qualification in medicine and surgery awarded by a training institution recognized by BOTH the Australian Medical Council

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The applicants under this program will be granted provisional registration with AHPRA after they have completed 12 months of supervision in a satisfactory manner.

Specialist Pathway

This route is open to overseas-trained doctors who hold a first degree in surgery and medicine that was awarded by an institution of training that is recognized through BOTH  the Australian Medical Council as well as the  World Directory of Medical Schools. The applicants must be able to satisfy all formal requirements for education and examination for their area of specialization in their country of study or not more than two years from the completion of their specialist training overseas.

Standard Pathway

This path is designed for those who aren’t eligible for one or both the Competent Authority Pathway or the Specialist Pathway. Applicants require an undergraduate degree in surgery and medicine that was that is awarded by a school of training that is recognized through BOTH the Australian Medical Council as well as the  World Directory of Medical Schools

AHPRA will evaluate the applicant their overseas qualifications and employment background before a temporary registration is issued.

Visa Application Pathways for Doctors

The doctors trained abroad can practice in Australia through a provisional registration in the event they are able to obtain an approved visa which is an employer-sponsored visa for a short-term basis.

However, overseas-trained medical practitioners are not capable of obtaining the possibility of a general skilled visa because provisional registration isn’t considered to be a full positive skill assessment.

A complete registration status has to be secured before the possibility of a general skilled visa is considered.

It is important to note that for visa applications sponsored by employers medical physicians or resident medical officers, as well as medical professionals (NEC), must have an official health worker certificate before a request can be accepted.

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The worker certificate may be made available by the nominee/business sponsor and then issued by one or more of these:

  • The NSW Rural Doctors Network Ltd
  • The Rural Workforce Agency, Victoria Limited
  • The Health Workforce Queensland Ltd
  • The Rural Doctors Workforce Agency Incorporated
  • The General Practice Workforce Inc
  • Health Network Northern Territory Ltd

Skills Assessment for Doctors

How to Migrate To Australia As A Doctor

The Department is aware that, for doctors, proof of completion registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) will allow an appropriate assessment of skills to be completed. Unless specific requirements are met and specifically requested, the Department accepts proof of full enrollment with AHPRA as a positive assessment of skills results for medical doctors in their application for a skilled visa use.

English Requirement

There are four routes you could use to demonstrate your English proficiency in the English language. They are described within the English Language skills registration standard. The paths are:

Primary pathway to language

Secondary and tertiary schooling in a unified route

Extended education pathway or

English language test path

The PTE Academic, IELTS, and TOEFL iBT tests may be taken by candidates from various different professions.

For more information about English specifications for

All medical doctors

Chinese medicine Chiropractic, chiropractic occupational therapy, medical radiation optometry, osteopathy pharmacy, physiotherapy, podiatry, and psychology.

Skilled Invitation Round

While the threshold for migration points is set at 65 points which will permit applicants to think about submitting their expressions of interest the most recent invitation-round information indicates higher cut-offs for applicants to be invited to apply for an independent skilled visa route subclass of 189. Candidates are eligible to receive an invitation with at least 85 points in the s/c189 visa pathway based upon the invitation issued on the August 11, 2019 record. We anticipate the same level of competitiveness under the state-nominated visa route, i.e. we anticipate that applicants applying for an s/c 190 visa to be able to achieve 85 points, with an additional 5 points from the state nomination process to be eligible for an invitation.

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Be aware that officials in Australia may review your application frequently Please ensure that you do the necessary research prior to confirming your enrollment with the school/s.


Does Australia Accept Foreign Doctors?

Medical graduates from abroad (IMGs) who want to work as medical professionals to practice in Australia need to have foreign medical credentials verified by the appropriate authorities before being allowed to practice.

Is There Demand For Doctors In Australia?

Yes! Doctors are highly sought-after in Australia due to a variety of reasons, the most important of which is the abundance of positions in remote and rural regions that require filling. The second reason is the population of older people in Australia is growing and resulting in a need for more GPs.

Can I Move To Australia After MBBS?

The answer is absolute. India is one of the largest suppliers of overseas doctors or International Medical Graduates (IMGs) who work in Australia at both the trainee doctor and specialist levels. Of course, not every doctor from a different nation is sure to be able to practice in Australia.

Does Australia Accept MBBS?

Additionally, there are training programs offered by the Australian government, which offer grants to International students. Does Indian MBBS have validity in Australia? It is true, MBBS in Australia is recognized and accredited by MCI/WHO. Additionally, an MBBS degree earned in Australia is valid throughout India and all over the world.

How Much Does A Doctor Earn In Australia?


The average salary for doctors in Australia is $165,750 annually or $85 an hour. The entry-level position starts at $129,188 per year. the most experienced professionals earn as much as $234,000 per year.

Do Doctors Earn More In the UK Or Australia?

According to research, doctors are paid higher in Australia.


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