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How To Migrate To Australia As A Chef In 2023

This post on how to migrate to Australia as a chef is For those seeking employment as skilled occupants in Australia, one of the means to Australian immigration is the Skilled Occupation List. You can find out which occupations are most in demand by looking at the Skilled Occupation List. Then you will need to go through the process to make sure you meet the criteria. This article is about chefs and their migration to Australia.

What is the definition of a chef in Australia?

This person is responsible for the planning and organization of the preparation and cooking of food at catering establishments and dining venues.

One of these titles may be used by chefs:

  • Commis Chef
  • Chef De Partie
  • Demi Chef
  • Second Chef
  • Sous-chef

What skill level do you have?

An Australian Qualifications Framework diploma or higher qualification is required to enter this occupation. A chef must be able to prove that they have been trained as a cook or has at least three years of experience.

What is the best way to move to Australia as a chef?

Three steps are required to migrate. You must have the formal qualifications to be eligible to migrate as a chef, or in any other skilled occupation. Next, you will need to pass the Australian standards skills assessments for chefs and be recognized in Australia. This can be done through VETASSESS or TRA. Next, you will need to file the EOI as well as the visa.

This is more complicated than it sounds. It is best to get professional help such as Direct Migration Experts. Our team has the experience and knowledge to help you make a decision and submit valid visa and skill assessment applications. We deliver the results quickly. We give the Skills Assessing Authority for Chefs a ready-made application. This allows the case officer to quickly make a decision for stage one.

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What is the VETASSESS TRA Skills Assessment procedure

Step 1: Documentary evidence

You must be able to show the following:

Minimum of 12 months of continuous full-time employment in the past 3 years

For more than three consecutive years, full-time employment

Formal qualifications/apprenticeship or equivalent

You will need to provide evidence of work, such as pay slips, tax returns, and references.

(Please be aware that this is only a guideline. More information is required.

Stage one with VETASSESS costs $1280.00

Processing time can take up to six weeks. Direct Migration Experts receive stage one within five working days. Our clients receive assistance by lodging documents and reviewing the documents.

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Decision ready applications

Step 2: Technical Assessment

After you have passed stage one and received a positive result, you will need to undergo a technical assessment of the skills and knowledge you possess, which will be conducted by a case officer from your chosen occupation.

Stage one with VETASSESS currently costs $2200.00

Do you find the commercial kitchens at work more familiar than those at home?

How To Migrate To Australia As A Chef

Are you a skilled cook who has been a leader at your workplace for many years and can handle kitchen utensils? Your employer knows you have excellent management and planning skills. You can plan basic menus, calculate workplace costs, and often cost basic menus. You may be your own boss or own your own restaurant. You know there are better living conditions in Australia and you want to move to Australia to live and work. There is plenty of work available for qualified and skilled chefs in Australia. Australia’s hospitality and food industries are huge, regardless of whether they are in Sydney, Melbourne or Gold Coast, Perth, Brisbane, or Cairns. This is due to Australians’ love for eating out in restaurants.

You already know that it is easy to plan and create new menus by either reading recipes or being creative. It is simple to create menus that meet the needs of people with special dietary restrictions. You are able to work well with others, and you can also coach and supervise others in a kitchen setting. Direct Migration Experts has good news: As skilled migrants to Australia, chefs are in great demand.

You can work as a chef in Australia, whether you’re working in a 5-star hotel, Michelin-starred restaurant, small restaurant, or cafe. No matter where they work, chefs will have the same cooking skills. They can prepare essential dishes like poultry dishes, seafood dishes, meat dishes, soups, salads, and sauces.

Chefs should be able to show that they are able to use hygienic methods for food safety and can implement and monitor sustainable work practices. They must also be able clean and maintain clean work areas and equipment. Australian standards are high in terms of safety and health, as well as the ability to work in a clean environment. Your management and planning skills, as well as your years of experience in the kitchen, can help you obtain permanent residency in Australia. Permanent residency opens up endless opportunities for work and lifestyle.

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Does a skill assessment for a chef be required in order to sponsor 482 visas?

For the 482 work sponsorship visa, it is mandatory that passport holders from the listed countries have a positive skill assessment.

A TSS skills assessment will be required if you are from any of the following countries: Bangladesh, Brazil China, Fiji Hong Kong, SAR India, Macau Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea Philippines, South Africa, Thailand Vietnam, and Zimbabwe.

If you’re from one of these countries, even if your occupation falls under the MTSSL, you can be sponsored on a temporary visa.

In general, applicants for 482 visas need to show that they have at least two years of relevant work experience.

How do I begin my journey to Australia as a migrant?

1. Your CV – First, send us your CV. We will then evaluate you and make sure that you meet the Australian qualification framework for the skills assessment. This is part of our Free Preliminary Visa Assessment. We will assess your formal qualifications, English level, work experience, and age to ensure you meet the basic requirements.

2. Consultation – Once we have received your request, we will contact you to schedule a consultation. We will give you individual legal advice and provide guidance throughout the process. We recommend that you begin your journey to Australia as soon as you can. The skilled occupation list is constantly changing and the requirements can be more complex.


Are  Chefs  In Demand in Australia?

According to the Federal Government’s most recent Skills Priority List, chefs will be the most in-demand worker over the next five years. This was revealed by the Federal Government last month. This list and data on job growth and job vacancies indicate that restaurants and hotels across Australia will soon need well-trained chefs.

How can a chef get PR in Australia?

To be eligible for permanent residency, there are three steps you must complete.

Step 1: Choose the right course

It is important to choose the right course for you at the right level. You must complete Certificate IV (Commercial Cookery) to be recognized as a chef in Australia. You can choose to take this course as a standalone course or add it to a package. Certificate IV, sometimes including a Diploma of Hospitality Management, is the most popular package.

The course or courses must be completed in CRICOS for a minimum of 92 weeks. You must also complete 360 hours of work experience as a chef during your studies. This occupation is highly sought-after, so students often have no trouble finding a company that will take them on.

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EMSA – Education and Migration Services Australia – works with many schools in Australia that offer the correct cookery courses. We can assist you in enrolling as well as during your visa application. Get in touch with us!

Step 2: Apply to your 485 Visa

After graduation, you can apply for the 485 Visa Graduate stream. This visa allows full-time employment for 18 months after the grant.

You will need your Certificate in Commercial Cookery and Transcript, a recognized English test (IELTS or Cambridge, OET, TOEFL), a provisional skill assessment from TRA (hence, the need for the 360 vocational places), and clearances for medical and police checks.

Step 3: Completion of the Job Ready Program

A degree in Commercial Cookery does not make you a chef, at least not for immigration purposes. You must have worked for at least one year in your chosen occupation. This can be done through the Job Ready Program.

The Job Ready Program lasts for one year. To have your employment verification at the beginning of your job placement, you and your company must sign up. You will also need to log your hours and complete an on-the-job assessment’.

You will receive your complete skills assessment as a chef in Australia at the end of the program. This is what you need in order to prove to Immigration that you are a skilled applicant for the next step in your visa journey.

What qualifications are required to become a chef in Australia?

You will need a Cert IV Certificate in Commercial Cookery or an equivalent international qualification to work as a chef in Australia. However, international students can study in Australia. There are two Certificates III and IV in Commercial Cookery.

Are Chefs Well-Paid In Australia?

Chefs are highly paid in Australia. The average salary for a chef is $63,528 per annum or $32.58 an hour. The entry-level salary for a chef is $57,500, while the highest-paid chefs earn $84,700 annually.

What is the easiest job to get permanent residence in Australia?

  • Motor mechanic (MLTSSL).
  • Commercial Cookery ((MLTSSL).)
  • Trades Courses: experts in Building and Construction, Electrician as well as Wall and Floor Tiler 
  • Engineers (Mechanical Engineer, Mining Engineer, Electrical Engineer )
  • IT and Software Engineering (MLTSSL).
  • Health and Welfare Support Work
  • Social Work (MLTSSL).
  • Nursing (MLTSSL).
  • Teaching and Education (MLTSSL).
  • Medical (MLTSSL).


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