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What are the Documents Needed for a South Africa Visa?

In this article, we will be talking about the documents needed for a South Africa Visa.

Visitor’s permits are for worldwide voyagers (residents of different nations) who have long-lasting homes external South Africa and who aspire to visit the country for a brief reason for the travel industry or business purposes for a time of 90 days or less.

A visa demonstrates that your application has been explored at a South African government, mission or office. You are qualified to enter the country for a particular reason.

One of the significant inquiries from individuals preparing for a South Africa Visa is to meet up with all the required documents needed for a South Africa Visa. Below we shall be exploring all the documents needed to provide an answer to the critical question “What are the documents needed for a South Africa visa?”

Documents Needed for a South Africa Visa
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Documents needed for a South Africa Visa :

  • An identification or travel report legitimate for no under 30 days after the expiry of your planned visit
  • Your title should have somewhere around TWO unused pages for section/flight supports
  • A finished Form BI-84 (application for a visa)
  • Payment of the recommended expense
  • A yellow-fever inoculation endorsement (whenever required)
  • The Statement or potentially documentation affirming the reason and term of your visit
  • Two shading identification photos
  • A return or forward ticket in case you are going via air

If you have kids going with you or participating in South Africa, you should give the accompanying extra documents.

· Proof of guardianship or care

· Consent from the watchman on account of an unaccompanied minor

· Proof of monetary intends to pay for your everyday costs while in South Africa as:

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· Bank proclamations

· Salary propels

· Undertakings by the host(s) in South Africa

· Bursary

· Medical cover or

· Cash accessible (counting Visas and voyagers’ checks)

South Africa Visa Requirements for Nigerian

South Africa Visa prerequisites for Nigerian nationals and what are the documents needed for a South Africa visa will be exploiting in this section. At present, Nigerian residents should apply for a visa through a South African government office or office.

The application should be submitted face to face. The particular prerequisites rely upon the kind of Visa one wishes to acquire; however, they by and large include:

  • A finished visa application structure
  • Copies of supporting archives
  • The installment of the application expense
  • The expectation of entering South Africa for the reasons covered by the Visa
  • Understanding and regarding the agreements of the Visa

Supporting documents are typically needed it gives more evidence about the individual and also demonstrate the candidate’s qualification for the Visa and their reason(s) to visit South Africa. Here are instances of documents expected of Nigerian voyagers who apply for a guest visa:

  • A Nigerian or another qualified visa with something like a multi-month of legitimacy left after the planned date of flight and two clear pages
  • A finished application structure BI-84
  • Yellow fever immunization testament (if relevant)
  • Supporting archives or composed articulation affirming the motivation behind the visit
  • A return or ahead ticket if going via plane
  • Proof of lawful guardianship or assent from gatekeeper if going with minors
  • Evidence of adequate assets to cover travel costs
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Does a Nigerian need a Visa to Visit South Africa

Most Nigerians need a visa to enter South Africa. The prominent Nigerian nationals who can enter the country without a permit are discretionary, administration, and official visas holders. In these cases, the visa exclusion is legitimate for travel and excursions of as long as 90 days.

How Much is the Visa From Nigeria to South Africa?

What are the documents needed for a South Africa visa? Haven’t provided any answers to this question then, we can put more light on “how much is visa from Nigeria to South Africa” to ensure that your budget meets up with your plans.

What’s more, what amount is Visa from Nigeria to South Africa? These are the two significant inquiries to pose before preparing your South Africa Visa.


Types of Visa

Visa Fee in Naira (Inclusive of VAT)

Service Fee in Naira (Inclusive of VAT)

  Present moment

Holiday Visa



  Long haul

Business Visa



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How to Apply for a South African Visa From Nigeria

 How Long is it Required to get a South African Visa in Nigeria?

One of the most well-known inquiries we get posed is: ‘How long does it require to get a South African visa?’ You may have been pondering this yourself. Lamentably there is no essential response to this inquiry.

The reason is that every classification has its arrangement of rules, cycle, and course of events. It’s subsequently hard to give a standard reply across all visa classifications.

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The best way to realize how long the process could be for you is by doing a qualification appraisal with one of our specialists to realize which Visa you’re ready to apply for. Your advisor will be glad to give an unpleasant rule of timetables once your alternatives have been put in place.

How Distance is a Flight From South Africa to Nigeria

South Africa to Nigeria isn’t that far contrasting with different nations. From Johannesburg, South Africa, the absolute flight length to Lagos, Nigeria, is 6 hours, 5 minutes. An average flight speed for a business carrier of 500 mph is identical to 805 km/h or 434 bunches.

It additionally adds 30 minutes for take-off and landing. Your specific time might change contingent upon wind speeds. If you’re arranging an outing, make sure to add more opportunities for the plane to taxi between the door and the air terminal runway. This estimation is just for the actual flying time.

You ought to likewise factor in air terminal standby times and conceivable hardware or climate delays.

If you’re attempting to sort out what time you’ll show up at the objective, you might need to check whether there’s a period contrast between Johannesburg, South Africa, and Lagos, Nigeria.

Flight time estimation depends on the straight line distance from Johannesburg, South Africa, to Lagos, Nigeria (“from point A to point B”), around 2,794 miles or 4 496 kilometers.

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