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Top 10 Cheapest Dentistry Schools in the World 2022 & Requirements

If you are a student searching for the best place to study dentistry in the cheapest dentistry schools in the world, you are definitely in the right place. 

As a student in the world right now, getting a quality education has become a costly part, especially regarding medical courses, including dentistry. 

Through the course of this article, you will learn about the best and cheapest schools to study dentistry in the world as we have prepared the best ones which will suit any student from any part of the world.

Read till the end of this article to get complete information on the best cheapest dentistry schools in the world.

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What is Dentistry?

Dentistry is a branch of medicine concerned with the oral or dental health of patients. It focuses on the study, diagnosis, and prevention of dental diseases involving the oral cavity.

Dentistry is the part of medicine studied by a dentist to become professional dental and oral health experts. 

It is a broad scope and important part of medicine that covers a vast oral cavity area. Though most people know dentistry to be involved with teeth treatment and health dentistry covers other aspects of teeth treatment.

Some of these aspects include the muscular, nervous, and lymphatic structures of oral health.

Dentistry or dental health is important because it helps prevent tooth decay and helps protect the teeth against various diseases and materials that can lead to a bad tooth. 

As tooth decay is one of the most unpleasant diseases as it causes bad breath, broken tooth, a cavity in the tooth, and other effects, seeing a dental doctor or dentist is of utmost importance as it will help reduce these teeth diseases and help individuals keep stronger healthier teeth, making them healthy all round.

Dentistry is a critical course of study. It is a part of medicine with a high employment rate as many patients and individuals have teeth diseases and need treatment for these teeth diseases. This makes the field a very lucrative field in medicine.

This is why dental health practice and studying dentistry are costly in most countries around the world.

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Necessary Information to Know Before Studying Dentistry

Studying dentistry in a higher institution is way more costly than just studying some other medical courses. The lab work and other practical classes involved with this branch of medicine combined with the very costly equipment used during study make dentistry expensive. 

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This is why most students studying this aspect of medicine are always on student loans, as they can’t afford this study on their own.

Dental institutions teach dentistry, oral pathology, orthodontics, Endodontics, and Prosthodontics.

It is important to find an affordable institution or go for the cheapest dentistry schools in the world for students who wish to study dentistry and practice as a career. There are some affordable universities worldwide where students can study dentistry at an affordable rate, and this will help them not run into loans after their studies.

What Subjects Do You Need to Study Dentistry in the Cheapest Dentistry Schools in the World?

Are you thinking about studying dentistry in the cheapest dentistry schools in the world? Then there are some necessary A-Level subjects any applying student should have before studying dentistry in the University.

These subjects will help the student have a better chance of getting admission into the University of their choice. Having an excellent grade in these subjects will make the intending student competitive enough for a spot in the school of their choice.

The necessary A Levels for students to be able to study dentistry in the University or dental college include:

  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Maths
  • Physics

Some dentistry courses will accept a student who takes on Chemistry, Biology, and Maths or Physics. 

Others might even accept students who only have chemistry and biology as A Levels. 

The A-level demands of these universities/colleges are dependent on which school the student is applying to. Different schools have different demands.

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How Much Does Dental School Cost?

As dentistry has become one of the most sought-after aspects of medicine, it has generally become one of the most expensive aspects to study. 

Dentistry has become one of the most employable professions in the United States and other countries, as reported for the year 2020.

This is because dentists have job security, high-income rate and are always needed in society.

The average cost for attending a dental and medical school for first-year students is $53,000 to $70,000. This is for scholars who choose to attend private schools or out-of-state dental schools. 

Another cost of the dental school includes $40,000 for students who choose to attend a public school which is ultimately less expensive than other dental schools.

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Every student or scholar wants to get the best education possible, and some of these really expensive dental schools offer this.

In addition to having the necessary equipment and materials to help students learn easily, it is also important for students to understand that they can get a quality education without necessarily paying a lot of money and by studying in the cheapest dentistry schools in the world. 

Finance plays a very major role in which school a student finally applies to and studies. 

Some scholarships and grants can help students with their tuition and other fees. This is important as most credible dental schools are very expensive.

How Many Years Does it Take to Be A Dentist?

Generally, it takes four years to earn a bachelor’s degree after undergraduate studies for dentistry and another four years to get the Doctor of Dental Surgery DDS degree or Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry DMD degree. 

Both the DDS and DMD degrees are the same thing, and any student who studies dentistry earns a DDS or DMD.

There is another way for high school graduates who wish to dedicate themselves to the field of dentistry. This way is for them to apply for a program called the “Direct Dental Program” DDS.

This program merges both dental studies and undergraduate studies as it pairs both a dental school and an undergraduate school, which will help these students shorten their time of study.

Some of these programs shorten the study time to six years or even five years in some cases. 

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What Is the Minimum GPA for Dental School?

Getting admission into a dental school is highly competitive and requires some extra bit of study as many students worldwide apply to study dentistry every year. 

This means that getting admission to study dentistry in various universities/colleges will require a good grade and a good GPA.

The average GPA for students to enable to study dentistry in dental schools is 3.0. This is no surprise as the field is very competitive and requires the best.

It is also important to note that having a high grade is not the only important factor when admission to potential dental students. Other factors considered include extra-curricular activities on the part of the student involving various aspects of life to show that the student is well-grounded in all fields.

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Students are encouraged to volunteer at various social clubs, events, or activities and lead different organizations. This will all help make the student have an edge during application. 

It is also important to do dental-related social activities, which can be volunteering at a dental office or lab, hosting dental study classes, and creating awareness for dental issues in society. This will also boost the student’s chance of getting admitted into a dental university/college.

Can I Get Into Dental School With A 2.5 GPA?

Having a GPA of 2.75 is always advisable for students who which to study dentistry in a higher institution. This will make them stand a slim chance of landing an interview with the school of their choice, but this is very risky as most dental schools only accept students with a GPA of at least 3.0. Any student with a GPA below this has their application automatically rejected.

This is simply because dentistry is a very competitive aspect of medicine, being one of the most sought after a profession in the medical line. 

Here are the top 10 cheapest dentistry schools in the world

  • University of Zurich, Switzerland
  • The University of Manchester, U.K.
  • The University of California L.A. School of Dentistry UCLA
  • Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA), Netherlands
  • Bern University in Switzerland
  • University of Michigan School of Dentistry
  • Buffalo School of Dentistry in New York
  • Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU), Japan
  • Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • University of Puerto Rico School of Dentistry

As we can see, becoming a dentist or a dental doctor is a complex but direct plan and will require full dedication and attention on the part of the student.

Seeing that dental studies and dentistry is a very competitive field because of the number of students applying for admissions every year and the high grades and GPA required by the cheapest dentistry schools in the world, universities, and colleges before admitting students into their institution, students who wish to be part of this intellectual career are advised to be ready and prepared for a very tedious job as it won’t be an easy task but with diligence and smartness on their part students can easily finish their studies and become full dental doctors or dentists.

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